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What first friday looks like in Baltimore (the oliver family)

We love watching our couples grow families!  Stevie and Tony got married a couple of years ago, and we had the privilege of being there to celebrate with them.  We had the conversation prior to their

Casey and Jordan got married and everybody cried like babies.

From the minute we met these two, we knew that this day would be filled with emotion.  We met initially over coffee with Casey and her mom and ended up in tears together.  We met Jordan and

Casey, her mom, and the moment that hit me over the head like a 2X4

I’ll be honest. There are times when this job of making photographs can get a little “old hat.” After seven and a half years of paying our bills with a camera, after over one hundred weddings and

Marty and Lyle are engaged, and Anzio stole the show (New Market, MD)

“He has grandchildren, I have god-children” was one of the first phrases Marty ever put in her initial email to us. We think that that is a great beginning to a real story. So flying to

the boredom experiment continues! some thoughts from the past month.

hi friends, ashley here. about a month back, I turned to Jeremy and said, “it’s almost all too much… this experience of coming back to life after what feels like being cryogenically frozen.. I’m

Rosie in Baltimore: a preview

You may have seen riots in Baltimore recently.  Look past those, and you will find this beautiful child.  Can’t wait to share these photos! 

emily and scott are engaged in San Francisco.

Emily and Scott have roots in the east coast, live and work in San Francisco, and are marrying each other this summer.  And they just happen to have the greatest view in America off of their balcony.

the McGee family

Making photographs of a family is always a privilege.  To be brought into a moment and season, to see dynamics between parents and kids and kids and parents is really fun.   But this family, for

happy birthday, ashley!

15 years ago, in June, I first met this beauty.  She made the first move (an email) while I was living in Hawaii – urged on by mutual friends.  I responded.  Then we wrote longer letters.  Then


Hello friends, We are excited to announce our travel dates for this summer and fall – 2015. Click here for the full schedule, and if you are interested in a shoot/mentor session, etc., we would

When eric saw diana for the first time

Volumes could be scrawled out about these two.  How they are childlike.  Kind.  Gracious. Good friends (18 bridesmaids, and 18 groomsmen says all you need to know about that!).  We could write about

Taylor and Tanner are engaged!

Taylor was once a high school senior, writing us to shoot her senior photos. Fast forward. Then she was our intern, happily doing tasks like going to the post office and making jewel case

Grace, Dan, and their kansas city wedding

Grace and Dan walked into our living room to meet with us about being their photographers. As is often the case, we immediately had a sense of this being a really remarkable couple. Their story was

New episode of our podcast available! the boredom experiment, episode 2.

Hi friends. We have been so encouraged by the loads of feedback we’ve received about both our 1 year social media hiatus, and our new bi-weekly podcast, the boredom experiment. Thank you all

Scenes from our spring break part 1.

We vacationed in Colorado this year in a town that I am not sure I want to share the name of. It’s a gem. It’s untouched and wild and maintains an innocence that the front range cities

Some really big news!

This is big. or at least it feels big. When the current of the stream is flowing swiftly one way, we feel drawn to swim up it, to swim against. and for no other reason than this: the hope of

Adventure is in hot tea, snowball fights, and time together: the Kaskubar family (Denver, CO)

Meet the Kaskubars. Residents of Denver. Married for a decade. Livers of a good life, cookers of good food, raisers of two little boys. Shooting families is a joy, mostly because we live a

Adventure is in California: where Morgan married Morgan and they left having the same name!

How many couples do you know that each have the same name? Not many? Us either. Meet Morgan – a man. He married Morgan – a woman! Their story is as winsome and wonderful as their

Adventure is in the Tennessee countryside, where it rained and people cried happy tears as Thomas married Kathryn.

we wish we could tell you how much these dear hearts, Thomas and Kathryn, mean to us. we wish we could explain the bonds they have with those around them. we wish you could know personally their

adventure is in the middle of missouri: where guns were blazing, tears fell, and jordan married jessie.

From donuts and coffee lakeside, to shotguns and cigars; from tears of joy to homemade chili in paper bowls; from thin fog to sun to starry skies — it is our honor to share with you the story

adventure is in northern ireland; where amy and david grew up, met, and then got married.

it’s easy to feel honored to be invited to photograph someone’s wedding. but to be invited to photograph someone’s wedding overseas, invited to stay in their home, invited to eat the chicken and

adventure is in the cold missouri winter; where the michaels family made a fire and cooked their supper together

It’s a mere eight days until christmas so it’s only fitting for us to share a few things with you! No, not ten lords a leaping, but it might as well be! First, our online class for

sometimes, the greatest adventure happens when you stay home. jaime + tyler + baby on the way

lately, some of the most meaningful images we have been asked to make have been photographs of people just being themselves, at home. there’s so much propaganda and romance in the air right now

Adventure is in the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, where the winsome Kaitlin and Mark married each other.

We wound through the eastern Sierras after the sun had set and therefore had little idea of what we were driving in to. The road was black and the night was silent, save the coyote that darted in

adventure is in warm sunlight, open skies, and the excitement of a coming wedding. Diana and Eric are engaged!

Diana and Eric, the plains of Kansas, late summer sunlight, and, penned on their faces, a reminder of what it looks like to anticipate a wedding. We are so excited about these two.

adventure is on a saturday morning at the jones home, brought to you by bedhead + pancakes.

one of the most meaningful photographs any photographer has ever made of us was on a normal saturday morning at home. And although we have made photographs of families in the past, they are typically

Adventure is in New York City and Brooklyn, where Andrea and Daniel got all dressed up, ate ice cream with sprinkles on it, and got married.

In our line of work, we really never know what the day is going to hold when we step off the plane. We can try to picture it in our minds but each time, the picture falls short of the reality we

A Seat At the Table: join us for our online class for photographers!

Hello there, friends! Photographers and those wanting to grow in the craft and the heart of making photographs with heart, this post is for you! We feel so privileged to be asked again by the kind


click here to visit the don’t give up project site, if you want to know more about what it’s all about.

adventure is at jeremy’s family home on the edge of lake ontario, where he grew up and then married katie.

It’s hard to explain in words what happens when we walk into these weekends to photograph the story of a wedding. Typically, we have never met these people before apart from a Skype consultation

Lucy and Steven, married!! (from the DON’T GIVE UP project)

We recently opened up a contest of sorts on our blog in an effort to find the next model couple for our workshop. The contest was open to married couple photographers who have been embracing the

Thomas and Kathryn are engaged!!

When Tom was a little boy, his sister – my bff, Devon – and I would look for ways to pass the time at his expense. Naturally, the things we came up with involved one of us pinning him

sometimes love looks like glowing orange light. welcome, dean august.

dear dean august, I write this to you hoping that you are going to have the opportunity to see these images and these moving pieces of life that I captured the evening you were about to be born and

The Don’t Give Up couple contest! – UPDATED: and the winner is…

Dear ones, we were so so overwhelmed by the response to this contest! It was incredible to see the family and friends of these three beloved couples coming out from all over the place to vote and