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Adventure is in California: where Morgan married Morgan and they left having the same name!

How many couples do you know that each have the same name? Not many? Us either. Meet Morgan – a man. He married Morgan – a woman! Their story is as winsome and wonderful as their

adventure is in the cold missouri winter; where the michaels family made a fire and cooked their supper together

It’s a mere eight days until christmas so it’s only fitting for us to share a few things with you! No, not ten lords a leaping, but it might as well be! First, our online class for

sometimes, the greatest adventure happens when you stay home. jaime + tyler + baby on the way

lately, some of the most meaningful images we have been asked to make have been photographs of people just being themselves, at home. there’s so much propaganda and romance in the air right now

adventure is on a saturday morning at the jones home, brought to you by bedhead + pancakes.

one of the most meaningful photographs any photographer has ever made of us was on a normal saturday morning at home. And although we have made photographs of families in the past, they are typically

Adventure is in New York City and Brooklyn, where Andrea and Daniel got all dressed up, ate ice cream with sprinkles on it, and got married.

In our line of work, we really never know what the day is going to hold when we step off the plane. We can try to picture it in our minds but each time, the picture falls short of the reality we


click here to visit the don’t give up project site, if you want to know more about what it’s all about.

Thomas and Kathryn are engaged!!

When Tom was a little boy, his sister – my bff, Devon – and I would look for ways to pass the time at his expense. Naturally, the things we came up with involved one of us pinning him

The Don’t Give Up couple contest! – UPDATED: and the winner is…

Dear ones, we were so so overwhelmed by the response to this contest! It was incredible to see the family and friends of these three beloved couples coming out from all over the place to vote and

Oh joy! It’s time for the Don’t Give Up couple contest!

…and we are really excited to share with you today about our “don’t give up couple contest.” The Don’t Give Up project is an experiential, all-inclusive workshop for photographers and

adventure is at a camp in the country, where Tanner met Taylor and years later, proposed.

do you ever have those moments when you look around you and you realize, “this. this is how it is really supposed to be. there is so much that goes so wrong here on this mudball, but this moment is

Yes!! (chicago)

We count it a supremely high honor to have watched our dear friend Jon ask our other dear friend Courtney to marry him. To see that happen – and celebrate alongside their dearest friends and

Mommy, what will I look like?? (the don’t give up project 3 model contest)

We are over the moon STOKED for the 3rd DON’T GIVE UP project – coming August 1-3!!!!! We are having another contest to choose the models for this August’s DGUP – and we are

wearethematchmakers (tim+bethany are engaged!!!)

We loved Tim from the moment we met him at the first DON’T GIVE UP project last August. He’s a rad photographer from Chicago, is a French guy, and made us laugh non-stop. We were

cats from the internet

we don’t have any pets. we don’t have a weird thing for cats. but here are some pictures of some that we found on the internet. just to clarify, we did not make any of these pictures. if

a polaroid, some text messages, and a poem…aka a tribute to my dad.

i’m going to take a massive risk and share a different kind of blog post. i don’t have billions of beautiful images to show you, or even 10. I am not going to tell you a story about a

the day before emily and kyle got married…and the notebook that made it all happen.

if you’ve hung around here for awhile, you might remember emily and kyle’s Colorado mountain wedding last fall. sometimes with destination weddings, we get there in time for the

the brothers are still as awesome as ever…

back in the day…before we knew how to take pictures, before anyone ever cared if we had a blog or not, before we had grown-up things like cool couches, home ownership, and running


Holy crapballs people. After receiving over 310 comments – then tallying them – we have a winner!!! We’re so excited to have Nick and Katie – couple #3 – as the models

NYC via iPhone

We just got back from a weekend in the Big Apple – a city we LOVE. For anyone that’s been to New York, you know that there is no place like it on earth. We’ve never had better


here are a few snapshots of our thanksgiving holiday this year – we shared it with my sweet mom (aka the mops), jer’s family (minus his sister, sarah, who is living in haiti and working


Happy turkey/tofurkey coma day, friends! As we lay around rubbing our full bellies, we can’t help but remain thankful for this insane year.  Most of all, through the wins and losses, we are

Ashley : Cannon Beach

You know when you look at someone and you see simultaneously 10 years of built history between yourselves and have the anticipation of the next 50 to come? I see that with her. I really love this

Anjali + Deep : Married!! (aka: color explosion)

After 3 days of shooting, it was clear that an Indian wedding is a photographer’s dream. Rich color everywhere – significance everywhere – beautiful people everywhere – and

Kelly + Brian : Married!!

I remember receiving Kelly and Brian’s email to us telling us some of their story together last summer. This memory is more vivid in my mind because their story captivated us. So, while

when I go on vacation, I take my camera.

…a few moments from my recent ladycation (a vacation where women kiss their husbands and children goodbye, and escape to stay in a beautiful house, swim in a pool, and eat insanely good food


for those of you who have ever wondered “what the heck is the don’t give up project??!”, this video is for you. for those of you who have ever wanted to come to the don’t give

Krista + Jeremy : Engaged!

Sometimes, clouds part, the green grass lights up vibrantly, and beautiful people who love each other let us into their relationship – all of which are gifts that we can take no credit for.

rachel + chris : engaged!

Fans of Demetri Martin and Jim Gaffigan, willing to brave 40 MPH wind gusts – getting married in June. Everyone, meet Rachel and Chris. :)

this is where we were one year ago

in Rwanda. Africa. we loved it. we miss it. if you were around one year ago, you probably saw the original blog posts of words and images. here’s a little refresher. can’t wait to go

Meet The Boss

Meet the boss. Leicaboss – Leica R3 (safari)/Leica 50mm 1.4 Summilux lens. The boss takes images like this. And my wife is beautiful.

we freaking love our clients!!!

yes, we get to run our own businesses, have husband+wife coffee dates at 10 am whenever we want, spend time with our radical kiddos, do what we love for a living, teach others how to do the same, and

The Story of “DON’T GIVE UP”

hanging in our bedroom is a poster that says “don’t give up”. our friend becca recently took some wonderful pictures of our family (click here to see her blogpost of the shoot) and