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this is what it looks like when two insanely talented and beautiful artists decide to get married. aka, colleen and brock, you guys rule.

thank you colleen and brock for being insanely rad, and for the one and only filip blank for making some killer images with us on their wedding day!

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by the parsons

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sharon - W O W

maura coleman-murray - super cool and amazing!! Beautiful work.

Meredith S - HER SHOES. oh snapp, her AMAZING shoes. so cool. Amazing photography you guys! Btw, I absolutely adore your vertical portraits. They always seem to have a captivating quality.

kelly and evan got married…

Evan and Kelly are amazing. We first met these two because their daughter, Alex, was in kindergarten with our son Tyler, and knew right away that we would become friends, and that someday it would be a dream to shoot their wedding. We’ve watched in awe as they have redone a gorgeous home in the […]

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by the parsons

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anna merryweather - thank you. a joy.

Pepe Faraldo - no words!!! Love your work

michelle - a. mazing.

Lisa - Well done, Parsons! Beautiful storytelling.

Nikki Bezel - Love, love so many of these you two. The strawberry frame is my fav. Beautifully shot as usual.

Travis Shumate - So fun without compromising emotion and tenderness. Great work.

Keri Bryant - insanely beautiful as always. gorg couple!

Sindhu - Awesome pics! It was an amazing weekend for an incredible couple!

Kelly of - Thanks for the post guys! We were beginning to wonder if we had what it takes to make the cut! :) Seriously, best day of our lives. Thanks for capturing it and for helping us remember just how amazing it was.

Brit - Wow. So much heart in this wedding, I love it!

Stephanie Lyell - Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. Your work always inspires me to be a better photographer and human in the process. Thank you.

Keaton - Such. Great. Photos. I really love the "mini adventure" ones, and the robotic looking textile background was craaaaazy!! Amazing work as always. :)

Lauren - Um. Yep. I'm crying. These photos are STUNNING! There is something so moving about them! Wow! Beauitful work!

grandpa’s cowboy hat, a first kiss, and catching fireflies in a jar … this was loren + levi’s wedding

only a few times have we had a couple so totally giddy about becoming husband and wife that they can’t help but jump and dance around like crazy kids after saying “i do.” loren and levi were one of those. and who can blame them? these two literally shared their first kiss at the altar! […]

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by the parsons

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Misty DeBlasio - I think I looked at this 10 times in a row. Love love love your work. I see like that but why oh why Can't I photograph like that.

Jan - Wow. Feel like I know the couple from the photos & I love them. Excellent photoj and what a fabulous compliments to all. Jan

Megan - Seriously, your wedding coverage is so stunning. I love the story you tell on a wedding day!

Rosina - {speechless}.

AmyPunky Photography - so beautiful and moving!!

Nani Annette - Just found your blog, the feelings & beauty of your images are amazing. Thank you so much, I have a lot to learn from you. All the best from Finland, Scandinavia.

Rog - rog was here

Katelyn - A to the freaking MAZING! ADORE it all! Question though, what's the name and location of this stunning venue?????

Jewel - this is so beautiful. two that stick out most to me (aside from the beautiful whimsical sun-kissed ceremony and portrait pictures) are: the one of the two guys laying on the floor with the Bible open. It's such a real moment, his eyes closed & the gesture of the other guys hands, for whatever reason, seems so mundane and normal, yet really beautiful and real. I also really love the picture of the fan being held up. His body language and the fact he's holding up a fan tells exactly what the atmosphere was like in that moment. I love it.

Anna - The energy and beauty of this day? It's like you captured it in a mason jar brighter than that firefly. I love you guys and am so infinitely proud of your work.

hannah - really beautiful, especially the mason jars for fireflies - but inquiring minds want to know, what is the backstory behind this being their first kiss?

Roxanne Ponds - That.... was amazing. What an experience. I felt like I was there. Always beautiful. The oneof the sun setting over there heads to the left of center... *sigh* Your work is unreal and always inspiring. Thanks for sharing as always. :)

mae - what a sweet, sweet wedding. i am in love with every image, especially her getting ready shots and the first kiss series. so good.

Alicia Adamopoulos - Wow! First kiss at the altar? That's AWESOME! Beautiful images and congratulations to Lauren and Levi. :)

jenberry - you guys can do NO wrong.

erika - Possibly the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.

Lauren - Thank you so much for giving of your time, gifts, talents and love to create these breathtaking images of my sweet friend's incredible day. It was truly unforgettable!

jenn - absolutely breathtaking. i can feel the love and emotion and energy of the day in these images.

jeff - the b&w after the kiss. yowza! that is CLASSIC.

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