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adventure is in the middle of missouri: where guns were blazing, tears fell, and jordan married jessie.

From donuts and coffee lakeside, to shotguns and cigars; from tears of joy to homemade chili in paper bowls; from thin fog to sun to starry skies — it is our honor to share with you the story

this is what it looks like when two insanely talented and beautiful artists decide to get married. aka, colleen and brock, you guys rule.

thank you colleen and brock for being insanely rad, and for the one and only filip blank for making some killer images with us on

kelly and evan got married…

Evan and Kelly are amazing. We first met these two because their daughter, Alex, was in kindergarten with our son Tyler, and knew right away that we would become friends, and that someday it would

grandpa’s cowboy hat, a first kiss, and catching fireflies in a jar … this was loren + levi’s wedding

only a few times have we had a couple so totally giddy about becoming husband and wife that they can’t help but jump and dance around like crazy kids after saying “i do.” loren and

prepare yourselves…brendan + amanda got married!

it’s so tempting in this job to go have these incredible experiences with people so dear and then tell others, “I guess you just had to be there”. We just encounter so much beauty

jim married his 7th grade crush, whitney.

2011 continues to be an amazing year. Remember your 7th grade crush? Jim married his. What a beautiful day. What a huge honor to be there. What a gorgeous couple. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sara and Colt are Engaged! Cue the lightning!!

I love Kansas City this time of year (green, the rain, great weather). I love Sara and Colt and that we are shooting their wedding. I love that God gave the gift of lightning on this day.

Julie and Matt got married

Dave – aka the cook of awesomeness for the Don’t Give Up project – aka the photographer of awesomeness for the Smiley Face Collective – aka the tall guy with dreadlocks

The day it snowed – and joy showed up :: Natasha + Grant got married

If you’d allow me, I’d love to share a few thoughts about these guys. But not just regular, normal thoughts associated with a wedding. Let’s the get the obvious out of the way:

mary + michael + wedding day = so much love and beauty it’s impossible to contain it in one blog post!

sometimes, fathers and daughters weep because they love each other so much. sometimes, the face you see at the end of the aisle is unlike any you will ever see again. sometimes, true love looks like

joannie + evan got married – - -> a wedding day in black and white

sometimes, we meet a couple who blows us away. they make us smile, make us thank God that this is our job, make us inspired just at the thoughts of sharing and telling their story. maybe

Dina + Nate : Married!!

Dina and Nate are two of the best.

Dina + Nate : Teaser

An early Christmas present for your eyes. It must be tough to be really, really, ridiculously good looking. Also, they’re 2 of the greatest people we’ve ever photographed. Can’t

Karlie + Adam : Married in Kansas City!

karlie and adam know how to party. not only are they two of the most fun and genuine people we’ve ever photographed, but they are so committed to each other and we have no doubts their

ashley + andrew : married!

ashley and andrew are the kind of couple that make you smile really, really big. they are the reason we do what we do – a couple who is so crazy about each other, they will make anything

2 sisters, 2 weddings, one blog post of total domination of awesomeness! ……… Rachel + Chris and Krista + Jeremy

Rachel and Krista are sisters. They are lovely, and they are close. It is obvious when they talk about each other that they admire the other so greatly and look up to each other. If you

Rachel + Chris : Photobooth!!

Rachel and Chris got married. More on that later. For now, this will have to do:)

Julia + Bill : Married!

Julia and Bill love brookside (they’re our neighbors in KC!), jam bands, Bob Dylan, PBR, good laughs with friends, zombies (the groom’s cake was AMAZING), and he has an extreme obsession

Eagen + Jason : Married!

Eagen and Jason live and work in New York City….and got married in Kansas City! :) I can’t say enough good about them, but I’ll try here. We connected over good food and beers in

Tracy + Nick : Married!

Tracy and Nick amazed us. As we spent the day with them, it became very clear that these are two people who have a love that goes so much deeper than infatuation. as nick said about tracy in their

Tracy + Nick : Married,,,in film.

much thanks to our friends at hammerpress for providing the perfect backdrop, and being all-around radical!

I’m the limo driver, and I like to party

From Tracy and Nick’s radical wedding in Kansas City.

Emily + Travis : Married!

A homecoming, friends from around the country, quiche, gocarts, champagne cocktails, a surprise honeymoon destination, Jay-Z and Miley….and at the center of it, 2 beautiful people joining their

Robyn + Brian : Married, a few favorites

question: what do you get when you put together a bride with uggs, snowflakes, and 10 degrees? answer: robyn and brian’s radical, white wedding. thanks, guys for having us, here’s a

Kelly + Jason : Married!

Kelly and Jason were our last wedding of 2009, and we must say they definitely helped us go out with a bang!!! Love is written all over their faces, and when kelly laughs, the entire world lights up

Kylie + Matt : Married!

someone recently asked me why we don’t give long, detailed accounts of the weddings that we shoot on our blog. I guess, back when we first started our business, I used to pretend that I was a

Diane + Clint : Married!

These two are a quirky, hilarious blend of dapper handsome regal-ness (grace kelly, grace kelly..) and ridiculous, irreverent humor. If I had to count the times that diane made me laugh, I would run

Ashley + Erik : Married!

Again, we post a wedding. Again, we’re amazed and humbled to do what we do. Again, we are grateful to befriend people like Ashley and Erik. Some of our favorites…

Stephanie + Phillip : Married!

stephanie and phillip married each other a few weeks ago. time with them reminded us that we love colors, freckles, love, marriage, family, and socks. to any clients out there – if you wear

Kassie + Mat : Married!

Kassie and Mat make us happy. Watching the two of them all day, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the way they are together. They are entirely wrapped up in one another, you can almost

Heather + Ryan : Married!

Heather and Ryan are two amazingly warm and loving people. Since we met them last October, we have been just blown away by their grace and kindness to us. So getting to spend their wedding day with

Courtnie + Adam : Married in Kansas City!

YYAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!!!! AHOY YE MATEYS!! I’ll make a barter with ya; true as the north star. In exchange for your kindness, I’ll be sharing me buried treasure with ya…Courtnie

Lindsay + Michael : Married at the Downtown Library!

I carry around a small Nancy Drew notepad in my shootsac and take it with me to all of our weddings. Every once in awhile, something will strike me: part of the vows, something a family member says

Tracy + Brad : Married!

Tracy and Brad got married on quite possibly the hottest day in the history of man. Possibly, not confirmed. Regardless, the Missouri heat was on during the afternoon – which gave way to