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Mollie and Calvin . Married in Kansas {a small film}

Mollie and Calvin and their two families are so special it’s hard to put to words. A few years ago we photographed and made a small film for Justin, Calvin’s brother as he married the beautiful Alyssa. Ever since then, the Beck family has welcomed us in with generosity and shown us more love than I could put to words. So when they wrote again that another one of their sons was going to marry the love of his life, we knew what an honor it was to be invited to tell that story.  When we met Mollie and her family, we knew it even more.

They got dressed and married in and around the property the beck family has owned and raised their children on in Kansas. On the land adjacent to the family farm, they built an adventure trail, decorated a barn, and invited the people they loved most to come celebrate their story.

I wish I could explain it better, but instead I hope you’ll watch this small film and experience just a bit of what it felt like to be there.(photographs to follow soon)

To Mollie and Calvin and your families,

this is for you. we can’t thank you enough for the invitation and the way you continue to show grace and generosity to our family. you all are remarkable.

thank you,

the parsons


On the adventure trail : Mollie and Calvin are engaged

Calvin arrived at this session on a 4-wheeler, which told me a lot about how much he loves the outdoors; and Mollie was game as well – so canoes, rope swings into the water, and him taking an early spring swim in the lake all seemed like fitting items to have as part of these photographs. I did feel pretty terribly that the rope swing ended up breaking on him, but no harm, no foul:)


We love their hearts for adventure, and cannot wait to watch them marry each other this June. Mollie Calvin Blog001Mollie Calvin Blog002Mollie Calvin Blog003Mollie Calvin Blog004Mollie Calvin Blog005Mollie Calvin Blog006Mollie Calvin Blog007Mollie Calvin Blog008Mollie Calvin Blog009Mollie Calvin Blog010Mollie Calvin Blog011Mollie Calvin Blog012Mollie Calvin Blog013Mollie Calvin Blog014Mollie Calvin Blog015Mollie Calvin Blog016Mollie Calvin Blog017Mollie Calvin Blog018Mollie Calvin Blog019Mollie Calvin Blog020Mollie Calvin Blog021Mollie Calvin Blog022Mollie Calvin Blog023Mollie Calvin Blog024Mollie Calvin Blog025Mollie Calvin Blog026Mollie Calvin Blog027Mollie Calvin Blog028Mollie Calvin Blog029