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Mornings with you . the adventure continues!

Hello there, dear ones .. ash here.

Some lovely things have been happening over at Mornings with you since we launched this beautiful little side project just a couple of weeks ago, including 2 new mornings with you shoots. One is a  sleepover session with artist and brave single mom warrior, Stephanie, and her three kiddos in Ohio (click here to watch the film and see the photographs).

Another is a morning session with the lovely Becca Spears and her two youngest littles in their mid-century modern home in Kansas, a few images pictured below. (click here to see the full post!)

morningswithyou becca and littles 022 morningswithyou becca and littles 023 morningswithyou becca and littles 024

I am so incredibly proud of these stories and this work. As someone who is always battling an image in my head of stories I’ve told in the past, and trying to live up to them, Mornings with you is giving my head and my heart a wide open field of creativity to play in. There are no rules and no pretense, and in that environment I’m able to make something true. Not only that, I’m able to tell stories that are potent enough to bring vitality and joy to these souls who are giving away large portions of their lives to mother little ones. In the end, we all win. Or as Stephanie recently wrote to me after seeing their story,

“I started writing everything I love – all the bits and pieces – then I realized I would have to write a whole novel to tell the story of my heart. You have given us more than I hoped for and everything I wished for. When I look at these images I feel so proud of my little family. And now you are included in that fold of family love. I can’t thank you enough. I love you. We love you… you are such a blessing.”


click here to visit Mornings with you and take in a little bit of the magic. And contact me at today if you want to talk about scheduling your own mornings with you session. I’d absolutely love it and I know you will, too.

with much love and heart,


In celebration of motherhood . .

Looking back this dream has been in the making for several years, I (ash) just didn’t recognize it or acknowledge its validity. I recently came across handfuls of shoots in the past decade where I was always coming up with the following recipe:

a mother + her children + morning + in their home

Whenever these ingredients were all present, the result was something raw and real and magic. Recognizing this, I started offering a specific type of shoot that would hold space for all of those elements, and called it “Mornings with you.”

This small dream has now become a much larger reality, and something I am excited to throw more of my weight behind as I see the joy these stories are bringing to the mothers in them, and the people in their lives.

I love the timing of this. Although this has been something I’ve been dreaming about and working toward for awhile, it seems only fitting that Mother’s Day weekend is the time when it all finally came together.

With Jeremy as my biggest cheerleader and a lot of joy, we bring to you this new offering, officially, in it’s own space!


I could tell you all about the what and why and how, but I’d rather just show you. So without further ado, CLICK HERE to visit the new home for Mornings with you!



To any of you looking for a way to honor the mother in your life or wanting to have a record made of this fleeting season in your lives, contact me. I’d be honored to spend a morning with you.

warmly, ash

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