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Cass + Lyn + their doggies . at home in Colorado

there’s something about walking into a home where laughter and light fill the corners . . you can feel it. I marvel more and more at the incredible souls I am able to photograph, and am particularly humbled when they invite me into their home.
I think about how these walls and rooms hold secrets, joys, and sorrows untold. I think about the sanctuary where these people live out their lives together, and the fact that I have been invited into that most honest, humble space.

Cass and Lyn got married last winter and invited me into their charming and bright Colorado home at the end of the summer to make some photographs of them and their doggies as they continue to live out their story.

Cass and Lyn, you two are bright, generous, and filled with joy. It was such an honor to share some time with you in your home, soaking up your laughter and telling the story of your everyday.
xo . ash

Devon and Zack: at home in BKLYN

I made some photographs of two of my favorites. eight years after they said I do, they find themselves here .. at home, normal day off, getting brunch, buying groceries, playing cards, making food, spinning records, and living life in Brooklyn.
d + z, you know I love you.
thanks for letting me capture you in your world a little bit.

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