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there’s some good things going on over here . a letter to you


I’m sitting here watching the light filter through the trees outside, thinking about all life holds right now and longing to share just a little snippet. I used to share many, many snippets daily on Instagram, then linking to twitter and facebook, but I have enjoyed the new exercises in presence, slowness, diligence in work, and openness to creativity without the constant pull to those platforms. But, I have still longed to reach out, to put a few words and images down in one place and share a bit of the adventures happening over here in these walls. We’ve been writing letters via snail mail these days a lot more in response to our boredom experiment podcast, and so I am finding the format of letter writing more and more second nature. even as I sit here typing digital pixels on a glowing screen, my hand longs to write you as a friend writes a friend, in a letter.



so, Hello to you from our magical little trailer!

I (ash) can easily stand up inside it, Jeremy… well. he’s a good sport. :)

Things are well here. They aren’t perfect and I am over pretending that they ever will be. But as one guy who wrote us a letter for the podcast said, “it’s not perfect, and I make more mistakes than imaginable, but life is really very good. Maybe more than that, it’s hard; exactly as it should be.” There are days when we fall into bed tired, depleted, frustrated, at the end of ourselves. Having a special needs four year old is a challenge. Watching our two other boys grow older and get a bit more “emo” in their moods can be a challenge as well. Owning a small business and making art for a living are a wild ride and adventure always surprising us with what is around the bend, sometimes good, sometimes a challenge. But there are also many days when we look at one another, smile with gratitude and lay there surprised by the joy a single day can bring.


I don’t know if I can accurately describe all that has opened up the past few months. In a list format, it looks something like:

library trips

reading too many books (is that a thing?)

writing poetry

silence and solitude retreats

writing workshops

weddings, travel, putting our feet in the ocean

baseball out back with the boys

learning about monastic life, centering prayer

podcast recording

story listening

full tables and dinners and pot roast

wine, always a good bottle of pinot noir

jumping into the lake

hosting beloved strangers and guests in our big old dusty house

making lotsa photographs


I’m not gonna lie… saying yes to finally deleting our apps and beginning the social media detox made us shake like shitting dogs. At first, it was SO hard, y’all. But these days, as the dopamine levels have all leveled out, we are kind of amazed. We are doing it! We are actually swimming against a really powerful current in search of something deeper. We are turning pro every day working on new things we fiercely believe in, and preparing to give you more inroads to these experiences and philosophies that are coming alive to us. A few really great things are in the works right now: an opportunity to come alongside us for a month and do a participatory artist’s detox, a sleepover mentor-shop (hosted right here in our awesome old house, for couples or groups of two to six), and later… a brand new workshop experience! The detox will come first, and we cannot wait to share it with you. We’ve put a lot of energy and heart into the making of it and we are so excited to see the ripple effects this has in the industry. Look and listen around July 1st for the details and the chance to join in with us and the others participating! If you don’t think you’re on our mailing list, contact us and request to be.. there’s going to be a lot of good stuff we don’t want you to miss out on. (and we won’t be posting about it on social media, remember, so this is the only way to keep up with what’s up).


Back home, today marks our older boys last days of fourth and fifth grade, and Zion is finishing out his first full year at his special needs preschool. I know that many of you gave out of your pockets and the goodness of your hearts this past year to make sure he got into that school and that we could afford it. I just need you to know this: we hear him speaking in sentences for the first time, see him RUNNING for the first time as a result of his extra therapies there and his botox and casts, and we marvel at the miracle of the past year in Zion’s life. It’s never easy but my gosh it’s good. Thank you, you know who you are if you were there for us in that season, for being a part of that story. Today also seems to mark the beginning of our busiest travel stretch. Although we’ve already been on airplanes this year, we now build up some major miles as we go tell stories and leave home for over a month. Starting tomorrow we will board planes taking us all over the world from a farm house in England this week and next to Colorado the week after that to Hawaii to … well, you get the point. We are beyond honored to pay our bills by experiencing what love and family look like with our cameras, always open to meeting new friends and eating home cooked meals and drinking wine with strangers. We have loved making more images for more families than ever in the past, and will always do our best to make room for yours, so drop us a line and we will set something up.


or, as always, you can drop us a letter and for the brief hours when we are in town this month, we will check on our box!


P.O. Box 32875

Kansas City, MO 64171


Be in touch, be encouraged, and all joy and kindness and best wishes to you as you are journeying along. we are fellow sojourners, and we are all in this together!


ash and jeremy . we are the parsons


much much thanks to our dear friend, papa alec, for making some pics for us in our trailer!





Breadwinners: a transformative experience for image-making couples

First, watch this. . .

bread winners 2014 from WE ARE THE PARSONS on Vimeo.

Being a couple in this industry can be so much freaking fun. You start out, and every day almost feels like a holiday with your best friend at your side. You both are on a mission together, growing together, and discovering how wonderful it is to tell stories together. And yet, the honeymoon phase can’t last forever. At some point, you actually have to learn how to experience deep joy, meaning, satisfaction, purpose, focus, and drive together as you wade through the dailyness of daily life. It is no picnic, y’all. Well, sometimes it is. And those days are really fun. But there are other days where the bills are due, the wedding files are past due and the stress of being partners in life is just a bit too much . . and the gloves come off. We have experienced the wide range of highest highs and lowest lows that this “job” can offer. And we know you are in the midst of going through your own highs and perhaps on the bring of some lows. What is breadwinners about? It’s about locking arms with other couples, becoming a small tribe of friends and allies who share, grow, learn, tell the truth and walk away saying “we did it. we did it real and we did it up close and we embraced the mess and the chaos and the beauty and we are on a really good journey together.”

If you are a couple holding cameras, part time or full, hopeful or successful, you are welcome here and you will not leave the same. join us.

in the words of brad and jen, one of our past breadwinners attendee couples, and now a part of our tribe:
“imagine your closest friends sitting in a living room together, addressing the things in life and business you’ve always wanted to talk about but never had the courage to ask. ashley and jeremy’s living room quickly becomes sacred ground, and the people around you become more than just other photographers. you leave hugging one another feeling like you’re parting ways with family. because you are.

in our three years of marriage, breadwinners has been one the best things that has ever happened to us as a couple and us as a business. ashley and jeremy broke down barriers we didn’t even know existed and we are forever grateful.

take a chance. dig deeper. invest in an experience that will last a lifetime. and our advice…if you want to best out of this experience, come with humble hearts and nothing to prove.”

What is it and what are the details?
we are thrilled to invite any and all image-making couples (photographers / videographers) to join us in our home for this transformative experience. Knowing first hand just how challenging it can be to exist as both business partners, lovers, friends, parents and a creative team, we are excited to talk openly with other couples about our lives, relationship, mistakes, making images, work, and balance. this is for those seeking to be honest, looking to be pushed, encouraged, kicked in the ass, and lifted up, all while locking arms with other couples who “get it”.

we will talk in-depth about the inner workings of what it takes to look our mistakes in the eyes, live intentional lives and go into the bones of creating meaningful stories, purging our lives of the meaningless, and forming a small community of like-minded couples who encourage and push one another toward the hope of more.

When is it?
May 5-7, 2014
couples should arrive around or before noon on monday, and depart late afternoon/early evening on wednesday.

Where is it?
our 114 year old home in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri.

How much does it cost?
$1600 per couple
Includes all meals, transportation in town (to/from airport), and lodging
A 50% non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot, remainder due two weeks prior to the event.

How long is registration open?
we have decided to keep bread winners small and intimate, in order to have a closer community/family feel and adequate time to devote to investing in each of the 4 couples who come, so registration will be first come, first serve. If there are not enough spots available, we will gladly add you to the mailing list for future bread winners experiences.
How do we join you?
send an email to with the subject line of “breadwinners”.
tell us about yourselves, and tell us why you hope to come be a part of this family.
we will contact you asap with a link to register.

We came to a previous Don’t Give Up project, will this be the same curriculum?
No, bread winners is specifically tailored to couples, and although we will discuss some similar themes, the experience will be completely unique to anything we have ever done before.

this experience is the heartbeat of who we are, of what we have learned and what we continue to grow in along the way. we are so so so excited to share with those of you who are meant to be here with us.

We can’t wait!!!

Monika - 03/27/2014 - 2:24 pm

You two are truly remarkable. Thank you for your hard work and diligent efforts to make changes in others’ lives, and especially in their marriages. This work is so worthwhile! Immensely grateful for your honesty and vision.

damian burcher - 03/17/2014 - 11:37 am

Hey congrats on the top wedding photographer award, think I found at about you guys few months ago and have been a fan since.

Heidi + Kevin - 03/16/2014 - 5:07 pm

It’s the best thing you could do for yourself, your marriage and your love of making images that matter. You will not regret it. We don’t. :)

Dee - 03/12/2014 - 1:31 pm

Dave and I had to sit down when we read this, what a great idea! we would love nothing more than to break bread with others that are going through the same experiences as us, love, love love the idea. It is a times like this we regret not having a teletransporter or our own private jet! :-) such a shame Ireland is so far away and our own wedding is in May, otherwise we would be there in two seconds flat, we will be at the next one for sure! :-)

Julia - 03/07/2014 - 5:03 pm

You two are so special.. Adore and love you both and your sweet boys. Big hugs.