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Breadwinners: a transformative experience for image-making couples

First, watch this. . . bread winners 2014 from WE ARE THE PARSONS on Vimeo. Being a couple in this industry can be so much freaking fun. You start out, and every day almost feels like a holiday with your best friend at your side. You both are on a mission together, growing together, and […]

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by the parsons

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Monika - You two are truly remarkable. Thank you for your hard work and diligent efforts to make changes in others' lives, and especially in their marriages. This work is so worthwhile! Immensely grateful for your honesty and vision.

damian burcher - Hey congrats on the top wedding photographer award, think I found at about you guys few months ago and have been a fan since.

Heidi + Kevin - It's the best thing you could do for yourself, your marriage and your love of making images that matter. You will not regret it. We don't. :)

Dee - Dave and I had to sit down when we read this, what a great idea! we would love nothing more than to break bread with others that are going through the same experiences as us, love, love love the idea. It is a times like this we regret not having a teletransporter or our own private jet! :-) such a shame Ireland is so far away and our own wedding is in May, otherwise we would be there in two seconds flat, we will be at the next one for sure! :-)

Julia - You two are so special.. Adore and love you both and your sweet boys. Big hugs.

a little something for everyone.

Hey all! First off, we have decided to start an “anti procrastination” Christmas Card campaign. :) In other words, we are offering a portrait special through the end of the month of October. We want to get to know you and your family by spending an hour with you in a place that is the […]

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……………….bread winners………………… because, in our opinion, the world actually does need one more photography workshop

* * * u p d a t e : s o l d o u t ! ! ! ! * * * thank you, thank you, thank you to the incredible couples joining us in february! we cannot wait! to the other couples interested, there will be another bread winners soon, so keep […]

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by the parsons

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jade - hey Parsons, any word on another'n of these? :)

heidi + kevin - woot woot! can't waaaaaait!

Brad + Jen Butcher - awwww yeeeeeaahhh!!

Evalyn - Love this!! It sounds exactly like what we need and would grow from. We would love to attend this one but can't afford the time and money to make it from Aust. for Feb. If you host a future one, we will definitely be keen to book. All the best

c&j - we would SO LOVE to do this but it's not in the budget right now (paying hospital bills off)...please have another in the future and we'll be there!! Sounds really fun!

Rebecca - My husband and I aren't in business together (although I think that would be the coolest thing EVER!), but I just wanted to comment how cool I think this is, and if my husband ever quit his art teaching job & decided to join me in photography, i'd TOTALLY do this!

Jeff - YAY! This sounds amazing!