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this is amy seeley…she makes gold records.

she is a blessed new friend, a good kite flyer, a dreamer, a writer, and an amazing artist. we’ve been blessed to have this dear one come into our lives, our home, and our big table in the

Tyler : Indie

Tyler writes songs. He sings them. He performs them for his school. And he’ll study it in college next year. This dude is legit. We had a blast running around Kansas City.

Katelyn: Indie

Meet Katelyn. Actress, dancer, lover of all things stage. :) She aspires to cinematography someday. For now? Her senior year of high school. She brought the awesome – I just took pictures

Amy and Taylor: Indie

Meet Amy and Taylor. Best friends. Vivacious laughers. Kind hearted. Spirited. They know exactly who they are. I loved getting to see it:) They did this session together, and we did a few