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Category Archives: indie

this is amy seeley…she makes gold records.

she is a blessed new friend, a good kite flyer, a dreamer, a writer, and an amazing artist. we’ve been blessed to have this dear one come into our lives, our home, and our big table in the past few months. we spent a day and night of our oregon coast vacation with amy as […]

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by the parsons

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Leonardo Valesi Valente - Every this little once upon the most times I've listend her songs is like a unforgettable ice cream, so special inside my soul, or if like the entire world would restard just so fast, to sing, to hear and tender, and forever... Love is the biggest place that I may tell you to find Amy Seely inside me. Leo, from Brazil.

Kevin - Bought 8 belles because of this post. She is amazing. Thanks.

jenberry - as i emailed you, thank u. thank you for introducing me to an amazing gift, amy.

ardean - love the images. so glad i found Amy's music thru you guys. bought her 'Eight Belles' disc and will certainly pick this up when it's released :)

H&K - OH. MY. GOODNESS. You just shot Amy Seeley!?!?!?! She is gorgeous...

Sally - Wow, her music is amazing! Such a great voice, and such a talented singer. Thank you so much for sharing! There is a big circle around November 30th on my calendar to remind me to buy the album. :)

Tyler : Indie

Tyler writes songs. He sings them. He performs them for his school. And he’ll study it in college next year. This dude is legit. We had a blast running around Kansas City.

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by the parsons

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tay rice - I LOVE T-FROM!

mathieuphoto - most people run from shadows...I'm glad you don't!

megan welker - loved your use of shadows! you guys rock!

Anna - Gah! You make me love shadows. :)

jj_short - Beautiful... so moving! (hahahaha....)

Katelyn: Indie

Meet Katelyn. Actress, dancer, lover of all things stage. :) She aspires to cinematography someday. For now? Her senior year of high school. She brought the awesome – I just took pictures of it.

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by the parsons

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Jonas Peterson - jump shot equals awesome

tayfoshayshay - I LOVE this beautiful girl!