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Category Archives: polaroids

aaron + heather : a little somethin’ somethin’

yesterday we took pictures of our good friends / local photographers, the hawes. we had fun. here’s some art we made with the polaroid. :)

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by the parsons

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Roland Hale - Awesome!

Nashville Wedding Photographers - um.... BAM!

Megan Clouse - Love it! So fun!!

carly -

Abra Michelle - This is totally awesome! Great idea!

Tim Tab - very nice, I like it. :)

nicole Gravatt - And yet another reason I was in the presence of celebrities at Amy Seeley. ;) You just keep proving my point.

Aaron - Umm... awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

Christina + Leah : Married in Mass!

If you’ve never been to the Berkshires, in Massachusetts, you are missing out. The hills covered in trees, all of them changing and little winding roads that meander through the most charming towns you’ve ever been to. If you’ve never met Christina and Leah, you are missing out. They are beautiful women filled with grace, […]

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by the parsons

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Maarit - This is at Gedney incredibly lovely place. Beautiful photos!!

kami - love the photos of this wedding--i stumbled upon it while checking out can you, by any chance, let me know where this wedding was held? the venue looks incredible (though that could just be the photography). Thanks!

Jeff Holt - Hi Guys! Long time no talk :(. You continue to just knock it out of the park! That last image of the night sky with all of the stars - well... JUST WOW!

Lucy Forsten - I'm a friend of a friend - what stunning pictures!! Simply amazing!

Rita Bruder - You are beautiful!!!!!!! And these pictures are amazing!!!! How appropriate. Can't wait to see more. We love you.

Josh+Meg - Love it guys!

Jonas Peterson - Grrrrrrreat!

The Mops - You two knocked it out of the park on this one. Proud to be your Mom, proud to see your passionate, loving hearts through photography.

Thomas Nash, Photographer - What a beautiful wedding! You guys seriously NAILED this one! I'm totally blown away by every single picture! Awesome job!

jen berry - you two kill me. every single time. there's something about your photography. It doesn't at all look like every other one (not that those are bad). it's just. i'm not sure how to describe it. there's always emotion. always warmth and beauty. always through your eyes and no one else. i always feel love when i seem them. I feel like i know the people in them. and i feel like i know what it feels like to be there.

adriana - so amazing!! made me want to be there to witness the beuaty in person. you two always make my day! :)

Dev - wow!! so beautiful. christina and leah have some of the most shockingly beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and what a gift to have them captured by you! I love the polaroids and the starry sky! you guys never disappoint!

Tara McMullen - Happiness and love...what a beautiful day. Gorgeous images, and a beautiful couple. Thank you for posting this.

Chris H. - the last shot killed it! awesome

eliesa - Are you KIDDING ME with that last shot!!! Those stars are EPIC! LOVEe

Brandi - Sooo gorgeous. Both brides are beautiful.. love the B&W portraits the most.. but they're all fabulous.

my time in myrtle beach: polaroids

if you’re not in the loop yet, let me enlighten you in something that takes up much of my thought these past 5 months: my dad has cancer. and it is the bad kind. it could be worse, I suppose, but the day after my 28th birthday, we got the news – the terminal diagnosis […]

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by the parsons

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sarah - I love the way polaroids look - gorgeous images.

alysia - emotional and beautiful. thinking of you and your sweet dad and mom.

ReneeW - oh dear, I am in awe of the strength this takes. These are amazing.

Dev - really beautiful, ash. what amazing memories to have. love you.

Dale - Yay! Yay for the roots. Yay for the love. Yay for sand between your toes. Yay!

filip - love it!! You guys ARE amazing...I love the story the pictures are telling... i'm speechless!! Prayin' 4 U...

jessi - priceless images...

Brown - I really like your blog and i respect your work. I'll be a frequent visitor.

josh solar - Much love to you and your parents. You all are amazing, beautiful, wonderful people and an inspiration to us all. So glad I get to call you my friend.

bethany good - absolutely beautiful. Mat & I had the privilege of sitting by your dad one Sunday at church when you guys were gone. He blessed us beyond words. His zest for life and love for God amazes me! Thanks for sharing your pics- very cool.

becca - this is beautiful, ash. so well-captured. not that i would expect anything less from you. i hurt for you and your parents and yet i am constantly blown away by the example you all represent for being a stronger follower of christ. miss and love you.

nate - fricking beautimusful...all of it...totally beautimus.