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the image…i mean…the awesomeness is found! (via Leicaboss)

a few years ago, via very their first photography workshop, we met 2 people who would become some of our bestest friends and greatest cheerleaders in this industry. Nate and Jaclyn are the awesome

when you go to sleep tonight, I’ll be flying across the ocean and landing here…

this is ireland. this is where my mom was born. this is where she grew up and lived until her early twenties when she ventured out into the world and met my dad. this is where she returned to call

using up the end of a roll of b&w film looks like this…

a few items laying around in our office, via the boss. happy monday, friends!

Betsy + Charlie : Married in Charlottesville,,,on film!

the full story coming soon. but until then, I couldn’t resist sharing some yummy moments from betsy and charlie’s wedding day, shot on our beloved film camera, Leicaboss, in our new

our life lately and a couple teasers,,,via leicaboss

the past months have held boatloads of frequent flyer miles as we have taken pictures of beautiful things from coast to coast. in fact, as I write this, we’re in Boston for another beautiful

Spring via leica

It’s an amazing spring in Kansas City. Beautiful things surround us. What an amazing thing to have suffered through an immense winter only to feel the sun’s warmth – almost like

Oh the joys of being together…

Shot these the night before Ashley flew to Ireland. And, now that she’s been gone for 4 days, they’re a great reminder that there is so much more joy together than there is apart. I

Tracy + Nick : Married,,,in film.

much thanks to our friends at hammerpress for providing the perfect backdrop, and being all-around radical!

I’m the limo driver, and I like to party

From Tracy and Nick’s radical wedding in Kansas City.

Meet The Boss

Meet the boss. Leicaboss – Leica R3 (safari)/Leica 50mm 1.4 Summilux lens. The boss takes images like this. And my wife is beautiful.