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When eric saw diana for the first time

Volumes could be scrawled out about these two.  How they are childlike.  Kind.  Gracious. Good friends (18 bridesmaids, and 18 groomsmen says all you need to know about that!).  We could write about

adventure is on the island of Gotland –> a teaser of Jacqui and Jonas’ wedding

as we prepare to overwhelm the interwebs with the photographs we made at Jacqui and Jonas Peterson’s wedding, we thought we would do a little teaser to help begin to convey the feeling of what

c-A-n-A-d-A (yuko and eddy in Canada)

Pretty stinking far behind as far as blogging goes. But getting excited to share this one from Niagara Falls! Happy Tuesday all! :)

Mandy and Nick : NYC Engagement Teaser

As the dust settles after the “comment explosion” that has been the past 5 days – we’re looking back at some amazing images from the past few weeks. Here’s a quick peak

Dina + Nate : Teaser

An early Christmas present for your eyes. It must be tough to be really, really, ridiculously good looking. Also, they’re 2 of the greatest people we’ve ever photographed. Can’t

Emily + Kyle : Colorado Wedding (Teaser)

You had to be there. We cannot wait to share this one.

Rachel + Chris : Photobooth!!

Rachel and Chris got married. More on that later. For now, this will have to do:)

Anjali + Mandeep : Teaser

Coming soon….just sayin’.

Torie + David : Mexico Wedding (Teaser)

If you need us, we’ll be hanging out with these two today in Mexico. K? K.

Josh + Meg : WE + You // science, dropped.

In case you didn’t know this, we’ve been doing this stuff for about three years. not long, in the grand scheme of life, to be honest. but we have been totally and completely overwhelmed