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Hello friends,

We are excited to announce our travel dates for this summer and fall – 2015. Click here for the full schedule, and if you are interested in a shoot/mentor session, etc., we would LOVE to meet up! :)
Coming soon: ENGLAND!  June 2-8, 2015.  Email for booking availability and location specifics.


The new Don’t Give Up project site and HOORAY! Registration for the next Don’t Give Up project is now open!!!

Good morning, friends!
It’s a really good morning around here. The music is playing, the candle is lit, and tiny green buds are starting to appear on the old tree across the street from our house. It’s time for spring, for new life and for new things!

With this lovely season of renewal and rebirth of energy and creativity, we are thrilled and over the moon excited to share with you what we have been working on.

The Don’t Give Up project has had a pretty pathetic virtual home for the past couple of years, and we have longed to share more, to engage more, to invite more, and to hope more to see this movement, this tribe, grow and grow into what it is supposed to be. With that said, we are happy to share the new online home of the Don’t Give Up project. To go there, simply click the image below, and happy browsing! We will be adding posts regularly to this space and we hope that all of you will frequent this space, interact with us on it, and share any feedback or questions you have along the way.

You will notice the top post is also announcing our next don’t give up project is now open for registration!!! you will find all the details there on the Don’t Give Up blog, so go there now!!

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