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Category Archives: the don’t give up project

adventure is in divide, colorado : the don’t give up project registration is now open!!!!! //UPDATE.SOLD OUT//

we are, once again, finding ourselves with the huge joy of inviting you, dear person, fellow photographer, artist, dreamer of dreams, to one of our most happy of all places – the Don’t Give up project —> a workshop and heart-quickening experience for photographers. The joy we feel is not simply that we get to […]

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by the parsons

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antonieta esis - any plans for a next workshop this year? thanks.-

Maggie - Oh no! Was there no mailing list presale info this time around? I didn't receive anything! If a spot opens up, please let me know! Thanks!!

mario - Any plans for a workshop in Canada?

rafidah - i would go...again. it was such a beautiful and life-changing experience... might have cried six times through it all. would definitely x100 recommend anyone who's thinking abt this to go, just go. :) much love to ashley and jeremy! <3 <3

anthony hoang - If you haven't already secured a position, do it now! Believe me this is more than just a workshop, it was "life changing". Jeremy and Ashley helped guide me to see so much more in world and my photography. I met so many new people including Jeremy and Ashley that I now call friends. Thank you guys. I can't wait till I get a chance to do it all again in Colarado!

adventure is in the australian wetlands, where caroline and jayden were reminded : Don’t Give Up.

the first day after the new year, we woke up early, traipsed through the snow into the airport and in the persons of jeremy and ashley parsons, the Don’t Give up project traveled all the way to brisbane, australia. what can even be said to do this experience justice? I just know we cannot appropriately […]

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by the parsons

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athena - I'm not stalking you anymore. Because we're friends now, and friends leave comments. And this - YOU GUYS! This!! - is amazing and wonderful and poetic and sad and open and REAL. It's just soo....LIFE. And life really is bloody fantastic! (And so are you.) xox

David - Amazingly, wonderfully inspiring. You would think being behind the scenes to see the making of this would make it less magical, as if once you know the magician's secrets, the magic is no more. But the opposite is true. What I found was not a parlour trick but an amazing ability to connect with people and get them to open their hearts.

Julia Wade - SO inspiring.. thank you so much for sharing your work in such a beautiful and honest way. Count me in for Don't Give Up. I'm in, I'm in, I'm in. :)

Stevie - my head is going to explode!

Rosina - so so happy for you guys that you have had this incredible opportunity for DGU to go global. the world has to see what you do, what you believe in, and experience your hearts. i am so happy for you, and can't wait to hear more about this!! xx

Mats - Awesome series, really like your work. Very nice!

Melissa Jean - You guys are so inspiring =)

rich - rock on parsons -this is beautiful!!

Annie - I miss you guys! xxx

Kath Scott - I will never forget the day you guys shot this. Being near you and hearing your words and listening to what is in your heart has changed my life forever and I cannot thank you enough. You are helping make the world right and that is awesome to think about. love Kath

Manel Tamayo - I love your work guys !!!

caz + jaydes - we love you guys *SO* much. you've given us such a gift.. in your friendship, your honesty, and your storytelling. the pieces of us that you captured already move us to tears, + we can only imagine that the value will grow as we age, make babies, + eventually pass away. [a wise woman once made us realize, what you've made of us will outlive us.] thank you, friends. thank you for laughing with us + crying with us + doing life with us. we love you.

Hannah Nicole - incredibly moving, incredibly powerful, incredibly beautiful, incredibly honest. started crying in the video. you guys are doing good things. hope to someday be at one of the don't give up projects...wherever it may be. :)

adventure is in joshua tree national park, where nate and jaclyn got engaged and then renewed their vows 10 years later.

it’s the end of veteran’s day weekend. and it has me thinking about who we are, about us, we are the parsons, and who we want to become. we are 11 1/2 years into the wild wonderful, painful, messy, beautiful adventure called marriage. and I say each of those words very intentionally. our lives together […]

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by the parsons

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Dan - Wow.

James - symply beautiful - :)

nirav - So flippin' awesome guys.

Doc Waller (@docwaller) - Who's cutting onions?!

Mats - Super nice shots! Awesome and real inspiration to me, thanks for sharing!

Hannah Suh - So amazing and deeply moving. Not to mention spectacularly beautiful.

Maggie - Oh my goodness, there are no words. This is truly amazing. Ash and Jer, you two have such an amazing gift!!! What is the song playing??

sandra - no words....too amazing!

Faith Bowyer - This is amazing. So, so, so, amazing.

Meredith Adams - that was incredibly beautiful.

sharon - Just so incredibly beautiful! I have been so excited to see this, and it was so amazing, - powerful and inspiring. Kaisers and Parsons you never cease to blow me away!!!

mercedes - So. Much. Love.

Christina Hastings - Not married yet. But if I ever am someday, I want it to grow just like the Kaisers into a beautiful, time-tested marriage. Thank you incredibly for sharing their story.

becca spears - oh parsons. oh jaclyn and nate. this is possibly one of the most beautiful storytelling portraits I have ever seen. Ash and Jer- you have this hard-to-grasp ability to tap into the supernatural- that quality of life at it's richest. Those most transcendent moments. You actually somehow can convey the depth and passion of that. It is very rare to see art imitate life that well. Thank you for sharing this. You made me fall in love with this family. You made me fall more in love with marriage and life.

julia wade - my heart is so full watching this. thank you.

molly - ash, love what you wrote. parsons, love what you captured. kaisers, way to make me cry my friggin eyes out. love you all.

Caroline Fontenot - You're just so damn inspiring. Thank you for making me want to tell better stories.

Angie - Nate and Jac! This was so precious. Love the love that you have for one another. Awesome awesome job Parsons.

Steph S. - I was in tears before the imagery even started. I love you guys. And congrats to Nate and Jaclyn. You all are so beautiful.

celanie - this is really what it's all about. we love nate + jaclyn's story and are encouraged by their honesty, strength, and vulnerability. thank you for showing us what's real.

Michelle Ruetschle - You two are so much more than photographers, you are lovers of life, lovers of love and lovers of beauty, and it all comes through so beautifully in your photographs. I loved this. Thanks for bringing hope and encouragement to all married couples with your stories! PS it brought back some wonderful memories too! :-)

Alyda - This is what makes life worth living. Real, honest, crazy love worth fighting for. You guys capture it like no one I know. Thank you for sharing. Love you Ash & Jer x

todd hunter mcgaw - woh.. beautiful people.. beautiful story... beautifully captured!

Tim Tab - wow. #impressed

Anna Roberts - Amazing!!

Denise Heffner - Breathtaking! Jaclyn & Nate--love you more than I could possibly express! Parsons--thank you for this incredible look into love--so real, so raw, so amazing!

amelialyon - This is so so SO sweet! I loved every second of it. Way to pull on the old heart strings! Beauty in all ways.

DC Chavez - LIKE! Great images and story of two great people.

Mikhail Glabets - That was amazing. Beautiful.

Jenny - Of course I'm once again crying after watching your work. So so beautiful. It's hard to find words.

Megan Gielow - Wow. What a powerful story. Y'all inspire me not only visually, but also in love. Thanks for sharing.

Keaton - I can never put into words the amazing work you two conjure. You guys are the reason I started photography and you're the reason I stay passionate. Love you two. Love the Kaisers. Love this video. Love love love. :)

damara - thank you so much for this.

Hannah Nicole - this is wonderful. absolutely beautiful and touching and heartfelt..

ellie be - wow. blown away. so moving and beautiful and wonderfully authentic.

caz lee of k90x - oh guys. bless.

Jaquilyn Shumate - Oh my! This is so incredibly touching. What you guys do has true and real lasting meaning. Jac & Nate (and you guys) are wonderful examples of what marriage is meant to be and encouraging the rest of us. Thank you (Kaisers & Parsons) for sharing your beauty with us all. PS. Jac, you are so so beautiful.

ray + kelly - yes.

James Moes - Thank you. All of you.