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Adventure is in California: where Morgan married Morgan and they left having the same name!

How many couples do you know that each have the same name? Not many? Us either. Meet Morgan – a man. He married Morgan – a woman! Their story is as winsome and wonderful as their

Adventure is in the Tennessee countryside, where it rained and people cried happy tears as Thomas married Kathryn.

we wish we could tell you how much these dear hearts, Thomas and Kathryn, mean to us. we wish we could explain the bonds they have with those around them. we wish you could know personally their

adventure is in the middle of missouri: where guns were blazing, tears fell, and jordan married jessie.

From donuts and coffee lakeside, to shotguns and cigars; from tears of joy to homemade chili in paper bowls; from thin fog to sun to starry skies — it is our honor to share with you the story

adventure is in northern ireland; where amy and david grew up, met, and then got married.

it’s easy to feel honored to be invited to photograph someone’s wedding. but to be invited to photograph someone’s wedding overseas, invited to stay in their home, invited to eat the chicken and

Adventure is in the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, where the winsome Kaitlin and Mark married each other.

We wound through the eastern Sierras after the sun had set and therefore had little idea of what we were driving in to. The road was black and the night was silent, save the coyote that darted in

adventure is at jeremy’s family home on the edge of lake ontario, where he grew up and then married katie.

It’s hard to explain in words what happens when we walk into these weekends to photograph the story of a wedding. Typically, we have never met these people before apart from a Skype consultation

Adventure is at a wedding in an old manor house near Boston, where Jessie and Trevor committed to mutual weirdness forever.

Nerd love. mutual weirdness forever. There’s just no one in the world like Jessie and Trevor. And in a pinterest-y, Facebook selfie-ish world increasingly filled with copycats and wanna

adventure is in a little english town called matlock, where georgia and ali grew up and then got married.

first, the story: as always goes in a story like this one, we had no idea what to expect as we rode the train from Knutsford, England into the Peak District. we knew that georgia and ali were going

adventure is in the peak district on the day before georgia and ali got married

We would like to introduce you to two of the best people on the planet. And they just happen to live in one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the planet: the peak district in Derbyshire

adventure is in the story of a barn, a brave couple, the countryside of Wisconsin, and the smile of a radiant bride.

It’s hard to describe to you what it felt like to be a part of Jessica and Jed’s lives on the day they got married. It’s hard to even describe what it looked like in images. It was

Adventure is on the King River, where Rachel married Garrett at his grandparents’ magical and humble homestead

We can’t help but smile and laugh when we think about the story we are about to show you. We smile because Rachel and Garrett are good, good people. They are real, honest, breathtaking, genuine,

Adventure was at Miya and Johnny’s love filled wedding in the mountains of Northern California!

We loved these guys. Loved their families. We could not have been more honored to join them as the people who had the chance to make their wedding film (see below) and make their wedding

adventure was somewhere in california, where sky and mountain meet, and miya and johnny went from being two “i”s to being an “us” >> part one, the video

it’s currently 8:45 in the morning in hong kong. I know that because I asked google, and google rarely steers me wrong. so that means miya and johnny have just hopefully had a wonderful night

adventure is in a small mountain town in colorado, where rachel and pat got married, and deer and beauty abounded!

it was just one of those days. we woke up thinking we knew some of what to expect that day – thinking we knew a bit about rachel and pat and that they would be wonderful. we knew we were in

adventure is on a country farm, where cori and doug got married, cried tears, sang songs and held chickens.

they lived in austin, a place we have come to know and love. they gardened for fun, something we have enjoyed for the past few years with its steep learning curve. they grew a gigantic rosemary

Jeremy’s sister’s wedding, where our boys were hobbit ring bearers.

all of our couples are dear to us. every wedding is incredibly special. but it’s a completely different ballgame when you’re making photographs for someone you watched grow up. when you

adventure is in waterford, virginia and the old methodist church where emily attended preschool, and a couple of decades later, married evan.

when emily and evan first wrote us, they sent a photograph of them photo-bombing bob dole. … then she talked to us about how he was her favorite part of being alive. and he talked about how

adventure is in a house on the eastern shore, where family gathered around a table tony made, and stevie wore a handmade wedding dress

when stevie and tony first contacted us, we knew they were different than all the rest. they were having the most intimate and organically made wedding we had ever heard of, and they were inviting

adventure is in restoration and repurpose : parker + jess and the day they celebrated a marriage with cows, dog, friends, and family.

we got an email one day from a couple named parker + jess. they were planning a wedding around the theme of restoration and repurpose. yes, this played into wonderful details. like the the fact

adventure is in barren trees, a rainy day, and the overwhelming love in whitney + ken’s wedding day.

the first time we heard from them, we knew whitney and ken were something special. ken wrote us first saying: Dear Parsons, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ken Chang and I’ve

adventure is in colorado : my sister becca married Michael!

Ashley and I got married almost 12 years ago. We have birthed 2 children, adopted 1, have owned houses, lived all over the west, and have worked in many different jobs – now being self

adventure is in a little farmhouse in the city, where amy and christopher turned a rustic old house into a place that became their bright, joyful home on their wedding day.

I remember the day I first met amy. It was out on a farmhouse in kansas on a summer night. she was at that time amy seeley, and i knew her only because I had heard her music and it had moved me

Adventure is at the house joey grew up in, where his parents measured his height against the wall and where he later married amanda.

amanda and joey are proof that the simple can be divine. the ink stains on his fingers from working long hours on their printing press. the scribbles on the wall at his parents house, marking his

adventure is on justin’s family farm, where everyone pitched in to create a whimsical, homemade wedding day for him and his bride, alyssa.

it’s difficult to try and explain to you in words how perfectly sweet, love-rich, and pure this wedding day was. justin and alyssa are a captivating couple, and the kind of people who just

adventure is on the farm where justin grew up, and where he married alyssa //a wedding day short film . . . wtf?

our belief that “adventure is out there” means that anytime we have the chance to try something new, we jump at it, even if we don’t really know what we are doing yet. We will be

äventyr är: på Gotland på Jonas och Jacqui bröllopsdag. // adventure is : on the island of Gotland at jonas and jacqui’s wedding day.

hello friend! to more fully enjoy this post, kindly follow these 3 steps: step one, read this: We’ve said this to a few of you, and we gladly say it to the rest: We are praying people. And we

adventure is on the island of Gotland –> a teaser of Jacqui and Jonas’ wedding

as we prepare to overwhelm the interwebs with the photographs we made at Jacqui and Jonas Peterson’s wedding, we thought we would do a little teaser to help begin to convey the feeling of what

adventure is in new hampshire : the day erica and ben got married and put a bird on it!

On the day you get married – after months of preparation and planning, tastings and fittings, tears of stress and joy – it is impossible to see the breadth of what your relationship will

this is one of so many reasons…

If you are a lover, or have ever been one, you know what I’m talking about. If you aren’t or haven’t been, I pray you get the opportunity to have the experience. but, lovers have a

adventure is in the simple, honest moments of jon and courtney’s wedding day…and in a little town called chagrin falls.

I knew when I got on the airplane to go shoot jon and courtney’s wedding that it would be a magnificent experience. I knew that I loved them, for they are dear friends, and we had already

this is what it looks like when two insanely talented and beautiful artists decide to get married. aka, colleen and brock, you guys rule.

thank you colleen and brock for being insanely rad, and for the one and only filip blank for making some killer images with us on

this is the story of the day yuko married eddy in niagara falls, canada

Before looking at this post of Yuko and Eddy’s beautiful wedding day, you need to see how Eddy proposed to Yuko. (click the photo) And now proceed:)

kelly and evan got married…

Evan and Kelly are amazing. We first met these two because their daughter, Alex, was in kindergarten with our son Tyler, and knew right away that we would become friends, and that someday it would