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Category Archives: our attempt at short films

adventure was somewhere in california, where sky and mountain meet, and miya and johnny went from being two “i”s to being an “us” >> part one, the video

it’s currently 8:45 in the morning in hong kong. I know that because I asked google, and google rarely steers me wrong. so that means miya and johnny have just hopefully had a wonderful night sleep, and my guess is that they will get an email from us any minute now, letting them know that […]

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by the parsons

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Emilie - I just read the comment of the father of the bride... "you are not only the best at what you do but the best at who you are." So true!

Julia - mom's hand, beating on dad's back to the beat of their daughter's song? no words. the whole thing. just real and beautiful and incredible. you two.. <3

keri bryant - Ok, ok, as usual...words are insignificant but I am always trying. That was simply breathtaking. THe funniest is the "videos are not exactly our thing" - just makes me laugh! :) and her VOICe is amazeballs. I would buy a CD in a heartbeat. when will my 12, 15 and 17 year old daughters get married so you can capture them!!?? you are simply the best. xx Your biggest Connecticut Fan

Brianna Wallace - I don't normally comment on blogs. But I have tears streaming down my face. This was absolutely breathtaking. You did an outstanding job. You are such a blessing to this family!!!

Hanni - I'm a huge fan of your videos. Keep em coming!

Nikolay Mirchev - very creative, amazing!

A M Y - my dear friends, i have goosebumps . just beautiful .

Alexxus - tears. that was beautiful.

David McClelland - This is so beautiful. A perfect match of music and imagery. Couldn't be better.

"the father" - Thank you "the Parsons". Thank you for the words, the video and the photos to come. When I first meet you two I felt like I've known you forever. You are not only the best at what you do but the best at who you are.

steph jackson - something special right there! sobbing!

Kristin - Awesome!

lecinda - "videos are not exactly “our thing” and that we are total rookies when it comes to any type of filmmaking".....I could not disagree with you more, that was absolutely breath taking.

Megan Gielow - This is one of my favorites y'all have made. Such beautiful storytelling. For real...does Miya have an album out? I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Alejandro Vanderspice - wow. beautiful

Steve Dalgetty - You guys are my favorite videographers. Amazing.

adventure is in the way baby fiona came into the world, and the work her becca and mark went through to bring her there.

I’m going to do my best to describe to you what it was like to play a small part as fiona made her way into the world, although I fear words will fall short. (but, read on, because this is important to me, and I think it may change the way you encounter the images) […]

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by the parsons

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melissa - For someone who has never given birth but am a mother...I can't even begin to describe the impact that this has on me! Thank you for using your gifts and talents to NOT only impact those you photograph but for those who have not (yet) experienced such beauty!My words are few for such beauty! thank you.

James - That is possibly the most beautiful short film I've ever seen. I wish you guys had been in the uk 5 years ago when we had our first child.

Erin - you are amazing. this was beautiful...xoxo

sandra - beyond. just beyond amazing!

keri bryant - from one birth doula/birth photographer to the HOLY GRAIL of one :) -- way to capture The Holy. WOW. Thank you. Heart is full and eyes are wet.

Marina - Oh Ash, you had me at 'this is the story of'.. So, so beautiful. What an incredible gift you have for telling my favourite kind of story. Please, please, please fly back to australia in 3 months ;) xxx

molly - it is beautiful what the Lord is teaching you through this gift.

Ruth - A) I've missed you B) this is insanely beautiful!

becca spears - Ash, as a friend, what a beautiful shared experience we had that night! Your presence and your influence was part of the story from long ago, I believe that. And your record of it has enlightened me. Even more than I knew to what an amazing life partner I have in Mark. And what you said about pain being inextricably bound to joy is right on. You are an expert at that facet of human life my dear. Natural childbirth is the most powerful example of that I have ever experienced and I am thankful that you not only captured it, but you also encouraged me toward it. I love you and you are one of the best storytellers I know. Fiona will be so blessed with this amazingly intimate record of the day she came into the world.

Allison cloud - oh man I would do it all again just for that! To hear that cry, experience that joy, relive that miraculous moment! This is lovely and amazing. Love you Becca and mark. And char and Fiona too. Well done Ashley.

Stevie - simply amazing! what a gift you have given these new parents. They will cherish this video forever.

Sherry Shockey - Ashley, that is a priceless gift! I was brought to tears hearing my daughter in pain. Then came tears of joy and thanksgiving. Definitely captured the holiness of the moments.

brad - always know how to make a man cry.

Barbara - Once again you left me speachless and in tears. Your work is simply breathtaking and I'm so grateful I found you in this internet jungle.

Catrina - so so tangible and real and beautiful. this is life.

carly - Having photographed a birth story for the first time about two weeks ago, I am struck by how everything you said resonates SO true... Full of pain and pure joy. Thank you so much for sharing and your storytelling, Ash. It's always so impactful.

sharon - I don't have the words to tell you how powerful and beautiful this is. Your words, the images, their love and courage. Thank you for making this, Thank you to Becca and Mark for sharing with us. This is real and true and so incredibly beautiful.

Allyson C - super inspired words you shared here, ash. and so so true. the story told through the images left me speechless. love you.

Annie - This is just so beautiful. I can't wait to meet you! x

adventure is on the farm where justin grew up, and where he married alyssa //a wedding day short film . . . wtf?

our belief that “adventure is out there” means that anytime we have the chance to try something new, we jump at it, even if we don’t really know what we are doing yet. We will be the first and loudest to admit that we are photographers, photographers, photographers. we are not videographers/cinematographers/filmmakers, or whatever you […]

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by the parsons

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Twiggs - oh my this is unbelievably beautiful and of course there were tears !! ain't love the most beautiful thing in the world?! ;)

bo - Wow you guys are unbelievable.. just amazing!!!

Danielle - your work. no. matter. what. is always so beautiful. so inspiring.

keri bryant - Ugly ugly ugly cry. Thank you!

Jennifer - Your attempt was frickin AWESOME!!

Meredith Adams - so. beautiful. wow. <3

Rosina - unfreakin'-believable!!!!!!!!!!

Lee - I was privileged to be at the magical event, yet you revealed an intimacy between Justin and Alyssa that I couldn't grasp from my seat overlooking them and the setting sun. Beautiful!

Kara Verlaney - I can truthfully and honestly say that this is one of the must beautiful things I have ever seen. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations, you two! I'm so happy for you both.

Suzi - *sigh* I love this SO much. You guys are the BEST storytellers!

Naomi G - this is so moving.

pen - OMG. This is the first wedding film ever to bring a tear to my eye. It is beautiful and moving. Just amazing.

Yann Mignonet - Absolutely wonderful ... wonderful ... and wonderful again. "An attempt to short films" should be renamed "A successful attempt to a magical story telling !"

Stephanie Lyell - Gaaahhh...You guys are so amazing. This gave me chills. I truly believe you two are the best photographers in the country! I hope someday I can come to one of the don't give up projects and meet you somehow. Keep up the amazing work!

megan kennedy - great job parsons!! you made justin&alyssa look as beautiful as they are... not an easy task!

Samara - ummm.... AMAZING!... woooowzers! ....

sharon - INCREDIBLE!!!!! icing, cake, magic, life, beauty - love how you always just go for it all and aren't afraid to make incredibly real art

Heidi and Kevin - You guys are first and foremost, storytellers. No matter what medium you choose to tell the story of real people; it will be amazing. Because that is simply what you do.

Alyda - You two are incredible, I admire you so much! The way you capture the story is like no one else. So beautiful!

Kim - I watched it again! So, so beautiFULL!

mercedes - that. is. so. sweet.

armadillo - Oh wow. Add me to those who have never met these people but actually cried while watching this. So much love.

Jonas Peterson -

sami d - such a beautiful couple, and i don't even know them. :) parsons, you have done it once again. so inspiring.

nate - oh my friends, that was beautifuler than the most beautiful. your talent knows no ends. ps. glad to see some #timelesssilhouette made it's way into your video work too ;)

Frances Faucher - Absolutely loved it! Wow.

Jenny - It's impossible to read/watch one of your blog posts and not start crying. It doesn't matter if you're label is a photographer, videographer or younameit. What you guys create is beyond inspiring. Always leaving a mark. Well done.

Kenyandesi - No. Words. Deep and I are blown away!!! If we had only known, we would have had to have 2 identical weddings that you would photograph and film!!!

alana - wow, this is amazing. i wish i had something like this from my wedding! love.

Andreas Peterson - This is absolutely wonderful :) You kids rock

Hannah Nicole - really beautiful. chills. love it, you two!

ray + kelly - aah!!! you guys!! your heart always shows so clearly through your work. rough cut or not, that editing to match the live music was so great.

Julia - That was beautiful. Seriously brought tears to my eyes...and I don't even know those people! I love love. :)

CourtneyLemmon - This is so lovely! Great job, guys...and great job to the bride and groom for such a fun and beautiful day!

Catrina - love this, so so much.

Micah - YES!! Go Parsons Go!

brad + jen - tears, as always.