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adventure is at the big table, where chris proposed . . . and amy said yes!

the big table is a magical place. when jeremy built it for me some two years ago, he did so because I felt like we needed it. my dad had just passed away a few months before that, and I wanted to have a place where we could connect to him, where what we were […]

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by the parsons

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Charles McCarthy - I love the atmosphere and intimacy you have captured in these images, really nice!

ashley - captured beautifully. brought tears to my eyes. i count it an honor to have met amy whilst her short visit in montana in 2011... it's amazing to see where God has taken her from that point into this beautiful new chapter.

Apryl Ann - This just brought tears to my eyes and made my morning. What a magical day for both of them.

Meredith Adams - tears welling in my eyes. lump forming in my throat. so happy. I LOVE THIS. you guys have such a gift. thank you for documenting love and showing it to the world. xo

Joyce Alexander - In love with the moments you captured and the whole set for this wedding. So brilliant and sweet.

Lyndzee - Oh what a special evening. Good friends are such an amazing blessing. So happy for them as well.

Drew Renner - I love Amy's music!

abby mortenson - i like this so so much. Even more I think because I had the privilege of hearing some of Amy's story at the Beloved festival. Oh, how He loves us!

Stew - Literally, the only words out of my mouth at the end of this post .. Oh wow! Enough said.

Anni - Oh, this is a little piece of heaven - a magical place indeed. This is such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing it.

jac kaiser - perfection

Ali Migliore - Oh my goodness, you guys are absolutely phenomenal. This is SUCH a beautiful post of what seems like the greatest backyard dinner. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty! xo - Ali

gina - priceless memories, captured beautifully.... so happy for Amy xo

Colsie Conradie - This is magical. Thank you for sharing...

nirav - You two are an inspiration :). Keep making amazing memories my friends.

Gail Krauthoff - Amy we so enjoyed seeing this and are absolutely thrilled that you are so very happy. We have not met Chris but he seems to be a real love of a man. We are so happy that you are happy now, God's timing is always so very perfect and we really thank your mom for sending us this oh so special link. We do not know Ashley and Jeremy but we can tell that they are true friends. God bless you both and BTW when are you to get married?! Love to you, Gail and Chappy

Diane Trautman - Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing. Chris's father and I are cousins. I had the opportunity to finally meet Chris last December. I'm so happy for him and his fiancé.

sharon - I smiled and laughed and cried as I watched the video and took in your words and images. I don't have adequate words. Hearing how you described the big table, knowing the Why behind it, feeling the magic at the table in CO. How grateful I am for that experience and how happy for Amy, to have God's love and mystery showered all over her after the hard turns in the road. Just so so so incredibly beautiful and full of joy this all is!

James Boddington - Absolutely stunning, heartfelt images and congratulations Amy and Chris

lizsong - :) happiness.....

Kimmy - I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Other people's happiness makes me happy. Rough cut?! It was beautiful!

Katie K - This is complete magic to me, in every possible way.

marissa - what an amazing moment captured so beautifully! loved this...and yes it brought me to tears too!!

Stephanie - ohmygosh. This is so sweet and beautiful and tear-inducing!

porter - Amy is a great person. I met her a few years ago. These images show & prove that as you can see the glow in her face. What a great gift for them to remember a beautiful evening.

Valerie Welty - Ok .... so I'm great friends with Chris' Mom and I just had lunch with her two days ago and got to hear all about Amy. I don't know her but after watching this and seeing all the pictures, all I can say is "WOW"! What a keepsake this all will be for them. And I too had tears because it was pure love and friendship at its best. What a beautiful thing you all did for Chris and Amy ... I think your big table, the beautiful china, the lights, the wine and mostly the people made this a wonderful occasion! Thank you for sharing this! Very, very creative too!

shannon - thank you. Thank you for making my cry my eyes out at my office. :) Amy is one of the most beautiful souls I know and I am lucky to call her my friend. To see this gave me a small glimpse into this magical evening and feel like I was there to celebrate with her, if even just a little.

Keaton Webb - Absolutely beautiful. Such a joy to see two people in love and so incredibly happy about it. :)

susan yee - this is magic. PURE MAGIC. amy, i am SO THRILLED FOR YOU. you are so cute, i loved seeing you so happy! joy was spilling everywhere, and i loved being able to see it!! ash & jeremy, you did SUCH a beautiful job, creating, giving and sharing. LOVE! xoxoxo

Caroline Fontenot - You make me want to tell better stories with cameras.

Mike Hadley - Awe! Mr. Messenger is growing up so fast!

sara mcd - no one is more deserving of this happiness. so beautifully captured.

taylor - I'm crying in the middle of the library...this is not okay!!!! so beautiful.

suzy - these photos bring me to tears. the night is perfect, and the moment is so well-captured. good golly! so thankful God lets us have these moments in time, eh?

anna - bawling. this is just so stinkin beautiful! I can't imagine a more perfect birthday turned engagment in all of the universe. There is magic in the big table, i just know it. :)

amanda vanvels - i cried my little eyes out. so beautiful!

Ruth -!! How do you do it? Stop! Love this! I actually thought I was there!

Anjali - love love love....and you guys to capture it! <3

Kaley - This is incredible. I couldn't help but cry. I think this was a perfect. I could watch that little film over and over. Congratulations to Amy. They seem like a beautiful couple. xx

Hannah Nicole - This is something special. So heartfelt and beautiful, as always, a and j. :)

Carly - Bawled my eyes out. This is just so beautiful! What a wonderful gift to have filmed and photographed this beautiful evening. Incredible xo

Stephanie Lyell - This is completly beautiful. That is all there is to say. Love and beauty abides with you all and who you come into contact with-that is 100% obvious. I've never met you all-but I just need to tell you that your work is so inspiring. Not just because you take good photos (which you do), but because there is so much in the photos, in the story, in the words that points to something bigger and grander. Thank you for doing what you do. Blessings.