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Mornings with you . amy + asher in colorado

it doesn’t take more than sixty seconds in a home with a mama and her toddler to remind me of what those days were like, at home with a little one as a constant companion. This phase of life is about

Cass + Lyn + their doggies . at home in Colorado

there’s something about walking into a home where laughter and light fill the corners . . you can feel it. I marvel more and more at the incredible souls I am able to photograph, and am particularly

Devon and Zack: at home in BKLYN

I made some photographs of two of my favorites. eight years after they said I do, they find themselves here .. at home, normal day off, getting brunch, buying groceries, playing cards, making food,

A bit of austria in the middle of America: the gundaker family

The Gundaker family.  They have roots in KC, and Austria (where they now reside).  And while I’m sure that your kids are cute too, their girls are maybe the most precious things I have ever

Liz, Joel, Annie, Grace, and their magical little world in the suburbs.

i am a firm believer in magic. i think it’s worth chasing, trapping in your fists like a firefly, and holding onto once you find it. i have never been a firm believer in the suburbs. as a person who

Colorado rain, and a celebration of life: Rebecca and Bruce

Rebecca and Bruce are South Africans…like, they actually live in South Africa (maybe the greatest accent on earth).  This is across the ocean from where we live.  8750 miles.  A long way.  They make

mornings with you . amanda, stella, and theodore (and a little one they’ve yet to meet)

I’m gonna be honest here with all the momma’s in the room: When I had little ones under a certain age living in my home, calling me mommy for the first time, the days were a mix of the slowest hours

Bernadette and Steve and their growing family

Years ago, we had the privilege of hosting (in our home) a small workshop called Breadwinners, given for married couples.  Collectively, we were able to wade through the joys and challenges of being

What first friday looks like in Baltimore (the oliver family)

We love watching our couples grow families!  Stevie and Tony got married a couple of years ago, and we had the privilege of being there to celebrate with them.  We had the conversation prior to their

Marty and Lyle are engaged, and Anzio stole the show (New Market, MD)

“He has grandchildren, I have god-children” was one of the first phrases Marty ever put in her initial email to us. We think that that is a great beginning to a real story. So flying to

Rosie in Baltimore: a preview

You may have seen riots in Baltimore recently.  Look past those, and you will find this beautiful child.  Can’t wait to share these photos! 

emily and scott are engaged in San Francisco.

Emily and Scott have roots in the east coast, live and work in San Francisco, and are marrying each other this summer.  And they just happen to have the greatest view in America off of their balcony.

the McGee family

Making photographs of a family is always a privilege.  To be brought into a moment and season, to see dynamics between parents and kids and kids and parents is really fun.   But this family, for

Adventure is in hot tea, snowball fights, and time together: the Kaskubar family (Denver, CO)

Meet the Kaskubars. Residents of Denver. Married for a decade. Livers of a good life, cookers of good food, raisers of two little boys. Shooting families is a joy, mostly because we live a

Lucy and Steven, married!! (from the DON’T GIVE UP project)

We recently opened up a contest of sorts on our blog in an effort to find the next model couple for our workshop. The contest was open to married couple photographers who have been embracing the

sometimes love looks like glowing orange light. welcome, dean august.

dear dean august, I write this to you hoping that you are going to have the opportunity to see these images and these moving pieces of life that I captured the evening you were about to be born and

WATP : now available for summer shenanigans as well as bird funerals.

Remember childhood at the end of the school year? the closing chapter of spring and its restlessness, the beginning of warm summer nights of playing outside? remember attending funerals for birds?

this is one of my very favorites: welcome, Isaiah.

This is one of my favorites. and I don’t just say that for drama’s sake. I say it because it is true. I am a firm believer that things happen at exactly the time they are supposed to. and

adventure is in the story of how lenora mae got here.

I had a random conversation recently with a random gentleman. him: what do you do for a living? me: I make photos. him: like a photographer?  .. cool.  what kind of photos do you make? me: um..mostly

Adventure is in the family’s love of an automobile: a family shoot

I remember distinctly the first time we saw the car. It was an experience even getting to see it driving down the street. It was 5 years ago in our (beautiful) little neighborhood in Kansas City.

adventure is in lincoln, nebraska; where a family of four became a family of six

Oh how we love stories like this. We love adoption because it echoes what we have experienced, deeply and firsthand. We love that adoption says really clearly what God says to us, as His kids:

love isn’t always black and white . but sometimes it really is . . . sweet maria and baby asher.

if you remember, jeremy had the privilege of documenting as maria and steve brought asher home on april 5th. he was just a few weeks old, and was the answer to so many countless prayers. we had

irrevocable : asher comes home for the first time

Maria and Steve have known that they wanted to adopt for a long time. And yesterday, Asher saw his home for the very first time – met the dogs, slept in his room, and cuddled his mommy and

get in the car, leave the city, take your family, meet up with your friends, chase the sunset, find water, breathe the air and see the stars. it will do you good.

we interrupt our regular programming to bring you a quick photo session with the most beautiful family in the world, who also happen to be some of our dearest

this was the day that dodson came home for the first time.

rachel and landon, friends and neighbors of ours, had their second baby. I remember taking photos for them after the birth of their first baby, London, and it was such a joy to do it all over again

dear hazel, welcome to the world!

I am in total shock at the depth of life we have been blessed to share with jessi and dave. just over 3 years ago, they came to us as strangers to hire us to photograph their wedding day. we

Jessi and Dave : they be pregnant you best did know

thank you jess and thank you dave for being the dearest of dear friends, amazing associates in business, and for giving us the chance to shoot you again – truly, it never gets old.

for becca, because every birthday deserves to be celebrated with a Kimono and chocolate cake

thank you, dear becca, for making this housewife / mom of 3 / frequent resident of the ICU with my baby / bottle washer / sleep deprived resident of planet earth to feel like an artist again. I

they are the andersons.

they also have a family blog where emily shares her stories of mommyhood and adoption. hop on over for your mommy blog fix!

the image…i mean…the awesomeness is found! (via Leicaboss)

a few years ago, via very their first photography workshop, we met 2 people who would become some of our bestest friends and greatest cheerleaders in this industry. Nate and Jaclyn are the awesome

Modern with a side of ranch —> the bash family

Remember these guys? We do! We LOVE this family! They called again, now with a fresh faced one year old baby girl – “Poppy” – and kids that have GROWN!! The constant?

sometimes, this is what love looks like between a mother and daughter : Lori + Christina

yes, most of the time, we photograph couples who are in love and getting married. and we love doing that…a lot! but once in awhile, there is someone who comes along and has a beautiful story

The Don’t Give Up Project 2…because we just couldn’t wait to show you!!

you know those moments in your life where you think, “I don’t think it can get any better than this”? Well, we had many of them this past week when we hosted our workshop for the

concrete jungle where dreams are made of…mandy + nick, engaged and living in NYC

mandy + nick rule. they are creative, flippin brilliant, warm, kind, hilarious, and know all of the best and most random movie quotes of all time. We met up with them in their home of a little

In case you didn’t know, this is Christine, Matthew, and Lennon

christine and matthew are exceptional. she’s a photographer (who we met at our last don’t give up project!). he’s a touring musician. and then there’s lennon. new baby,