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adventure is in the story of how lenora mae got here.

I had a random conversation recently with a random gentleman. him: what do you do for a living? me: I make photos. him: like a photographer?  .. cool.  what kind of photos do you make? me: um..mostly weddings..and births. him: I’m sorry…births? me: yeah, I make photos for people while they are becoming a family, […]

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by the parsons

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liz - Oh wow, I've only photographed two births but it was an incredible experience and now you've brought it all back to me - the feelings again. This is a beautiful documentary. Smiling and sending love to this dear family :-)

jessica sands - so perfect and wonderful, as always!

sharon - absolutely beautiful. thank you for making and sharing this xo

lecinda - beautiful xo

Ruth - Beautiful, incredible, miraculous, indescribable. For this, I love my job!

Kate - That was absolutely beautiful! The tears and chills and wonder and excitement for them I had/have! Truly beautiful!

Adventure is in the family’s love of an automobile: a family shoot

I remember distinctly the first time we saw the car. It was an experience even getting to see it driving down the street. It was 5 years ago in our (beautiful) little neighborhood in Kansas City. It was gorgeous. Bright orange. Striking. A 1973 Volkswagon Squaretype III. Ashley said “oh my word” as she caught […]

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by the parsons

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sharon - beautiful story, beautiful images :) xo

Amanda - Carrie! I miss your face! So lovely to see you again! :) A lovely session of a lovely family, Parsons!

Hannah Nicole - Meaningful. Something so simple, but chill worthy.

adventure is in lincoln, nebraska; where a family of four became a family of six

Oh how we love stories like this. We love adoption because it echoes what we have experienced, deeply and firsthand. We love that adoption says really clearly what God says to us, as His kids: “I don’t care what you’ve been through and what you will do – for the rest of your life, I […]

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by the parsons

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Evie Gerontis - What a beautiful blessed family you all are!

Sharon Campbell - Wow, what a story! I watched the God vine video a few mins ago and then after that, found out that two more little people were added to your wonderful family.. what a blessing!!!! Those kiddos are beautiful and look so happy! Too bad y'all don't live in the Houston TX area... my girls (around the same age) would love a play date! Take care!! :-)

Andrew McReynolds - Breathtaking story of a perfect family. You are all writing a storybook life that I admire. You make me proud. Blessings, Andrew

Andrea - THIS.IS.AWESOME!!! Breathtaking blessing. Thank you for sharing. :)

SandyP - My heart is in a puddle on the floor.

LaVerne Thompson - I'm a multipublished author and I write interracial romances. I'm originally from Trinidad and my husband is a white American. We've been married 25 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. I just wanted you to know that I find your story beautiful and inspiring and the reason I write IR romances. Love isn't about what's on the outside but what's within. Blessings upon you all.

Jen - What beautiful children. What a gorgeous family <3

alisa - Beautiful!!! So happy for all of you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for showing the possibilities. Thank you all the way around!!!

Cheryl Melendez - I am crying, tears of joy as I scroll through these pics. You guys have done an amazing thing. I am sure you feel that the kids have done amazing things for you...It's a beautiful two way street. I am fighting cancer and have two biological children of my own, but looking at these beautiful pics, just gives me hope in humanity. It's takes a lot to make me feel joy outside of the joy I feel about my own kids these days.. But your story did. I wish multiple blessings on your family, and thank you for sharing your story with the world.

Marion Marshall - Tears of joy and triumph! You all are lucky to have each other. That is a family! Keep us posted.

Los - The love that resonates from these photos is so powerful. May God continue to bless your family and bathe your family in blessings.

Destiny - This is a beautiful story that shows love without bounds. Ben and Renee, you are God sent. May his peace be with you all the days of your lives.

anissa rae - astonishingly gorgeous photos that capture the love and sharing of love. i wish this family infinite goodness. blessings.

Tina Awok - Thanks for the love you have shown. May God bless you all as a lovely family and may the children be blessed and be a blessing to you guys...amen. Well done!

Jan Bresnahan - Grandma and Grandpa are shurely smiling and giggling right along with those beautiful kids. Congrats to you and your amazing family. God is so Good!

Pamela - What a beautiful family. A beautiful story. Told in a beautiful way. Beautiful. Mazel Tov!

Terri - Beautiful story, I absolutely love the pictures!! It is wonderful to read a positive article.

Julie B - Just love your pictures. What a fabulous adoption party. Congratulations to your family!

JK Blackwell - Such a beautiful story! Love that you typed your notes too :)

marina - These are so beautiful. It makes me so sad that in Australia the adoption process is so long and difficult and virtually impossible for a family with their own biological children. What a beautiful family this is and how lucky they all are to have each other.

Julia - My heart is full to the brim with these images. Ash & Jeremy.. you two are so, so special. And this family.. they just OOZE joy.

Roxy Penny - Hooray! So so happy for all involved! Beautiful.

colleen - Wonderful - goosebumps and tears for a beautiful family.

melissa - I laughed, I Cried, and did it all over again! What pure joy and love to see in all of them! You have captured a story that is Priceless! Your words before the images where beautiful but when i started looking at the images...the story was even more powerful then the words! God is good! I can't stop smiling at the beauty of love, grace, and redemption! Thank you for allowing me to peek inside this family! I'm rejoicing too! I will continue to pray for them while on there journey!

Anna Kuperberg - I love this.

Kristyn - adoption is such an amazingly beautiful joy, something I hope to experience in my own family someday.

Stephanie Lyell - You two are seriously my favorite photographers. This couldn't be more beautiful. The way you see the beauty in life is completely astounding. What an amazing beautiful family this is. I LOVE the whole set of portraits of the 4 kids on the road and then with their parents after that-just beautiful. Thank you for always being an inspiration!!

Erika - What a wonderful celebration for a beautiful family!

David - That's how a cake should be eaten. Love this story. So much heart. Congrats all round.

Fatima - What a blessing those little ones are to you and Ben and of course you two are to them! The pictures made me feel like I was there, what a huge celebration for the Welstead family for sure, such a beautiful occasion!

Kaylie - love love love this!

wreckless - so much love. it pours out all over the pages and seeps between teethy smiles and flows fresh into happy tear streams.

erika - this is marvelous!! had me smiling right to the end of the post!! beautiful children, beautiful family.

Megan - These happy kids are so precious! That notecard melted my heart, it's so sweet. "4+2=6"––LOVE IT.

Mikailah Autumn - Ahh, this made me cry. So powerful; what a wonderful experiences, and opportunity. and i'm sure this life will be full of so many wonderful and challenging things, shaped from this choice. :) <3

Trishia Sinclair - Ben and Family, Congratulations you guys. You have four beautiful children. Enjoy!!! Good for you for adopting and giving these children a wonderful home to grow up in!!!

stephanie - I'm so thankful I had to pleasure to meet this amazing couple and talk to them about this beautiful opportunity they were trusted with. And now, thanks to your gift, I feel like I just met their family!

Erin - Oh! The beauty, celebration, and love in this takes my breath away, fills my eyes with tears, and my heart with longing. Praise God for redemption.

layton - brilliant. the whole way through.

Hannah Nicole - Wow. Love how deeply and fully you two invest yourselves into telling stories, how much of a blessing you are. Very beautiful and very full of emotion.

Elisa - Amazing! Your pictures move me to tears every time. What a beautiful celebration for these two little ones! And the images you captured are just stunning!

Kelly Huljev - This is so perfect. Every. Single. Image. So much happiness!

The Welsteads: A Don't Give Up Story | Adoption & Beyond - […] Welsteads have since fostered more children, and have adopted twins, who are the biological siblings of Cora and […]