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Cake and canoes: scenes from our summer (part 1)

All of a sudden, zion is 4. And all of a sudden, tyler is 10. Dual birthdays happening in the same week is cause for a great celebration in our home. We wanted this to be a really big deal –

America day, 2015

this is what the fourth of July looks like when you live in the city with great neighbors who like to throw good parties and you all want to “accidentally” burn down the abandoned

there’s some good things going on over here . a letter to you

I’m sitting here watching the light filter through the trees outside, thinking about all life holds right now and longing to share just a little snippet. I used to share many, many snippets daily on

the boredom experiment continues! some thoughts from the past month.

hi friends, ashley here. about a month back, I turned to Jeremy and said, “it’s almost all too much… this experience of coming back to life after what feels like being cryogenically frozen.. I’m

happy birthday, ashley!

15 years ago, in June, I first met this beauty.  She made the first move (an email) while I was living in Hawaii – urged on by mutual friends.  I responded.  Then we wrote longer letters.  Then

Scenes from our spring break part 1.

We vacationed in Colorado this year in a town that I am not sure I want to share the name of. It’s a gem. It’s untouched and wild and maintains an innocence that the front range cities

a little something for everyone.

Hey all! First off, we have decided to start an “anti procrastination” Christmas Card campaign. :) In other words, we are offering a portrait special through the end of the month of

Adventure is in the family’s love of an automobile: a family shoot

I remember distinctly the first time we saw the car. It was an experience even getting to see it driving down the street. It was 5 years ago in our (beautiful) little neighborhood in Kansas City.

we are the trailer owners

in case you don’t yet know it, we are dreamers. and the fact that, 9 times out of 10, we both go with our guts rather than logically making a plan means that a lot of our most random dreams

adventure is in joshua tree, and the wild hearts of the brothers.

when i think about joshua tree, I think about the time our oldest boys, the brothers, micah and tyler, came alive. in that rugged landscape, climbing on rocks and staying until the sun was down, we

adventure is in your own back yard.

Ever since hearing emmet gowin speak, my life has been a bit transformed. Not only because I believe him to be one of the most incredible photographers alive, but also because he has opened my

get in the car, leave the city, take your family, meet up with your friends, chase the sunset, find water, breathe the air and see the stars. it will do you good.

we interrupt our regular programming to bring you a quick photo session with the most beautiful family in the world, who also happen to be some of our dearest

this is the story of how jeremy loved me so much, that he went out in the winter and built me a table.

I love our city, but many days, I wake up and wish we lived on a farm. a real one with land and animals and quiet. and then I remember that our home is perfect for me because although it is in the

an artists resolutions.

I am filled with joy and thankfulness for all the support we have behind us as we go into this new year, both for our family, and as artists. I love the possibilities of this new year, what it might

and this, our friends, is what happened for us at the end of 2011

if you haven’t heard about zion yet, you are missing out. (seriously, you should stumble on our family blog at some point and read some stories about this little miracle!) this little wonder

we took the train to Chicago —> our family vacation short film!

song is “burden of tomorrow” by one of our most favorite artists, the tallest man on earth. also, to read a bit more about the trip, why we had mustache’s or other things parsons

we would like to introduce you to our littlest son!!!!!!

We know for a lot of you this will be a huge shock. and then for a lot of you, you have been on this journey with us for what seems like a very long time, so you know all about this. :) but, after

the image…i mean…the awesomeness is found! (via Leicaboss)

a few years ago, via very their first photography workshop, we met 2 people who would become some of our bestest friends and greatest cheerleaders in this industry. Nate and Jaclyn are the awesome

somebody out there likes us!

We are self taught. we are young, naive, and have so much more to learn about being good photographers. and yet, we are passionate about this business we are in, and honored to be giving our time

today, my wife was surprised

It’s nearly impossible to surprise Ashley Parsons. But today, there was a rousing success as one of her best friends – a resident of Mexico – flew in for her 30th birthday. I

the day before emily and kyle got married…and the notebook that made it all happen.

if you’ve hung around here for awhile, you might remember emily and kyle’s Colorado mountain wedding last fall. sometimes with destination weddings, we get there in time for the

The first time you fly a kite needs to be photographed

Having been married now for almost 10 years (high fives!), I was blown away to learn something alarming, shocking, and unbelievable about my wife last fall….she had never flown a kite in her

The Don’t Give Up Project 2…because we just couldn’t wait to show you!!

you know those moments in your life where you think, “I don’t think it can get any better than this”? Well, we had many of them this past week when we hosted our workshop for the

the brothers are still as awesome as ever…

back in the day…before we knew how to take pictures, before anyone ever cared if we had a blog or not, before we had grown-up things like cool couches, home ownership, and running

NYC via iPhone

We just got back from a weekend in the Big Apple – a city we LOVE. For anyone that’s been to New York, you know that there is no place like it on earth. We’ve never had better

when you go to sleep tonight, I’ll be flying across the ocean and landing here…

this is ireland. this is where my mom was born. this is where she grew up and lived until her early twenties when she ventured out into the world and met my dad. this is where she returned to call

The DON’T GIVE UP project : March 14-16, 2011 DIVIDE, CO

Good day, you wonderful people! FRIENDS! it’s only 6 more weeks until the next Don’t give up project!!! yes, that means it’s time to sneak away to the mountains of colorado and

we have a feeling that it’s going to be a wonderful year!!!!

happy new year, friends! 2010 was the richest year we’ve had in so many ways, and yet also such a bittersweet year for us. In losing my amazing father, the one and only Kent McElroy, to

Let me axe you a question….

Do you like flannel? We do. Wearethelumberjacks…..dot com. Happy New Year friends!

i think you’re gonna want to see this…

this is where jer is this week… in hawaii…with the mammoth men.  if you’re bored..or not bored…you should  c l i c k   h e r e ! ! ! to check out all of the


here are a few snapshots of our thanksgiving holiday this year – we shared it with my sweet mom (aka the mops), jer’s family (minus his sister, sarah, who is living in haiti and working

happy birthday micah man! (a very short film) :)

one morning, micah woke up and said, “hey mom, it would be my dream to have breakfast in bed someday.” this morning, he turned 7. and so we got up early. made pancakes. with chocolate

Ashley : Cannon Beach

You know when you look at someone and you see simultaneously 10 years of built history between yourselves and have the anticipation of the next 50 to come? I see that with her. I really love this