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Category Archives: about our life

a little something for everyone.

Hey all! First off, we have decided to start an “anti procrastination” Christmas Card campaign. :) In other words, we are offering a portrait special through the end of the month of October. We want to get to know you and your family by spending an hour with you in a place that is the […]

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Adventure is in the family’s love of an automobile: a family shoot

I remember distinctly the first time we saw the car. It was an experience even getting to see it driving down the street. It was 5 years ago in our (beautiful) little neighborhood in Kansas City. It was gorgeous. Bright orange. Striking. A 1973 Volkswagon Squaretype III. Ashley said “oh my word” as she caught […]

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by the parsons

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sharon - beautiful story, beautiful images :) xo

Amanda - Carrie! I miss your face! So lovely to see you again! :) A lovely session of a lovely family, Parsons!

Hannah Nicole - Meaningful. Something so simple, but chill worthy.

we are the trailer owners

in case you don’t yet know it, we are dreamers. and the fact that, 9 times out of 10, we both go with our guts rather than logically making a plan means that a lot of our most random dreams become reality. a little over a year ago, we decided to pursue a dream and […]

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by the parsons

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Rosina - ohhhh...this is amazing guys! absolutely inviting. congrats on the completion of this project!

Andrew - My boyfriend and I just made a similar purchase two weeks ago to do a very similar thing. Love what your family did!

Kristin - I just happened upon your lovely blog through Instagram and I must say I am instantly in love. These are gorgeous pictures. I will be anxiously waiting for more.

mercedes - Am I weird for imagining it smells better than it looks? And it looks great, btw.

Adam Johnson - Amazing project! I want one!

taylor - can't believe I know you guys.

anthony hoang - That is so incredibly awesome!!! You guys are seriously inspirational!

josh - so rad. so so rad.

Dave Stark - This is so freaking amazing you guys! Wow! You've got me dreaming of doing the same thing. Oh and so glad to see your boys reading Tintin - a personal favourite!

Mikailah Autumn - Wow. This is incredible. I love what you guys have done with this!

Kenyandesi - Everything you touch turns to adorable!

ellie - obsessed with this.

Marlene - This makes me so happy. Fantastic job on the after!!!!

Kristyn - loooove this! wowza. the place is incredible.

Jewel - What a dream. And what a fantastic job!! I'd be in that thing all the time.

megan - This is so so so so awesome!! When I was a kid, my mom rehabbed a old shed into a kind of playhouse for my sister and I. It was magic. I'd love to do this someday as well. Great job, Parsons!!!

Jessica - oh my gosh, this trailer is amazing! exactly what i want someday. wow.

rich - this is so freaking awesome - was totally worth it! you guys are so inspiring!!

micah - Guys. C'mon! That is just silly cool!

RahRah - SO GREAT. i love it and want to come drink sangria with you in your cedar-lined haven!

Megan Clouse - I LOVE!! I own a 14' Scotsman named Matilda that I revamped (with abundant help from my hubby). She is my love and I highly recommend owning one. It's a perfect little calm getaway space.

Heather - SO cute you guys! I can't wait until we have "afters" of ours :)

athena - I literally never even considered using a camper/travel trailer as a tree fort/home office/sanity space. What an incredible and amazing and wonderful idea. I heart the crazy heck out of you two dreamers, and this is absolute poetry and magic and whimsy and wonder. congrats trailer owners. keep dreaming. it totally suits you. Also - I'm coming for a sleepover, mmkay? xo

kelly - cute, cute, cute! so fun, you guys!

Lillian Rachel - I love this little darling, I'm sure it'll see some great adventures with you guys. :)

Hannah Nicole - this is incredible. LOVE what you guys have done.

Taylor - My grandmother gave me the same patterned mugs that you have sitting there on the table in the second last shot. :) home indeed.

Kristin - WOW you guys!!! This is incredible. What an incredible place to retreat to! And all the more special that you built it with your own hands. So inspiring.

jenny linquist - WELL DONE YOU GUYS! What a beauty she is!!!! Incredible work on the interior, I can smell that glorious cedar from just looking at it. :) The orange stripe...seals the deal. What a special spot this will be for you and your boys. <3

Stevie - This is amazing!! You did an incredible job with the renovation. Enjoy it!!

laura parke - amazing transformation, guys!! seeing you chase after your dreams is inspiring. i love the way it turned out!

Dev - Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this post!!! It's perfect! I'll be back next week, K? Well done, you

Catherine - I love that you dream...and that you work to make those dreams come true! This is AWESOME!

Erika - It's beautiful. Congratulations. (I'm so glad you shared the before photos; what a great lot of work!)

nate kaiser - I WANT TO GO TO THERE. HARD.