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From Brooklyn to Manhattan: Nichole and Ryan are engaged

I absolutely loved spending the day with these two in and around their city.  Thanks Nichole and Ryan: for the time and for the greatest ice cream cone I’ve ever had:)

Welcome, summer light! Trang and Dae are engaged

Pretty excited about these two.  They are foodies, which we love.  They’ve renovated a home, which we love.  She’s an attorney in the building where we adopted our son, which we

emily and scott are engaged in San Francisco.

Emily and Scott have roots in the east coast, live and work in San Francisco, and are marrying each other this summer.  And they just happen to have the greatest view in America off of their balcony.

Taylor and Tanner are engaged!

Taylor was once a high school senior, writing us to shoot her senior photos. Fast forward. Then she was our intern, happily doing tasks like going to the post office and making jewel case

adventure is in warm sunlight, open skies, and the excitement of a coming wedding. Diana and Eric are engaged!

Diana and Eric, the plains of Kansas, late summer sunlight, and, penned on their faces, a reminder of what it looks like to anticipate a wedding. We are so excited about these two.

Thomas and Kathryn are engaged!!

When Tom was a little boy, his sister – my bff, Devon – and I would look for ways to pass the time at his expense. Naturally, the things we came up with involved one of us pinning him

adventure is in the peak district on the day before georgia and ali got married

We would like to introduce you to two of the best people on the planet. And they just happen to live in one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the planet: the peak district in Derbyshire

adventure is at the big table, where chris proposed . . . and amy said yes!

the big table is a magical place. when jeremy built it for me some two years ago, he did so because I felt like we needed it. my dad had just passed away a few months before that, and I wanted to

two californians, the missouri fall, and some photographs (kelly and adrian engagement)

Next summer, we’re going to their place to shoot their wedding. So having Kelly and Adrian fly to Kansas City in the early part of November for their engagement photos seemed like a great

tory and matt are engaged and living in Chicago

And they flew me out to shoot them in their hood. Love these two and really honored to shoot them. Happy Christmastime everyone!!!!

Lindsay and Stephen are engaged

Here come the 2012 couples. It’s um…going to be a good year. :)

next month, these two lovely people will be getting married! hannah + ben are soooo engaged!

…and we are pretty stoked for them, and even more honored to be the ones who capture it all as they tie the knot! here’s a few pictures I made at their recent session…

The amazing Kelly and the amazing Evan are engaged.

Kelly and Evan met on Craigslist. Wait, that sounds really crazy. Kelly bought a book case from Evan. Now they’re getting married. (I obviously love to write) Seriously, these guys are

Sara and Colt are Engaged! Cue the lightning!!

I love Kansas City this time of year (green, the rain, great weather). I love Sara and Colt and that we are shooting their wedding. I love that God gave the gift of lightning on this day.

concrete jungle where dreams are made of…mandy + nick, engaged and living in NYC

mandy + nick rule. they are creative, flippin brilliant, warm, kind, hilarious, and know all of the best and most random movie quotes of all time. We met up with them in their home of a little

Mandy and Nick : NYC Engagement Teaser

As the dust settles after the “comment explosion” that has been the past 5 days – we’re looking back at some amazing images from the past few weeks. Here’s a quick peak

Brooke + Landon : Engaged!!

I could try to explain Brooke and Landon, but I would fail. Words don’t do it. Who drives a boss 95 Cadillac with a Northstar system? They do. Who goes to 3d movies just to take the

Liz + Christopher : Engaged!!

Liz and Christopher are two of the most whimsical, wonderful, kind, gracious, and fun people you’ll ever meet. There first meeting? The Nairobi airport. The work they do? Global. They love

Karlie + Adam : Engaged & on a ranch with all 4 parsons :)

Karlie and Adam win the prize for most ridiculously fun engagement session. They took us and the brothers (FUN!) out to Karlie’s family ranch for a couple of days of exploring the great

Shelby + Brett : Engaged!!

Shelby and Brett: another amazing couple.

Ashley + Andrew : Engaged!!

These guys are getting married in August. Boulevard Brewery. We’re already thirsty:)

Kelsey + Jeff : Engaged!!

We have amazing couples this year. These guys are no exception. Kelsey and Jeff drove from Nebraska for their engagement shoot on one of the hottest days of the year. We cannot wait for their

Ali + Kevin : Engaged!

Kevin + Ali. October. Can’t wait.

Meg + Josh : Engaged!

Josh and meg are remarkable. they love each other so much it almost comes out of their pores like sweat. they came up from Nashville for their engagement session and to spend a weekend learning

Eagen + Jason : Engaged in New York City

While we are far more accustomed to travel for wedding days, Eagen and Jason flew me to New York City (their home) for their engagement shoot. They are, without a doubt, 2 incredible reasons that I

Meghan + Tory : Engaged! in the winter!

I love engagement sessions that start with having a beer together. Meghan and Tory are super fun, have great senses of humor, are laid back and came all the way from Chicago to walk around in the

dina + nate : ENGaged!

Dina and Nate put the “so” in awesome.  They’re two of the reasons that we think 2010 is going to be an amazing year.  We shot this session back when it was possible to wear short

Torie + David : Engaged!

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how awesome torie and david are. We met them last year when they were in the small group we lead at our church, and we are so thankful

kelly + brian : engaged!

Kelly first met Brian at a party and dismissed him as a crazy “motorcross guy.” He asked her out – she said no. Life took more twists and turns than I could adequately share on

Lindsay + Jimmy : Engaged!

Lindsay and Jimmy are radical. and also, we think jimmy looks like james franco. :) Their e-session was a total blast, and we can’t wait for their wedding!!

Jessica + Demetrius : Engaged!

jessica + demetrius = :) can’t wait for their wedding!

Katie+Jay: Engaged!

Katie and Jay booked us a while ago. So, when we ran into them at a wedding a couple of months ago (they were guests), we eyed them closely to see how they interacted. It’s one thing to see a

Kelly+Jason: Engaged!

Kelly and Jason are an amazing couple. When we met with them, we discovered that we clicked musically (Weepies fans, unite!), and I introduced them to this song of pure genius. They’re