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Why photographs matter.

99% of this blog has been dedicated to telling photo stories of people around the world.  But today, I wanted to share some thoughts I had recently about photographs and why they matter.  And it started with a birthday present! FullSizeRenderB

On my last birthday this photo was sent to me by my sister, Annie.  I don’t think she knew just how much it would mean to me when she sent it, but I was pretty much taken aback when I opened her package to me and saw this picture.  I stared at it.  And stared some more… in that moment, I felt a myriad of emotions.

It’s me and her.  Ages 3 and 2.  We didn’t know our two younger sisters yet, and I have no idea where we are sitting or what we had been doing, nor who the photographer is.  We were kids: innocent.  We hadn’t tasted the best that life had to offer yet.  Nor did we know what it really meant to worry; or what taxes are; or what first kiss was like (or a breakup); or what our parents divorcing would feel like; or what it would be like to experience death firsthand.  I saw the photo and felt all of these things jumbled together in an instant: a million reminders that I have lived a good story and (God willing) have more stories to live for many years. Beneath it all: I love my sister.   Someone snapped this simple photograph, and as a result gave me this photo as a reminder 33 years later.

This is the power of a photograph: they remind us that we are alive. Photographs matter because the people in them matter; at the center of the images we make are real people living real stories.  They will grow, love, win, lose, move, stay, laugh and cry.  All we have to do is tell the truth, and they will matter infinitely to the folks we have the privilege of photographing.


We are honored that this is our profession.

Taylor - 05/23/2016 - 8:43 am

So very true.

hootenannie - 05/13/2016 - 11:08 am

I love this picture. I’m glad you loved it, too. :) So thankful to have you as my brother.

Stockholm, Sweden : Way Up North

If you are a wedding photographer, especially one hoping to travel to Sweden and grow in your craft this year, this post is for you ..

We took 2015 off of teaching photography workshops. After five years of consistent Don’t Give Up projects and speaking engagements all over the globe, we needed a breather. We are all transitional beings, and the convictions we used to talk about or teach felt a bit “old hat” to us. Not content to become a broken record, we slowed down, quit social media, unplugged in some wonderful ways, and looked inward.

While the year off has been packed full of new insight and perspective, we now find ourselves in 2016 expectant for what it brings and excited to once again share our hearts and our lives with other photographers and storytellers in fresh new ways.

Enter: Way Up North – Europe’s wedding photography conference. (click image for more details and to see the fantastic line up of speakers from all over the world we are honored to share a stage with.)



We hope you will consider joining in the experience with us in October. Do let us know if you are already going and would like some face time. we’d love to see you there and have a conversation with a new friend!



Dave - 02/25/2016 - 1:57 pm

Jeremy and Ashley! That’s great! I went last year and when your video was shown by Jonas I got goosebumps. I thought to myself – The Parsons should be on that stage. So I’m delighted for the pair of you – I know you’ll have a huge impact. I won’t be there unfortunately as I’m off to the Italy WUP and just can’t do both :(
If you’re passing by through Ireland (I know you want to) then it would be great to hear from you as always.

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