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Liz, Joel, Annie, Grace, and their magical little world in the suburbs.

i am a firm believer in magic. i think it’s worth chasing, trapping in your fists like a firefly, and holding onto once you find it. i have never been a firm believer in the suburbs. as a person who

A Seat At the Table: join us for our online class for photographers!

Hello there, friends! Photographers and those wanting to grow in the craft and the heart of making photographs with heart, this post is for you! We feel so privileged to be asked again by the kind

Lucy and Steven, married!! (from the DON’T GIVE UP project)

We recently opened up a contest of sorts on our blog in an effort to find the next model couple for our workshop. The contest was open to married couple photographers who have been embracing the

Breadwinners: a transformative experience for image-making couples

First, watch this. . . bread winners 2014 from WE ARE THE PARSONS on Vimeo. Being a couple in this industry can be so much freaking fun. You start out, and every day almost feels like a holiday with

UPDATE!!! A seat at the table : An online class for photographers – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Hello there, friends! We are so excited to announce that our online class through the DEFINE school is now open for registration!!  Yahoo!!!!!!!  We are so excited to be teaching this course again,

adventure is in a seat at the table : an online class for photographers – REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY!

We were so privileged to be asked by the kind folks at the DEFINE SCHOOL to teach an online course this fall for photographers. And we are so thrilled to announce that today, registration

you are invited to go on an adventure with us // the don’t give up project // divide, colorado // july 1-3, 2013

oh my goodness, how excited and honored and humbled we are that you are here, and that you have found us! over the past years, and especially the past few months, we have been so shocked at the

Adventure is in Brisbane, Australia … where the next DON’T GIVE UP project will be held! registration is now open!

almost one year ago to the date, we got an email from jonas peterson telling us he was planning on proposing to his lovely Jacqui sometime around the holidays, that they would be getting married on

……………….bread winners………………… because, in our opinion, the world actually does need one more photography workshop

* * * u p d a t e : s o l d o u t ! ! ! ! * * * thank you, thank you, thank you to the incredible couples joining us in february! we cannot wait! to the other couples interested, there will be


for those of you who have ever wondered “what the heck is the don’t give up project??!”, this video is for you. for those of you who have ever wanted to come to the don’t give

somebody out there likes us!

We are self taught. we are young, naive, and have so much more to learn about being good photographers. and yet, we are passionate about this business we are in, and honored to be giving our time

The Don’t Give Up Project 2…because we just couldn’t wait to show you!!

you know those moments in your life where you think, “I don’t think it can get any better than this”? Well, we had many of them this past week when we hosted our workshop for the

The DON’T GIVE UP PROJECT….part deux

The DON’T GIVE UP project started yesterday. Oh my goodness it’s good to be back.


Holy crapballs people. After receiving over 310 comments – then tallying them – we have a winner!!! We’re so excited to have Nick and Katie – couple #3 – as the models

it’s gettin’ hot in here! aka, a contest to find our next don’t give up project model couple!

For reals, people??? We had so many frickin’ incredible submissions for this contest, we almost couldn’t choose our favorites. Seriously, thank you to you amazing couples who took the

this is what we look like….in bed.

calling all photographer couples!! calling all photographer couples!! are you a photographer with a significant other or a photography couple? do you like having your picture taken sometimes? do you

The DON’T GIVE UP project : March 14-16, 2011 DIVIDE, CO

Good day, you wonderful people! FRIENDS! it’s only 6 more weeks until the next Don’t give up project!!! yes, that means it’s time to sneak away to the mountains of colorado and

i think you’re gonna want to see this…

this is where jer is this week… in hawaii…with the mammoth men.  if you’re bored..or not bored…you should  c l i c k   h e r e ! ! ! to check out all of the

photographers, the next don’t give up project is coming!!!…………a trailer

in march. much thanks to our incredibly videographer friend, Jeff Short, who made this insanely wonderful video of our time at the last don’t give up project in August!!

Dave might cut you. (DON’T GIVE UP project)

So don’t mess. Dave makes art with food and he was our chef for the DON’T GIVE UP project in Colorado. We’re getting SO excited to go again.

renee + ben : the don’t give up session

hold on, friends. this is gonna be a long one! forgive us for not being able to adequately describe what we are about to in words. you just had to be there to feel it…but we will try our

sleeping in isn’t as cool as it sounds…

this morning in Colorado, 19 photographers got out of their cozy bunk beds at the don’t give up project, and went outside to watch the sun come up. it was epic. we are overwhelmed. several

The DON’T GIVE UP project

We’re so ready to welcome a house full of amazing people for the first DON’T GIVE UP project. Here’s a sneak peak of the view from the deck. Is this real life???? And a little


we’re going to Colorado. we’re taking 12 photographers with us. click on the image above. you might be one of them!

coming soon…photographers, you don’t wanna miss this!!

coming soon… from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo. the don’t give up project…coming soon we’re not gonna give it all away, but if you are a photographer and you love us,

Josh + Meg : WE + You // science, dropped.

In case you didn’t know this, we’ve been doing this stuff for about three years. not long, in the grand scheme of life, to be honest. but we have been totally and completely overwhelmed

tina + suzi : one frame from a photographer shoot

We’ve seen how close two siblings can be while raising 2 boys that are close in age (our boys are best friends!) And Tina and Suzi have always been close. They were raised in Yugoslavia and

we freaking love our clients!!!

yes, we get to run our own businesses, have husband+wife coffee dates at 10 am whenever we want, spend time with our radical kiddos, do what we love for a living, teach others how to do the same, and

The Story of “DON’T GIVE UP”

hanging in our bedroom is a poster that says “don’t give up”. our friend becca recently took some wonderful pictures of our family (click here to see her blogpost of the shoot) and