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Crystal + Jesse : Married in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The First time we met Crystal and Jesse, they were looking for their wedding photographers and it was almost 2 years ago. They made an impression on us quickly, as Crystal is a photographer and thus is definitely choosy with who she wanted to photograph their wedding. But more than that, we loved how real they were – a couple who tells it like it is, makes you laugh non stop with their dry sense of humor, and is not fake in any way. After them meeting with waaayyyy too many photographers (I believe there were 8 in one day at some point in the journey) :) they picked us, and we have been so honored not just to share their journey and marriage beginning as their photographers, but more to know them and become more than just their photographers.
Their wedding was an overload of beauty and emotion and joy. I experienced many things deeply at Crystal and Jesse’s wedding. I remember the unbelievable beauty of fog rising over the Smoky mountains in the early morning; the enjoyment of eating a home cooked breakfast with their closest friends and family members who welcomed us in as if we’d known them forever. I remember good coffee sipped on the deck of the cabin we were housed at, the call of strange sounding birds filling the air. I remember Jesse sitting blindfolded next to his soon-to-be bride while we drove to do portraits. I remember the deer that approached us in the middle of the woods while we took portraits of the two of them – literally 12 feet from us!
I remember those things. But far more deeply, I remember getting to witness two amazing individuals pledge their lives together on the 16th anniversary of the day that they first “hung out.” Watching two people who had been together for so much time tear up during their vows was amazingly moving. And the love they displayed for each other was so wonderful to be a part of. I was also so blessed to share it all with the amazing Cameron Ingalls who shot this wedding with me. Many millions of thanks to him for coming out from Cali all the way to the smoky mountains.
Crystal and Jesse, thank you a million times for allowing us to experience these things and so much more. We love you guys.

Abby Campsey - 09/05/2009 - 12:24 pm

Your pictures are gorgeous! My girlfriend and I were at Jesse and Crystal’s reception at Steve’s Place in Lawrence in July, and we’ve been looking for the pictures from that, but we can’t seem to find them. Have they been posted? Can you point us towards them? Look forward to seeing them!

Heather Espana - 06/12/2009 - 4:36 pm

The new blog looks SPANTACULOUS [that means spankin’ spectacular]. I will be back often….as usual, but my eyes like this blog even better.

Alejandra + Stefan : a married couple

As some of you loyal friends and fans will recall, we put out an invitation to all photographers last September in which we offered to do one free shoot of people who don’t usually get their pictures taken because they live behind the camera. We announced our choice of ben and renee but a few days later, received an inquiry for the pay it forward shoot that we could not resist. Most people sent emails asking to be the people we shot, but not too many people got wildly creative until….Alejandra and Stefan. They sent us an EPIC video, which totally cracked us up and showed us we could not miss out on meeting this amazing couple from Costa Rica. They are vivacious, in love, hilarious, and so fun. if you don’t love them, laugh at how crazy and wonderful they are, and feel jealous that we got to photograph them, you may not have a soul! ;)