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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Christina + Leah : Engaged in Austin, Texas

When Christina and Leah flew me out to Austin, I had no idea what I was in for. I had never been to Austin, and I had never met them. It did not disappoint, and I found there more than I was hoping

Natalie + Caleb : Engaged!

When Natalie and Caleb contacted us about being their wedding photographers we were honored…and sad. Like many other couples who contact us during the course of a year, we were already booked

Courtney+Andrew+Oscar+Auggie = a RADICAL family shoot

When the Bash family invited me to wonder into their lives for a morning and photograph their family, I was thrilled. Not only are they wonderful, generous, kind, joyful, beautiful people with the

Jordan + Mark : a small wedding in Kansas

Jordan and Mark called us the week of their wedding. They were getting married on a whim and wanted pictures as they said their vows at an arboretum. They invited 2 of their close friends and a

Katie + Dustin : Married in Kansas City!

Katie and Dustin were a wonderful surprise. They were one of those couples who adored us so very much that they scheduled their wedding date around our availability. Since Jeremy is the one who

Ashley + Nathan : Engaged!

Nathan used to be a one man wolf pack. And then his wolf pack, it grew by one: ashley. So there, there were two of them in the wolf pack. Nathan was alone first in the pack and Ashley joined in

Emily + Brock : Married at the Little Theater

Emily and Brock are the ultimateness of awesomeness and attractiveness!! When we first met them, they were interviewing several photographers because they were unhappy with the photographer they had

we just couldn’t resist…

this is jordan+mark. we shot their wedding yesterday. 6 people were there. we were two of them. can’t wait to share the rest!!!

Tara + Matt: Married at Loose Mansion

Tara and Matt are two exceptional people. When we first met them, and ever since, we have been blown away by how genuine they are. They are truly consistently themselves and that is refreshing to


YAY! Welcome to the first post on our new blog!! :) We are so excited to finally get off of blogger and have a grown up big boy and big girl photography blog! Don’t get us wrong, blogger

Robin + Steve : A Married Couple

Robin and Steve were our neighbors until as of late.  We loved living next to them, getting to know them, sharing bottles of wine and good conversation.  We also loved when they asked us to shoot

Andrea + Steve : Married at Union Station

Pure joy, jubilation, surprise, deep love, rich emotion, overwhelming beauty, richness, honesty, care, bright, colorful…we could seriously go on forever describing andrea and steve. They are