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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Julia + Irfan : Mehendi in Philly!

sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. it’s easy to recall the way each of our 5 senses were engaged on the day/night of Julia and Irfan’s mehendi celebration. The vivid colors of the

Tracy + Brad : Married!

Tracy and Brad got married on quite possibly the hottest day in the history of man. Possibly, not confirmed. Regardless, the Missouri heat was on during the afternoon – which gave way to

Kylie + Matt : Engaged!

Kylie and Matt’s images have been selected by Webster himself to be in the dictionary beside “awesome”…..and “kind”. These two have such a genuine quality to

Alexis + Cody : Engaged!

“We’re just sooooo not photogenic.” I heard that a few times during this engagement session. Um, guys? You’re wrong. Very very wrong. I had an amazing time shooting their

Kim + Dean : Engaged!

Kim and Dean wear cool clothes, laugh at our jokes, throw high fives, and duke it out mike tyson style. Therefore, they are the MOST AWESOME-EST!!! :) Oh yeah, and they also love each other and

Nicole + Bob : Married in Lawrence!

We had an amazing time with Nicole and Bob on their wedding day. #1 – Lawrence is a super awesome town (is it a town, or a city??). #2 – these two made shooting their wedding a total

Jessi + Neil : Married in Kansas City

I first met Neil at a wedding I shot back in the ashley parsons photography days. Then jer and I ran into he and Jessi in the public library, and the rest is history. :) Luckily, we made an

Julia + Irfan : Mehendi Ceremony, a teaser ;)

we are in philidelphia shooting a 2-day wedding extravaganza – woooooohoooooooo!!!!!! today we were honored to experience and photograph our first Mehendi ceremony for the amazing julia and

We’re so in love, it’s retarted

If you have ever sat in a consultation with us, you have probably heard us say these words – “we really could care less about weddings, all of the details of a wedding day fade after


Someday you may see that title announcing our first workshop ;) maybe…until then, this post is directed to all of our photo friends in SEATTLE!! We have gotten some emails from radical