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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Alexis + Cody : Married at Loose Mansion!

Alexis and Cody are blessed. In addition to finding their soul mates, they also have a beautiful family with their little baby boy. Their wedding was a celebration of life, love, family, and things that last. We were honored to be there to witness them begin their lives as husband and wife, and to join […]

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by the parsons

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Dev - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I haven't had internet for a while, and it's so good to be back and be able to enjoy your life-filled images again!

Thomas Nash - Amazing guys! I'm TOTALLY blown away by the first dance picture! Keep up the AWESOME work!

Sarah - Beautiful light. Beautiful people. And awesome photography— as usual. =)

Katelyn: Indie

Meet Katelyn. Actress, dancer, lover of all things stage. :) She aspires to cinematography someday. For now? Her senior year of high school. She brought the awesome – I just took pictures of it.

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by the parsons

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Jonas Peterson - jump shot equals awesome

tayfoshayshay - I LOVE this beautiful girl!

Amy and Taylor: Indie

Meet Amy and Taylor. Best friends. Vivacious laughers. Kind hearted. Spirited. They know exactly who they are. I loved getting to see it:) They did this session together, and we did a few “BFF” shots at the end. There are big things ahead of them – but for now, more high school. :)

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by the parsons

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Bethany - yay i love seeing people i know being shot by the Parsons. Alexis looks beautiful as well...

Dev - don't know if it's amy or taylor in the ivy leaves, but i LOVE that pic. it reminds me so much of the secret garden, one of my favorite books when i was younger.

Cait - Oh my cheese. They are too adorable! You can just tell they're how much fun they have together...

jessi - those girls... so precious! those of you who don't know them- you should be jealous of those of us that do. :) love love love these!