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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Alexis + Cody : Married at Loose Mansion!

Alexis and Cody are blessed. In addition to finding their soul mates, they also have a beautiful family with their little baby boy. Their wedding was a celebration of life, love, family, and things

Katelyn: Indie

Meet Katelyn. Actress, dancer, lover of all things stage. :) She aspires to cinematography someday. For now? Her senior year of high school. She brought the awesome – I just took pictures

Amy and Taylor: Indie

Meet Amy and Taylor. Best friends. Vivacious laughers. Kind hearted. Spirited. They know exactly who they are. I loved getting to see it:) They did this session together, and we did a few


once upon a time we went to alaska. then we got really busy and didn’t blog any of the pictures from the trip. this is an attempt to play a small game of catch up and show you a handful of

Courtnie + Adam : Married in Kansas City!

YYAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!!!! AHOY YE MATEYS!! I’ll make a barter with ya; true as the north star. In exchange for your kindness, I’ll be sharing me buried treasure with ya…Courtnie

Lindsay + Michael : Married at the Downtown Library!

I carry around a small Nancy Drew notepad in my shootsac and take it with me to all of our weddings. Every once in awhile, something will strike me: part of the vows, something a family member says

Julia + Irfan : Married in Philadelphia!

Julia started her vows with something she had written in her journal about Irfan when their story was just beginning, in Rome. “My obsession with Irfan and with the idea of us is different than