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Monthly Archives: September 2009

my time in myrtle beach: polaroids

if you’re not in the loop yet, let me enlighten you in something that takes up much of my thought these past 5 months: my dad has cancer. and it is the bad kind. it could be worse, I suppose, but the day after my 28th birthday, we got the news – the terminal diagnosis […]

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by the parsons

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sarah - I love the way polaroids look - gorgeous images.

alysia - emotional and beautiful. thinking of you and your sweet dad and mom.

ReneeW - oh dear, I am in awe of the strength this takes. These are amazing.

Dev - really beautiful, ash. what amazing memories to have. love you.

Dale - Yay! Yay for the roots. Yay for the love. Yay for sand between your toes. Yay!

filip - love it!! You guys ARE amazing...I love the story the pictures are telling... i'm speechless!! Prayin' 4 U...

jessi - priceless images...

Brown - I really like your blog and i respect your work. I'll be a frequent visitor.

josh solar - Much love to you and your parents. You all are amazing, beautiful, wonderful people and an inspiration to us all. So glad I get to call you my friend.

bethany good - absolutely beautiful. Mat & I had the privilege of sitting by your dad one Sunday at church when you guys were gone. He blessed us beyond words. His zest for life and love for God amazes me! Thanks for sharing your pics- very cool.

becca - this is beautiful, ash. so well-captured. not that i would expect anything less from you. i hurt for you and your parents and yet i am constantly blown away by the example you all represent for being a stronger follower of christ. miss and love you.

nate - fricking beautimusful...all of it...totally beautimus.


Jessi + Dave : Happy Anniversary! a one year after shoot in the rain.

If you’ve been following our work or twitters for the past year then you must know of jess and dave (aka @jessilueck and @livingroompics). One year ago, we were blessed to be let into their world as they lived out their wedding day. Their wedding (view pictures here) was, still to this date, the most […]

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by the parsons

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~abi~ - aww! is there a working link to any pix from their wedding still online? i wanted to show it to a friend as inspiration for his wedding!

Kim Kurkinen - I cried. I hope to someday fly you guys out to Portland to have a photo shoot with "Tim and Kim." Maybe we'll have a little baby named "Jim" by that time- and independently wealthy :). For sure we'll be dancing like these love birds. Thank you for sharing these pictures with the world. You are a bold ministry. For marriage. For love. For never giving up!

Mary Schroeder - I think I've been e-stalking too long as I remember their shweet wedding images, too...nicely done, Team Parsons Photo Squad! :D

alec vanderboom - Great job capturing the rain falling. fun photos. i wish i had dreads. EPIC WIN.

Jackie - So wonderful to meet you two this weekend on the bus ride home! I told you I would go to your website the minute I got home! I have spent the past hour and half on here and am worried that I have found a new online obsession! Your work is AMAZING and these pictures in the rain are straight out of a fairy tale! Can't wait for you to get the ones up from the 30's wedding in South Caroline! When I get engaged one day I will have to plan my wedding around your availability!

Thomas Nash, Photographer - No one captures emotion like you guys do. These blow my mind. Seriously.

cristy cross - love the green green fields. I miss that about Kansas compared to New Mexico.

Bethany Jones - sexy beasts. the end.

sarah - the wedding pictures DID make me cry!

Cameron Ingalls - looks like fun.... can you photograph me running around in the rain please? k. thanks!

tayfoshayshay - SO AMAZING!

meg poore - their wedding pictures almost made me cry... and these are WONDEFUL.

~abi~ - sweet! their wedding has been permanently embedded in the "awesome" section of my brain ever since i saw it on your blog! :)

Kristen Snyder - AH! what a cute couple! =) the last picture is beautiful! what a happy couple!

Kayla - These are so sweet! I love them!

jessi - btw, MY HUSBAND IS HOT.

Dev - these are incredible, what a great memory to have, both the pictures and the experience. the 2nd to last one is absolutely stunning and made my heart flip flop! also, I LOVE the pic of the week! :)

bethany - Jessi, Dave, Ashley, and Jeremy: thank you guys for making marriage look so good.

jessi - jeremy parsons knocks it out of the park... again. beautiful. i LOVE that we got to do these with you! thanks for loving us and walking with us thru the journey of marriage- can't imagine the last year without you two!!!

karlie - these are perfect, you did a great job as always. we missed you at dinner! ashley we hope you feel better soon. :)

Heather - Love, love!

Hugh - so rad! that field is a joke. btw, just listened to your gettotallyrad interview. it, too, was really rad.

Rebecca - so sweet! love an anniversary shoot--

jen berry - always hard to pick just one. but if i had to, the LAST one is simple, real and comforting

Dave - You two are wonderful.

josh solar - I heart these. A lot :)

Lisa - love these! phenomenal!!

Aaron - Ummm... yes please! These rock.

Kassie + Mat : Married!

Kassie and Mat make us happy. Watching the two of them all day, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the way they are together. They are entirely wrapped up in one another, you can almost see the stars in their eyes every time they gaze at one another, it is a beautiful thing […]

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by the parsons

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Emilie - WOW!! This is freaking gorgeous!!! The last pic is just WOW! :D

jennifer nesovic - really fun and inspired work!!!!xoxo jen

Thomas Nash, Photographer - Freakin awesome!!! The limo shot is unreal!

Dev - amazing! the last one with heart is crazy!

D.J. Ellis - Ridiculously cool usual.

megan welker - holy crap! that last photo rocks my socks! my fav is the one of the whole bridal party in the field! love it! Fabulous job you guys!

katie clay - Love these! That group shot is awesome.

chantastic - you two knocked this wedding out of the freakin' park! incredible!

fer juaristi - dudes, this wed is freaking gorgeous! love your style!