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Monthly Archives: September 2009

my time in myrtle beach: polaroids

if you’re not in the loop yet, let me enlighten you in something that takes up much of my thought these past 5 months: my dad has cancer. and it is the bad kind. it could be worse, I

Jessi + Dave : Happy Anniversary! a one year after shoot in the rain.

If you’ve been following our work or twitters for the past year then you must know of jess and dave (aka @jessilueck and @livingroompics). One year ago, we were blessed to be let into their

Kassie + Mat : Married!

Kassie and Mat make us happy. Watching the two of them all day, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the way they are together. They are entirely wrapped up in one another, you can almost

Katie+Jay: Engaged!

Katie and Jay booked us a while ago. So, when we ran into them at a wedding a couple of months ago (they were guests), we eyed them closely to see how they interacted. It’s one thing to see a

Heather + Ryan : Married!

Heather and Ryan are two amazingly warm and loving people. Since we met them last October, we have been just blown away by their grace and kindness to us. So getting to spend their wedding day with

we likey vacation + polaroids!

…in Portland with the Kaiser fam! Enjoy!!! Our BOSS Portland Vacation!! from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo.

Kelly+Jason: Engaged!

Kelly and Jason are an amazing couple. When we met with them, we discovered that we clicked musically (Weepies fans, unite!), and I introduced them to this song of pure genius. They’re


We are sooooo stoked to be on a quick end-of-summer vacation with our good friends Nate+Jaclyn Kaiser and their kiddos. Location?? Portland, OR. The agenda?? Awesomeness. More to come:)

Ruchi+Amit : Engaged!

It’s always incredibly disappointing when we are contacted by an awesome couple who wants us to be their wedding photographers and we are booked. :( It makes us sad. Not that we are already