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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Ashley + Nathan : Married in Cabo…highlights

ashley+nathan: cabo wedding highlight slideshow from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo.

Jessica + Demetrius : Engaged!

jessica + demetrius = :) can’t wait for their wedding!

Amy + Nick : Married in St. Louis!

dear amy + nick, thank you for being awesome and taking us to St. Louis! dear God, thank you for making beautiful things and showing them off on amy + nick’s wedding day! What seems like a

this is elle, and we loves her. because one love isn’t enough.

back in february, I took some pictures of one of my best friends, wade (see pics here) and living in wade’s belly was a little baby girl who we have now met, and grown to love. wade and elle

Tyler : Indie

Tyler writes songs. He sings them. He performs them for his school. And he’ll study it in college next year. This dude is legit. We had a blast running around Kansas City.

Christina + Leah : Married in Mass!

If you’ve never been to the Berkshires, in Massachusetts, you are missing out. The hills covered in trees, all of them changing and little winding roads that meander through the most charming

Diane + Clint : Engaged!

Diane and Clint’s first meeting went like this – Her: “Sooooo….how tall are you??” Him: “Six Two….how tall are you?” Her: “How tall do you

Stephanie + Phillip : Married!

stephanie and phillip married each other a few weeks ago. time with them reminded us that we love colors, freckles, love, marriage, family, and socks. to any clients out there – if you wear