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Monthly Archives: November 2009

happy holidays!!! (portrait special!!)

Tomorrow, as we stuff our faces with 4800 calories of nap inducing deliciousness….and for others, tofurkey – we begin a most sacred season. A season of “family togetherness”,

Torie + David : Engaged!

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how awesome torie and david are. We met them last year when they were in the small group we lead at our church, and we are so thankful

kelly + brian : engaged!

Kelly first met Brian at a party and dismissed him as a crazy “motorcross guy.” He asked her out – she said no. Life took more twists and turns than I could adequately share on

Published in Southern Weddings!

We are SUPER thrilled and honored to announce that we have been published in the most recent issue of Southern Weddings Magazine! Brides, if you’ve never picked up this amazing mag before, do

ramblings of a gal with the flu + we *heart* jose villa

I’m laying in bed sick…still. but I am finally starting to feel a bit better, so i am at least able to kill time on the computer while being in bed sick. I was going through some old

Julia + Bill : Engaged!!

I’ve never met two people like Bill and Julia – and I mean that in every good way possible!! :) They’re funny, quirky, warm, engaging, and so kind. We had an amazing time

kristen+tim : married! (and still in love)

We have people. Kristen and Tim are two of them. Having friends like these two make us so grateful to live where we do. We can walk through marriage alongside them, sharing life along the

ashley: beautiful

I’m in colorado right now, visiting my family. Ran across this photo taken on our Portland trip. When I’m gone, I miss her. It’s nice to be reminded of who she is. Beautiful. I

Lindsay + Jimmy : Engaged!

Lindsay and Jimmy are radical. and also, we think jimmy looks like james franco. :) Their e-session was a total blast, and we can’t wait for their wedding!!

Ashley + Erik : Married!

Again, we post a wedding. Again, we’re amazed and humbled to do what we do. Again, we are grateful to befriend people like Ashley and Erik. Some of our favorites…