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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Meet The Boss

Meet the boss. Leicaboss – Leica R3 (safari)/Leica 50mm 1.4 Summilux lens. The boss takes images like this. And my wife is beautiful.

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by the parsons

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Molly - ash, you're gorgeous. xo, molly

adriana - yes, yes, gorgeous wife! and lovely fotos. ashley, i love your hair...i want it!! :)

Jewel - Jealous. I've been wanting a Leica for so long. I love the big clumps of snow.

Heather Cole - meow.

Adrienne - LOVE IT.

Dev - beautiful camera, drop-dead gorg woman, stunning pics.

laura - yay!! you got the film back and it looks radical. leicaboss is just that...boss.

amanda @ ruffled - envy is a 5 letter word :)

thomas - SO RAD! Beautifully filmy but still way sharp! By the way... Safari? as in "hey africa" safari? haha

nate - that gave me a leicarection.

we freaking love our clients!!!

yes, we get to run our own businesses, have husband+wife coffee dates at 10 am whenever we want, spend time with our radical kiddos, do what we love for a living, teach others how to do the same, and never have a “case of the mondays”. but more than that, this job brings with it […]

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by the parsons

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Catalina - love it!!

Stephanie - Ok, I am crying now...

Lindsey Walker - That is seriously the sweetest thing I've ever seen. But I must admit, I'm a little jealous...why didn't my husband think of something like that????

Rachel - Wow, that was so funny and endearing, I actually teared up a bit. What a lucky girl to have her man so in tune with her! Can't wait to see your photos of them!

Dev - crying, not tearing up but literally crying. there is sweetness in the world. can't WAIT to see the pics.

Maggie - totally amazing! what a creative way to propose!

cindee bae - Awwwww... this is one of the cutest proposals I've ever seen!!! can't wait to see their wedding images!


Amanda - I LOVE eddy's proposal book.. that is so cute and something I'm sure she'll cherish forever. And I completely agree about the awesome people you meet photographing. I could have had a studio job photographing catalogue stuff (YUCK!!) but why would I want to do that when I can photograph amazing people all the time and get paid to do it!!! :) I love your stuff btw and look at it all the time! you both are serious inspiration! (p.s. i love Sarah.. went to grade school w/ her )

and they will never see the world the same way again…

meet baby beckett.

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by the parsons

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carl zoch - so solid. I love it!

Karen Cox - The pictures of my handsome great nephew Beckett are so beautiful... Great job!!! I can't wait for Jamie and Andy's baby to come!

Jamie Young - Adorable pics of my adorable cousin! We love the Parsons!!!

punambean - I love all of them!!