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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Oh the joys of being together…

Shot these the night before Ashley flew to Ireland. And, now that she’s been gone for 4 days, they’re a great reminder that there is so much more joy together than there is apart. I

Tracy + Nick : Married!

Tracy and Nick amazed us. As we spent the day with them, it became very clear that these are two people who have a love that goes so much deeper than infatuation. as nick said about tracy in their

tina + suzi : one frame from a photographer shoot

We’ve seen how close two siblings can be while raising 2 boys that are close in age (our boys are best friends!) And Tina and Suzi have always been close. They were raised in Yugoslavia and

so THAT’S what the tint at the top of my windshield is for.

this is jessica. she’s a fantastic photographer who just recently moved to kc from Paris. yes the real paris. she hired us to take some pictures of her. :)

Tracy + Nick : Married,,,in film.

much thanks to our friends at hammerpress for providing the perfect backdrop, and being all-around radical!

I’m the limo driver, and I like to party

From Tracy and Nick’s radical wedding in Kansas City.

Emily + Travis : Married!

A homecoming, friends from around the country, quiche, gocarts, champagne cocktails, a surprise honeymoon destination, Jay-Z and Miley….and at the center of it, 2 beautiful people joining their

Eagen + Jason : Engaged in New York City

While we are far more accustomed to travel for wedding days, Eagen and Jason flew me to New York City (their home) for their engagement shoot. They are, without a doubt, 2 incredible reasons that I

this is where we were one year ago

in Rwanda. Africa. we loved it. we miss it. if you were around one year ago, you probably saw the original blog posts of words and images. here’s a little refresher. can’t wait to go