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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I never thought my birthday blog post would look like this

it’s my birthday today. i have now lived 29 vibrant years. today is also an especially difficult day for me because just 2 weeks ago, I was in my parents room with my mom, jeremy and my dad, and I was holding my dad’s hand as he passed away. I cannot begin to convey what […]

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by the parsons

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Keri - Should be getting my daughter's grad present right now but so glad I watched your beautiful, touching video. So sorry you lost your sweet dad. I could tell he was the best grandpa ever. Hugs to you from the east coast. Dontcha just love blog stalkers and e-hugs. :) Have a wonderful day!

Molly - crying with you. and rejoicing that someday i'll get to meet your amazing daddy. what a blessing that the brothers got to spend time with him. i'm so sorry ash. i hope jesus is sending you constant comfort. i wish i was there to give you a huge hug. love you.

Lacey - My heart goes out to you. I had a Grandpa who was my everything... I feel your pain. e-hug. This video is an awesome way for you, Jer, and the boys to remember him forever.

arenda - oh, what a beautiful tribute to your dad ~ he has a really kind smile. i love the part where he's reading from henri nouwen. wishing you love as you grieve your loss.

Jewel - Wow. Your pictures and words are such evidence beauty can be found in all things, including grief & saddness. What courage you have to share with such a transparent and genuine heart.

Giovanna - Ahhh....what a beautiful tribute to a life lived. The ache never goes away. It stays as a reminder that someday we'll all be reunited. Twenty-five years later I still miss my dad everyday and find so many things that remind me of him in my day. Lots of Love

jami nato - that video made me cry. what a great dad and grandpa. loved hanging with you and seeing you happy on your birthday. and side note: in the video, did i see you in a cheerleading outfit? sh-what? you make me laugh.

Heather - So sorry for your loss, Ashley. What an amazing father and what an incredible treasure that video is. Hugs to you all!

Tricia - what a beautiful tribute--I'm so sorry for your loss-I don't think there is anything harder.

bobbi - amazing video. i love your dad for you. ashley, i'm so sorry... death sucks, big time. sending rainbows, huge hugs and amazing thoughts your way. love, madame president. ;)

Jaquilyn Shumate - So beautiful. I cried through the whole thing. I am so sorry for your loss. But he is not far from you. God is real. Love is real. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

jen berry - ashley. the opening of this tribute is incredible. chemo is so destructive and to see how your father's spirit still shines through is incredible. It's a testament to how amazing he was. So many good thoughts for you, your family, your mom. Not knowing you in person, but only from your blog, i can see so much of him in you. He must be so proud. Have a beautiful birthday full of love, and laughter and found memories of your daddy.

Alison - Happy birthday, Ashley, and thank you for posting this video. It's nothing short of a masterpiece, much like your dad's life, it seems.

Anna - Oh Ashley. I am so, so incredibly crushed for you on this the loss you're carrying now...and yet, what a beautiful spirit your father was! I can only wish that my own dad had been half the man yours appeared to be. I am happy that you were blessed with such love in your life, but so sad that you're in this struggle. So I hope you're able to give yourself some time to just...*be* this. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. And it takes a long time, so don't feel like you need to be "over this" at any point. Just sending you lots of light and love right now. Blessed birthday to you, talented beauty.

Angie Baxter - Oh my goodness Ashley, what an amazing man. How lucky that he was your father and your boys knew him. So sorry for your loss. xo

Angie - Ashley! What a handsom guy your Dad is. You have so many of his features and it looks like you got his vibrant personality and love for life! Thank you for sharing with us what an incredible person he is. I hope your Birthday is full of Love, laughter, joy and peace with your gorgeous family! Love you!!!!

kristin fulghum - happy birthday ashley. praying for you and your family!

becca spears - happy happy birthday Ashley. May your 29th year be one of whimsy, abandon, and joy that you would not expect. And, Kent, hearts are aching far and wide for missing you and also for the wonder of your life. Much love from me to your whole family ash.

Carrie Parsons - Thank you for your beautiful gift on your birthday. My day is better for watching your video tribute to your dad. Happy Birthday!

susan parsons - Oh, Ashley ~ I'm so glad you posted that! You are right - death can't kill is stronger than death! I will watch this often, remembering the great man your dad was, and is now! Greater still! Because he is now everything God created him to be ~ seeing fully, being fully known, worshiping his creator and redeemer without restraint! Loving you on your birthday! mom

rachel - makin' me tear up at work. :) i appreciate the legacy he's left without even meeting him. love you ash.

Dev - micah-angelo! I love that I have this to watch and laugh and hold dear memories of your dad in my heart. Happy Birthday, my best friend, I love you!

Heather Cole - absolutely speechless. I'm overcome with emotion right now and I just wanted to say that this video is sooo amazing. Thank you for putting it together because I know it was hard. Happy Birthday my love. I love you.

becca - this is the best. what an amazing guy. blessed to have known him for almost a decade.

Eagen + Jason : Married!

Eagen and Jason live and work in New York City….and got married in Kansas City! :) I can’t say enough good about them, but I’ll try here. We connected over good food and beers in their neck of the woods a couple of months ago – something we don’t take lightly. And besides sharing their […]

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by the parsons

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adriana - i love the kansas city looks like nyc!! just catching up on a lot of blog posts and they all are lovely. como siempre!! thinking of you..

Mark Brooke - Looks like such a rad couple!!!! Awesome job!!!

Kayla - These photos totally ROCK! So fab!

Mel - These are AMAZING! I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried...what a blessed couple.

Josh Souder - love the glasses on the ledge:)

Brielle - You rock. Every time your name pops up on my google reader, I have to hop right on over to fall in love with your work all over again.

ReneeW - Lovely, really lovely. Any happy early birthday Ash! - killed it! what a compelling wedding. wed-libs?!? table names based on the Wizard of Oz?!? Ruby Red Slippers?!? Absolutely beautiful all the way around.

robyn + brian : married and loving it!

Robyn and Brian got married in January….it was 2 degrees that day (quite literally). I’m so thrilled to have experienced the thrill of shooting them on a 75 degree day:) They’re 4 months into marriage, and loving it. :)

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by the parsons

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alec vanderboom - love that lighting!

I'm Kristen - HOT.