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Monthly Archives: August 2010

using up the end of a roll of b&w film looks like this…

a few items laying around in our office, via the boss. happy monday, friends!

2 sisters, 2 weddings, one blog post of total domination of awesomeness! ……… Rachel + Chris and Krista + Jeremy

Rachel and Krista are sisters. They are lovely, and they are close. It is obvious when they talk about each other that they admire the other so greatly and look up to each other. If you

renee + ben : the don’t give up session

hold on, friends. this is gonna be a long one! forgive us for not being able to adequately describe what we are about to in words. you just had to be there to feel it…but we will try our

Liz + Christopher : Married in Massachusetts

liz and christopher are indescribably gracious and lovely. there is a sense of immediate belonging once they look you in the eye, and you instantly know you are in good company. they first saw each

Liz + Christopher : Engaged!!

Liz and Christopher are two of the most whimsical, wonderful, kind, gracious, and fun people you’ll ever meet. There first meeting? The Nairobi airport. The work they do? Global. They love

sleeping in isn’t as cool as it sounds…

this morning in Colorado, 19 photographers got out of their cozy bunk beds at the don’t give up project, and went outside to watch the sun come up. it was epic. we are overwhelmed. several

The DON’T GIVE UP project

We’re so ready to welcome a house full of amazing people for the first DON’T GIVE UP project. Here’s a sneak peak of the view from the deck. Is this real life???? And a little