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Monthly Archives: September 2010

josh + meg : married in nashville,,,a slideshow

it’s hard to know where to even start with these two. they are extraordinarily talented – they are singers/songwriters, and met on the reality tv series, “nashville star“. they also happen to have met us a couple of years ago when we took josh’s musician pics in nashville, and ended up being inspired by our […]

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by the parsons

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tim tab - freakin' fantastic!!! everything is so dope!!I need to fin a girlfriend/fiancee/wife just so you guys can shoot our pics. haha! I think my fave is the two boys rocking bow-ties in front of the window at the beginning :) but everything is rock and roll!

Southall Eden - Stunning work all around- Meg with the decor, and Parsons with the photography!

anna - perfect. absolutely perfect! you really can't beat barns and little boys in bow ties!

donna - Oh Parsons. Oh my. The mama's in tears. Thank you so much, you've captured it just as my mind's eye did. So much love all around (loved that Annie got the "sister" line in the audio"). We were blessed to have your artistic eye and loving hearts document this day. Love, Donna

Ruth Luth - *A flamin MAZING* !!!

molly - really brilliant! <3

Susan Keller - omgoodness. your imagery quite simply makes my heart smile. such a gorgeous day, perfectly captured ...

The Mops - This is the most amazing photography, comparable to none. I'm "Gobsmacked." Well done! You have captured the day from beginning to end. Most of all, you have created a memory that lives on forever. Photography with passion = YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Love U, The Mops

meg - Baaaahaaaaaaaa! bawling our eyes out. Thank you so so much. This is the best gift we could have ever gotten. You both are so incredible and captured our day perfectly. We've already watched it 4 times. We are smiling ear to ear. Thank You Thank You! You made art. for sure. we love you Meg+ Josh

Cait Butt - parsons, this is wonderful. you've done an amazing job, once again. what a beautiful love story.

Jessie Brown - I always look forward to looking at the beautiful images you capture. It's magic when you can grab all the emotions from that day and allow your viewers to feel it. You guys are amazing!

aaron + heather : a little somethin’ somethin’

yesterday we took pictures of our good friends / local photographers, the hawes. we had fun. here’s some art we made with the polaroid. :)

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by the parsons

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Roland Hale - Awesome!

Nashville Wedding Photographers - um.... BAM!

Megan Clouse - Love it! So fun!!

carly -

Abra Michelle - This is totally awesome! Great idea!

Tim Tab - very nice, I like it. :)

nicole Gravatt - And yet another reason I was in the presence of celebrities at Amy Seeley. ;) You just keep proving my point.

Aaron - Umm... awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

Dave might cut you. (DON’T GIVE UP project)

So don’t mess. Dave makes art with food and he was our chef for the DON’T GIVE UP project in Colorado. We’re getting SO excited to go again.

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by the parsons

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adam paul - look at all that blood on his apron. don't mess with The Chef.

jessi - dude. i get to hit that whenever i want. i'm his wife, so that's not inappropriate...

Renee Welstead - Righteous.