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Monthly Archives: October 2010

this is amy seeley…she makes gold records.

she is a blessed new friend, a good kite flyer, a dreamer, a writer, and an amazing artist. we’ve been blessed to have this dear one come into our lives, our home, and our big table in the past few months. we spent a day and night of our oregon coast vacation with amy as […]

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by the parsons

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Leonardo Valesi Valente - Every this little once upon the most times I've listend her songs is like a unforgettable ice cream, so special inside my soul, or if like the entire world would restard just so fast, to sing, to hear and tender, and forever... Love is the biggest place that I may tell you to find Amy Seely inside me. Leo, from Brazil.

Kevin - Bought 8 belles because of this post. She is amazing. Thanks.

jenberry - as i emailed you, thank u. thank you for introducing me to an amazing gift, amy.

ardean - love the images. so glad i found Amy's music thru you guys. bought her 'Eight Belles' disc and will certainly pick this up when it's released :)

H&K - OH. MY. GOODNESS. You just shot Amy Seeley!?!?!?! She is gorgeous...

Sally - Wow, her music is amazing! Such a great voice, and such a talented singer. Thank you so much for sharing! There is a big circle around November 30th on my calendar to remind me to buy the album. :)

photographers, the next don’t give up project is coming!!!…………a trailer

in march. much thanks to our incredibly videographer friend, Jeff Short, who made this insanely wonderful video of our time at the last don’t give up project in August!!

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by the parsons

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helen - wow. i LOVE this video. awesome awesome awesome.

Anna - Ohhh, beautiful. *longful sigh* And Ash, I love your hair!!!

Emily - Yayyyyy!!!! Jeff did such a great job! Love this very much. :)

Aubrey - lovelovelove!!

ericamay - so, so cool. it takes me right back there! going to this is one of the best things i've done for my business and life. besides marrying that cute videographer, jeff. :)

dave - This is amazing. My chest just expunged so much emotion, like a crappy sparkling cider fizzing for the minors at Christmas time.

tim tab - awww yeah, don't do it... don't... nope, na-ah, don't give up yo! Twas an awesome time!

Brielle - Ahhhhh, I want I want I want!

Jamie + Reuben : Married in upstate New York

upstate new york in the fall = heaven jamie and reuben = even better their wedding = a day so beautiful it makes us slap ourselves in the face…is this real life? we love this job!

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by the parsons

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nicky - i am in love. just found your site through landlocked bride... scrolled down and fell in love!!! this is such a sweet wedding. i especially love the shots of her about to walk down the aisle, shielded with the sheet, and of her dad holding his camera walking her down the aisle :) so so sweet. nicky

Keri Bryant - DYING with jealousy of your talent. LIke DYING. Yes, please stop with the amazingness cause it isn't fair for us joe's who wan to take insane photos like you do. INSANE wedding shoot. I am in love. How big are your freakin' heads? :)

the parsons - friends, thanks so much for all the love! jamie + rueben rule! :) and ladies who keep swooning, her dreamy dress is melissa sweet.

jenberry - man oh man. you guys drive me bonkers. every time. the moment in sheet shot, the movement in the dancing, the sheer joy in the grooms portrait as he sees his wife, the life in the stairway/bride shot, the ambiance in the last shot. STOP with the amazingness.

jewel - what a lovely wedding. aesthetically, it is quite pleasing. i particularly love that the father has his daughter in one arm and, what appears to be, a leica in the other-so endearing. --ashley, your comment on my wedding blogpost was very kind. thank you. also, i have heard far too much about you via other folks to have not met you. i sure hope that happens soon.

jessica - beautiful work, as always! you guys are amazing at storytelling. :)

rebecca - Yes--who was the dress by? It's perfect! What beautiful photos!

anna - glory be! These are breathtaking! every wedding you shoot next year should be outside with a reception in a barn. bonus points for little guys in bow ties and getaway jeeps. well done friends!!

jamie - like, totally obsessed.

jamie - there are no words. i'm OBSESSED with you guys!

Jamie - I love love these! So beautiful! But I have to ask....Who is her dress designer?!?! It is absolutely stunning!

Ruth - Seriously!! You are just beautifully amazing at telling stories =)

Brandi - Something about these is extra fabulous. They just convey a real emotion - fun and energetic. The bride with the falling leaves is just perfection.

Micah - Telling authentic love stories that last longer than the wedding day. You are the Parsons. And we think you are the bee's knees. Gorgeous images guys!