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Monthly Archives: November 2010


here are a few snapshots of our thanksgiving holiday this year – we shared it with my sweet mom (aka the mops), jer’s family (minus his sister, sarah, who is living in haiti and working


Happy turkey/tofurkey coma day, friends! As we lay around rubbing our full bellies, we can’t help but remain thankful for this insane year.  Most of all, through the wins and losses, we are

Dina + Nate : Teaser

An early Christmas present for your eyes. It must be tough to be really, really, ridiculously good looking. Also, they’re 2 of the greatest people we’ve ever photographed. Can’t

Jenae + Doug + Stella = happy Parsons

Jenae’s a great photographer who came to the first DON’T GIVE UP project and wanted us to do some family pics for her, which is a huge huge honor! Her and Doug are an amazing couple.

happy birthday micah man! (a very short film) :)

one morning, micah woke up and said, “hey mom, it would be my dream to have breakfast in bed someday.” this morning, he turned 7. and so we got up early. made pancakes. with chocolate

Brooke + Landon : Engaged!!

I could try to explain Brooke and Landon, but I would fail. Words don’t do it. Who drives a boss 95 Cadillac with a Northstar system? They do. Who goes to 3d movies just to take the

Karlie + Adam : Married in Kansas City!

karlie and adam know how to party. not only are they two of the most fun and genuine people we’ve ever photographed, but they are so committed to each other and we have no doubts their

Ashley : Cannon Beach

You know when you look at someone and you see simultaneously 10 years of built history between yourselves and have the anticipation of the next 50 to come? I see that with her. I really love this