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Monthly Archives: April 2011

today, my wife was surprised

It’s nearly impossible to surprise Ashley Parsons. But today, there was a rousing success as one of her best friends – a resident of Mexico – flew in for her 30th birthday. I love love LOOOOOVE the look on her face! :)

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by the parsons

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Dev - tears in my eyes as I look at these for the 15th time. :)

laura h - so beautiful. LOVE that expression! :) so fun!

jenberry - your wife has such a beautiful spirit. you can see it beaming!!!

allyson - oh my goodness. this. is. awesome. this photo series makes me want to hop in my car, drive on over, and squeeze both of you!

Sarah - What a beautiful moment.

Jewel - I love the first image best. Surprises are the spice of life. . . well, good ones at least. : )

The day it snowed – and joy showed up :: Natasha + Grant got married

If you’d allow me, I’d love to share a few thoughts about these guys. But not just regular, normal thoughts associated with a wedding. Let’s the get the obvious out of the way: she does resemble Princess Jasmine. And yes, he’s as big as Shrek (better looking though). But knowing these two stirs our souls […]

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by the parsons

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sarah - haiti represented!!! wahoo!!!!! also. these are ridiculous. you guys are ridiculous! i'm so glad i share your genes.

Imthiaz Houseman - Wow, there are so many amazing images. You can just feel there love through them. Beautiful set!

Rosina - Haha @ anna! I didn't see Jer until she mentioned it! You guys. Seriously. This whole blog fast thing is obviously NOT going well with me. So I have decided to forget about fasting on your blog. I just can't. The pizza shot reminds me of your sloppy joe shot. Heart-warming. And the goose bumps on her arm?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? What don't you notice?? I just sighed a happy sigh. xoxo

Anna - Holy sheeeesh. I love this so much I feel like clapping. Joy absolutely did show up! Beautiful--Natasha, Grant and you both. (Btw, loved seeing a peek of Jer at the end. Love you guys!)

Stephanie Lyell - Wow. This shoot is fabulous. So many beautiful, creative shots!

josh - Wow dudes! These are freaking amazing! Love the contrast of the pink shots with the green grass/tree shots underneath. Silky!

carly - loves it. that shaving photo stopped me dead in my scroll down.

sometimes, this is what love looks like between a mother and daughter : Lori + Christina

yes, most of the time, we photograph couples who are in love and getting married. and we love doing that…a lot! but once in awhile, there is someone who comes along and has a beautiful story and they ask us to be a part of it, and we gladly say yes to tell a good […]

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by the parsons

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Briony - so special. beautiful.