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Monthly Archives: May 2011


for those of you who have ever wondered “what the heck is the don’t give up project??!”, this video is for you. for those of you who have ever wanted to come to the don’t give up project, this video is for you. for those of you who attended the most recent don’t give up […]

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by the parsons

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Amy - Oh so very excited about this!! *So* glad we're making it - See you then! :D Whoop!

jessica - I've been following you guys for a couple years now. I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I did, and I'm so glad I did. Your images are simply lovely....honest, real, and intentional. I have laughed, smiled, cried, & felt many more emotions over the time spent looking through your work. You guys inspire me to be a better storyteller. Thank you for doing what you do. I'm still young, so hopefully I can meet you two before my life is over. I can't wait...until the day I have enough extra money to attend don't give up. Stay awesome. :)

Hailey - Totally wish I could come. It looks like so much fun!

Rosina - guys, you HAVE to, HAVE to attend DGU. it is only the best thing you can ever do for your business and for yourself as an artist. Seriously.

Rog - the writing and narration in this video hugs my conscience and warms my brain. Good one friends. ps. rog was here

Nate - Any excuse you have for not going is, simply unacceptable.

Maggie - Adrienne, please tell me you are going. I am and that was my exact reaction to securing a spot. OMGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

katie - Um, you had me at "fork to mouth". So great meeting you guys this week!! Definitely hope our paths cross again and would love to get myself in on the "Don't give up" action some day when the personal funds are a little higher. :) K

Adrienne - Omgeeeeee!!! So stinking BRILLIANT! I cannot wait for this!!!!!

next month, these two lovely people will be getting married! hannah + ben are soooo engaged!

…and we are pretty stoked for them, and even more honored to be the ones who capture it all as they tie the knot! here’s a few pictures I made at their recent session…

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by the parsons

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Tricia - Hannah-you are so beautiful inside and out. I love these pics of you two and I wish you a lifetime of joy together.

rachelb - are they not the cutest/coolest? love the couple. love the photogs. ...i know good people.

Courtney Ramsey - Yes Hannah and Ben are so special...wishing you two all the best life has to offer. Don't ever forget the look in your eyes at this moment, the love in your hearts will always remain. Love you two, Momma Corey

Rog - rog was here

The amazing Kelly and the amazing Evan are engaged.

Kelly and Evan met on Craigslist. Wait, that sounds really crazy. Kelly bought a book case from Evan. Now they’re getting married. (I obviously love to write) Seriously, these guys are amazing. They at one point remarked that “of course we love each other….but we also like each other. We’re best friends.” That is apparent […]

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by the parsons

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nick - Last one = whaaa

sonya at zenobia studios - I'm really happy I found your blog. Your work and your life are truly inspirational. Thank you. <3

Rochelle - LOVE LOVE LOVE these picts!

Jaquilyn shumate - Beautiful. Love your work. And you guys.

Steph @ Birdhouse Family - Gorgeous photos!

kristen marie - stunning, real work. beautifully done.

thatgirlblogs - the last photo is amazing! your subjects are so athletic. all that... jumping...

maddie - Beautiful, I absolutely love this!

Rog - Rog was here