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Monthly Archives: June 2011

we would like to introduce you to our littlest son!!!!!!

We know for a lot of you this will be a huge shock. and then for a lot of you, you have been on this journey with us for what seems like a very long time, so you know all about this. :) but, after a 2 year journey of the heart into adoption, paperwork, […]

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by the parsons

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Keri Bryant - Tears of joy from your news and those hiccups. Just amazing and awe-inspiring. Isn't life wonderful that I don't even know you and I can be so happy for you and baby Zion to have found one another? COngrats to you and the other brothers. And yes...PLEASE post what that powerful song is in the video....My Shazam App can't find it which means I love it even more ... An unknown artist. Muchas Gracias. God bless and bring him HOME!!!

ellen - congratulations! what as sweet, sweet family you have! do you mind posting the name of the song you use in the video? it's lovely.

Suki - Oh yes. He is perfect. Congrats on the new family addition. :)

Anne Elizabeth - Holy Moly! An ENORMOUS congrats to your family for being blessed with a new little brother! :) He is one lucky son of a gun to have y'all as parents.

Kylee - Just watched your slideshow in tears -- adoption has always been something close to my heart -- congrats! What a blessing!

Ryan Gladstone - Congratulations!!

Maggie - Amazing! Congrats to all!

Thomas - Oh my gosh. He is wonderful. I cannot WAIT to meet Zion Parsons!

Rachel - What a precious little gift! I am so happy for you and what a wonderful addition to your sweet family! Congratulations!

kim bowman - what a wonderful story to share! so happy for your entire family and its truly so heart-warming to know that this little man is going to have an amazing family to spend his life with. that is what adoption is all about. congrats and love!

michelle - Steve and I are crying tears of joy! Perfect indeed! We love him too! You are a beautiful family, Parsons, now even more so...

Heather Cole - WOW!!! Congrats on the beautiful baby boy!!! He is one VERY LUCKY GUY to be coming into your family. Love you all.

Denice & Larry - ASh and Jer, we are SOOO happy for you! Congratulations on the little one, he is adorable!!!! Much love, friends.. Denice & Larry

becca spears - IMMENSE joy! Tears of joy!

Nicole Hill - I am so happy for you two! I STARTED crying watching this video. Congratulations!

maria - well, i could only see the first 30 seconds of this video, since the rest was blurry for my tears. i love him. i cannot freaking wait to meet him. you guys look sooo happy.

rah rah - well...after your last post it's probably good you stick to adoption. i mean, you lucked out with the most adorable biological brothers - and now the newest addition of the brothers is totes adorbs. just kidding, obvi! you guys have the best genes AHEM! in less than 24 blissful hours i will be snuggling little munchkin. cannot wait for the realz!

becky - couldn't possibly be happier for the five of you. thank you for letting us share in your joy. i needed this today. :)

katie welch - wow. he is so perfect. i love it.

Estella - What a blessing!!!!! I am praying for your son's continued growth and strength. He is already so blessed to have such wonderful loving parents. God is with you.

Heidi - CONGRATULATIONS!! He will thrive in such a loving home.. So happy for all of you. :)

Aubrey - Congrats guys!!!!!!!!

Blair Van Bussel - oh my goodness... he is adorable! Congratulations!

Nate & Dina Blevins - Congrats, he is PERFECT!

betsy and charlie - congratulations!!! zion is beautiful. we could not be happier for you and your growing family.

hootenannie - "The Brothers" are now 3. :)

AmyPunky Photography - congrats!! he's so precious and you both are such amazing and touching people!

Alysia - Amazing son, amazing parents, amazing story. Zion is beautiful!

Dunia - Congrats, I never comment here before, but this video is absolutely adorable, congrats again for your beautiful son!

erika - Congrats! Parenthood looks good on you two! All that joy and love bubbling up is hard to contain. I can feel it all the way over here.

Vinson Nerds - CONGRATS!!!!!! He is absolutely beautiful in everyday. He is sooo blessed to be coming into such a wonderful family. We only live about 10 minutes away and can babysit or anything! Just let us know! We will be there for you if you need us! LOVE YOU MUCHO!

Cameron Ingalls - adoption.......... is God's heart and nature. awesome and inspiring to see it through your lens! love you both! wish i could join you next week.

Tori Litardo - What a life giving season you will be walking through with this new baby boy! Praying for your family for the baby's healthy and God's guidance to walk you through this exciting season! He is incredibly adorable, and good name choice :)

Michelle - You.are.extraordinary. May your family thrive with its newest addition and may the universe take extra special care of all of you for opening your hearts and your lives in such a manner. Congratulations to all of you!

Josh - Congrats to you & the brothers!!!! We can't wait to meet him :)

emily griffith - oh my goodness! my heart is full and happy for you and my eyes have tears after watching that beautiful video. what an amazing journey...thanks for sharing, my spirit feels renewed!

carly - So beyond thrilled for your sweet family! Congrats congrats congrats! It will be beautiful to watch him grow!

Brenda - CONGRATULATIONS! I totally started bawling my eyes out when I saw the "Happy one month Birthday!" sign on his crib. He is so blessed to have parents who love him so much and want to give him the best family ever (you, the brothers, and his birth mother). May your three boys bring you all the joy in the world. <3 a blog reader

Amanda VanVels - wow.....this is precious. i got tears. i hope you'll be able to take him home very soon!

prepare yourselves…brendan + amanda got married!

it’s so tempting in this job to go have these incredible experiences with people so dear and then tell others, “I guess you just had to be there”. We just encounter so much beauty in our couples and the experiences they share with us that it honestly overwhelms us most of time and leaves us […]

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by the parsons

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Angela - Ugh I cried. This was wonderfully captured.

Michelle Stone - what's funny, was I kinda went backwards looking at this and not reading the into, and the whole time I was thinking, "wow, this was such a special wedding and so beautifully captured" and then I read the intro. :) gorgeous work!!!

nat - anyone know where the dress is from? it's gorgeous!

Liz - I LOVE these photos. So so wonderful.

Keaton - Oh my word. The blog is genius. This shoot is genius. Love the work guys, keep it up!

Sabrina - me dieron ganas de llorar, qué románticas!

Kevin - Amazing. Great work.

Giovanna - If there was ever a picture perfect wedding...that was it. All I could think of was a Nicholas Sparks novel while looking at the images. They are adorable:)

Kkylee - wonderfully done. lovely.

Jorge R. Gonzalez - Sweet. She has such soft spirit. Beautiful wedding thank you for sharing.

TAcha - Blown. away. completely.

jac kaiser - just when i think you guys can't get anymore awesome, you go and post stuff like this. awesome x infinity.

sonya at zenobia studios - Absolutely stunning and exquisite. I almost don't even have words.

josh - i think my favorite ever!

Evelyn - Simply amazing and beautiful photos! :)

Danielle - absolutely gorgeous.

Heather - I swooned over every image. BEAUTIFULLY DONE, PARSONS!!!

Mopsy - In amazing photography, I believe, gobsmacking Beauty and Significance are captured, not simply BECAUSE OF the object or subject itself, but the razor-sharp sensitivity of the artist, as they use their unique ability to inhale the very essence of a single moment, as all senses are ignited, and with one CLICK, a memory is frozen in time. How you do that leaves me speechless!!! Well Done!!

kellie - intense and powerful and emotional - in an i can't breathe sort of way. love. every. one.

erin h. - you know when people leave comments and throw around 'epic' all of the time? yeah, that word grinds me a bit because of the way it's overused and everyone saying it for every blog post. seriously, though... i'm breaking my rules: epic, parsons. epic. love it.

Philip - I love the way you guys capture the environment and details within! :D

taylor internfizzle - I really don't have words for this. All I can say is I see the Creator in your work. I am so fracking blessed to know you both.

jessi - love this. LOVE. so much emotion and connection.

hannah - breath-taking! she gives me hope that brides that spend the whole day crying are still completely beautiful! we are getting married in october and i know i will be tearing up all day :)

Ally - I have followed you all for a long time now and this is by far one of the best posts I have ever seen! Your work is breath-taking!

Maggie - Amanda had the prettiest dress!

annie - these are some of my favorite of your photos that i've ever seen. so beautiful! and she cries single-teardrops like in a perfect old movie.

Keri Bryant - OH my freakin gosh. Every time I think I have seen my fave wedding, you guys blow me away again. Makes me wanna get married again - in a trailer - in a field - with a barn dance. AMAZING!!!!!!

maria - this is truly beautiful. my favorite favorite of your work. i just love the style of this wedding. and it doesn't hurt that the bride and groom are supermodels. also, He looks a lot like sufjan.

sally - i don't know you do it - but you get me every time. simply stunning.

thatgirlblogs - these made me cry! I loved everything! I tip my hat to you.

Erika - What a beautiful, beautiful wedding. I wasn't there, but am still so moved by the images. I bet they'll love them!

Kaley - Beautiful. As usual. Cannot wait to see you guys at DGU3!

Cameron Ingalls - epic. love and miss you!

Rachael - This is so beautiful!!!

Claire Hervieux - After seeing this, I am completely undone. This is absolutely moving. So beautiful! Amazing.

Maureen - This is just incredible. Really, really beautiful work.

sharon - your work is utterly magnificent. as usual.

molly - oh my heavens!

Heidi - I look at a lot of photographer's work, and I love a lot of what I see. But I'm pretty certain you two are my absolute, all-time favorite photographers. Yeah.

Weston Cantrell - WOW! This was very well captured and extremely moving! Loved it. You guys are amazing!

Rosina - hi guys. did i tell you how much i love you guys?? i love this to pieces. probably one of my favorites (wait, do i say that all the time?) she is so beautiful. i just love her natural beauty and this was probably one of the most moving weddings i've seen on this blog. the story, you have tell it SO BEAUTIFULLY!! *sigh*

jeff - gorgeous. i honestly felt like i was there.

MOMMY, WHAT WILL I LOOK LIKE?? The DON’T GIVE UP project model contest

Well, here it is! We need 2 models for the upcoming DON’T GIVE UP project and we have 4 amazing couples in the running. We love ALL four of these entries and have laughed – hard – at the submissions. And, particularly, we’ve found it so fun to laugh together in the days and hours […]

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by the parsons

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Anne Elizabeth - These are SO COOL! Please post soon of the Neugebauer family :) I am SO HAPPY with the pictures, you have added some happiness to their family.

Alec VanderBOOM - OMG!!! TOTES #4 ?!?!?!!?!

Penny - #1 beautiful child :)

Heidi - #3!!!!!!!!!

Amanda - Definately #3 - how cute! :)

Nancy - 2 is the best

Garry Cox - Super.....#2 is a winner....

Lanell - Mary and Joel, my faves.

Shirrine Ocean Singh - COUPLE # 4....EWEN MCGREGOR meets EVANGELINE LILY!!

kara - #2

Suni - Absolutely #2!

Kari - #2!!!

Megan - #2!!! Marel rocks!!!

Penny - #2 funny

Lindsay - #4 - seriously. No contest. Someday we'll be able to afford to come to the don't give up project!!!!!

bonnie - Two is best

em - #4!!!!!!!

Jenni B - #2 Mary and Joel!!!

Stephanie - #4!

Alison McMazurek - #2 MAREL!!!!! My first vote didn't post so reposting :)

PAUL PLECASH - I vote for #2

Sam Gryzwa - Jayden and Caroline!! Number 1!!!

Beth - #2#2#2#2!!!

Sarah Kate - #3 is awesome!

Jewel - this is a hard one. it's between 1 or 2. But, I think the fact that #2 is in a bathtub I'm going to have to go with them. It's pretty impressive that two grown adults are photographed in a bathtub and it doesn't look sleezy. In fact, they get massive props for the extra creativity to make it seem more child-like. I mean c'mon almost every parent takes pictures of their kids in a bathtub. So, # 2 gets my vote.

Zack - #1 all the way!!!!! :D

Adrienne - #4

Julieee - #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne - Jayrolen

Josh - Numero Uno! or #1!

Brooke - #1

Kate - I vote for #1!!!!

Dan Efinger - #1...they rock

Judy - Love #3 from Wichita. They are cool!

Michael - #1 is the only choice.

Michael3122 - #1 for #1

Sarah - #2!

Landon Vonderschmidt - #3! #3! Three cheers for #3!

alyssa r - #4 RIDICULOUS.

dad - couple number one.

tyler talsma - #1 the best.

Jesse Eisenberg - #1 all day er day

morgan - #1

stephanie frees - number 1

Jacquie Peterson - Vote for number 1 !!!!!

Matt - Couple 1 -Jayrolen!

Bekahx3 - I vote for #1 :)

Kyle - #1

Tori C - Vote Number 1

Heidi - #4 is PERFECT!!!!!

chris a - 1

joy - 1

John Ericson - #1

Chris Rudd - Number one

Warren - No. 1

Julie - Number 1

Sundquist - couple 1

John - couple 1

Sharni - #1

Jake - Couple # 1

Michael - #1 jayrolyn

Lauren - #1 Jayrolen!! Perfect couple with a perfect baby.

anna n - #1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

lindsay - Number 3 for the win!

Kaylie - #1

Savannah Lauren - #4 Lylas!

Kalyn - #1 jayrolen

Meredith - #1 jayrolen!!

LYNN - #1 FO SHO!!!

Adele - #3! alindrew is awesome!

taylor internfizzle - #3 just gets me. love it!

Alexis - Vote couple#1 Jayden and Caroline

Abbey - I vote for couple#1 Jayden and Caroline

Annie - I vote for couple#1 jayden and caroline

Dan - I vote for. Couple#1 jayden and caroline

Dan - I want to vote for couple #1

Cynthia - Couple #1 please

Natalie Drumel - #1! that is the sexiest child I've ever seen!!

Anna - #1

Meghan - #2 MAREL!

ben - #1

Carolynn John - #1

Chris - #1 for SURE

Nathan Lewis - #1 for sure...that is exactly how i expect that child to look...strait from the womb

Adam lee - No 1 all the way!

SuzyQ - #1 for the win!

allymc - jarolyn!!

Cat - The RAD Wisconsin couple. #1

Joan Rudd - #1

Dan - has to be number 2...marel

Jenni porch - Number one!

Amy - Loves me some Jayrolen! Voting!

Bridget - There's no question about it! #2, sweet soapy Marel!

Emerald - I must vote for Jayrolen (#1), Girls with a 5-o'clock shadow have never looked better ;)

Ann Ingraham - I vote for #1 Jarolyn!

Jeremy - Jayrolen. it would be hard, but i'd love you.

LouiseVaccaro - Couple # 1 for sure!! Jayden & Caroline!!!

Duane Geno - #1 Of Course is the FUNNIEST of ALL!

LouiseVaccaro - Couple # 1 for sure!!! jayden&caroline.

Kallahan Hitchman - #1 ROCKS!

Annelyse Hitchman - #1 Go Caroline and Jayden!!

Kari Geno - Caroline and Jayden ALL THE WAY!! When is that love child due by the way?

nicole - #2!!!!!!

Shannon - #2 Rules!!

Sheila - #2

james - #1 is a stud

Mindy Peterson - This hideous child #1 MUST win. xo

angela bass - #2 - love me some marel :)

eric johnsonb - #2 has that certain je ne sais quois. i can't explain it.

Alpal - Hilarious! #1 Caroline and Jayden for sure.

Kerry S. - #1 - so easy to love...

Jennifer - #1 all the way dude!!!! :D

Mom - #1 My grandchildren will be gorgeous!

Hannah - My vote is #1!

Ana - 4

Ana - Numero 2!

Barb - Number one is number one for sure! # 1 gets my vote

Maggie - #2 please!

josh beale - #2!

stephanie Mc - #2 by far!

Sean Kerklaan - Love #2 - had to look three or four times to catch the subtle changes - very cool. sean

Marakay - #1 for sure!!!!!

lizindsm - #2!!

tristan - Marel! #2!

corley - #2!!!!

Brittany - YES! #3 is so funny!!!!!!

Abby Demler - caroline & jayden #1 lovechild for sure! [jayrolen]

Kristyn Keall - #1 All the way!! Jayrolen, cute as a button!!

Ashley - Number 1!! Jayrolen!

sharlyn - numba 1!!!

linnea - #1!!!

Nathan Van Dyke - #1 please...

Riley - #1 fo sure.... though I'm not sure she'd have a beard....

Trevor Mazurek - #2 hands down! He/she is beautifully handsome

emily - #2

Lindsay - #1 for sure!

Emily - #1 without a doubt!

Sarah - Jayrolen! Jayrolen!

Jesse O'Brien - #1, when it grows up I would marry it.

thorpe - #1 lol

Brandon Brown - #1 all the way - can't wait to meet little JAYROLEN

Pat - Marel, of course!

Em - #2 for sure!

Andee V - #3 Alindrew 100%!!!

Heather Espana - #2 please!!! :-)

Lexi - #1 !!!

Julie Tanner - #2 woo hoo!

Julie Tanner - #2 Looks at those amazing eyes!

Cathleen - DUUHHHH!!! #2 IS BY FAR THE BEST!! Way more creative and realistic than the others!!!

Craig - #2 is by far the best!!!!

John Papp - #1

holly - #2 please

Courtney - #3!!! Definitely the cutest kid of all.

rk - couple 2!!!!!!! i can't stop laughing!

JJ - #3

Jamie - #2 for sure! Marel is the only baby I wouldn't have nightmares about after I babysat it. That baby wins at life.

Megan Tsang - number 4!

Bénédicte - I vote for Jayrolen! #1 couple

Laurine - #1 jayrolen. All the way.

Joseph Lalli - #2 :)

Joseph Lalli - Marel!!! By far is my favorite. That is some beautiful comppositing right there!

anonymous - #1

Kara Ericson - Caroline and jayden!!!

Erik - #1, of course. A ginger Ozzie & a blond Midwestern girl will, of course, produce the best offspring.

Corey - #1 is freaking me out. Please win.

Tim - #1 all the way

Android - jayrolen ftw!

Billy Knox - #1. No contest. Jayden & Carolyn!

Ginnie - I vote for #1 Jayolen

Quinn - #1!!! Jayrolen is the best forrr suure!

Rachel - #1 for sure! Carolyn and Jayden! :)

Molly Becker - Couple #1 please! They're my faves! :)

John - #1- I swear, Jayrolen is the missing link.

Karyn - I vote for #1 - Jayrolen. A little scarey.

Cara - #1 - horribly hilarious

Robert Ingraham - #1 looks like the bee's knees

Luke - Number 1 for sure!

Krista Peak - #3 Alindrew!!

E.Fisher - My vote to the Wisconsin couple - Caroline and Jayden

alison - #2itstoomuch!!

Kerrie Lee - #1 Caroline and Jayden and lovechild BEST ever! Deserve to win!

John - 111111111111111111111!!!!!! Without a doubt!! 111111!!!

mom26 - #1

jodi - jayden and caroline...#1!

caroline [or jayrolen] - am i allowed to vote for myself? cuz i think our lovechild is truly fab. #1! and no pun intended!! ;]

Casey Winchell - #3 Alindrew!!

Margaret - #1 - JAYROLEN!

Rachel - #1 Jayden and Caroline!!!

joseph - #2 Mary and the Joel obviously, why did other people even bother entering.

Adrienne - #3 all the way. Hilarious.

Rachel and Jon - #3 Please!

Kimberly Fiser - #4!!!

Kaley - 4 all of the way! i want to photograph this couple in august!

Mea& Neal - #2!!!!!!

Orwigs - 44444444444!!!!!! Just...gorgeous.

Mea& Neal - #2!!!!!

Josh - Marel all the way!!!!!!

jessi - i can't resist the nose on lylas.......

Supervisor - #2

JoMama - #2 I can't believe that newborn needs a shave!

whitney Kinnison - #4

Joel Schroeder, Sr - #2 ;)

Stormy - I'd pee with excitement if #2 won!

Fergus - Mare! #2

Chelsea - #2, Marel is, "adorable."

piet - #2! woop!

Alex - Numbah 2!

Christie Davis - Number 2 is the best!!!!!

Kristin reep - #2 !!!!!!!

Merdi - lylas!!

Laura - Yay! I vote for Marel! #2!!!

alison - lylas!

Lauren - #3 Ali and Andrew :)

halley - #3 all the way!

annie - #4!!!!!!!!!!

brian - #4 LYLAS

Nemmie - #2, Marel!

matt - #2 easy, it's silly to even ask for votes.

Dillon - Oh my gosh #4.

Patrick - OMG #2 kicks major ass.

Cayce - #2 MAREL!!!

Fio & mike - #2 per favore!!

Stephanie Lyell - #4 fo sho :)

Sarah Hendricks - My vote is absolutely for #2 Marel!!! Hilarious.

Lisa - #2 for sure!

Maria - #3- Alindrew!!

Quinn - #2! #2! #2! Pick Bathtub Marel!

Megan - #3 cute, yet ugly at the same time!

Amy - #3!!!!

Amanda - #2

Katana - I don't care who you are, marel is perfect! #2! #2!

Vicki - #3 - Alindrew - all the way - cute and VERY funny

Vickie Winter - #3 pretty please! They are amazing!

Nerd vinsons - Hahahahaha #4!!!!!!!

dayna - #2!

Brett V - #3 all the way!

Kevin - Got to go number two. (with my vote)

Alex - #2!! I love Mary and Joel <3

Krista - Alindrew #3!!!!

Erica Shouse - Hahahah!!!!!! #2 most definitely!

Rosemary - Number 4. Duh.

Erin T - Hey, I only voted once, and the first time I clicked "post comment" I got an error. So I re-posted, only to find that the first comment had posted after all. Just wanted my ONE vote to count. :)

Vanessa - Alindrew! #3. Too funny!

Erin T - #2 for the win! :)

Erin T - #2 all the way!!!!!

Britany - 4! Love it!

Caroline Fontenot - #2 all the way.

Maureen - I laughed out loud at #3 so it gets my vote!

j rich - wow. really funny stuff. but i got to give my vote to #3.

Emily - #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Bliss - #3#3#3#3#3!!

Vilay Keomany - #3: the Wichita-ites – Ali and Andrew – meet the beautiful Alindrew. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly - #3 Alindrew!!!!!!

Michelle Stojanik - #3 ali and andrew!

Ravyn - Gotta send my love for Portland peeps ... Especially when they do hilarious photos in the bathtub!! My vote is for Mary & Joel!! :)

Katie B - #3 -- Alindrew!!!

Shea Poe - # 4, fo show! I can't wait to love on those kids one day, the facial hair makes me love them more

Steve - FOUR! That is incredible!

Andrea Oltjen - Hands down #3 - A boy wearing mascara!

Audra - #3 - Alindrew - What a cutie!

katie welch - #4 LYLAS = hilarious.

karlie cooper - LYLAS!

i'll trade you an elk - couple #4 please.

jenn - #4! Lylas!

nick welch - 44444lylas444444