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Monthly Archives: June 2011

we would like to introduce you to our littlest son!!!!!!

We know for a lot of you this will be a huge shock. and then for a lot of you, you have been on this journey with us for what seems like a very long time, so you know all about this. :) but, after

prepare yourselves…brendan + amanda got married!

it’s so tempting in this job to go have these incredible experiences with people so dear and then tell others, “I guess you just had to be there”. We just encounter so much beauty

MOMMY, WHAT WILL I LOOK LIKE?? The DON’T GIVE UP project model contest

Well, here it is! We need 2 models for the upcoming DON’T GIVE UP project and we have 4 amazing couples in the running. We love ALL four of these entries and have laughed – hard –

Mommy, what will I look like?? (the don’t give up project 3 model contest)

We are over the moon STOKED for the 3rd DON’T GIVE UP project – coming August 1-3!!!!! We are having another contest to choose the models for this August’s DGUP – and we are

jim married his 7th grade crush, whitney.

2011 continues to be an amazing year. Remember your 7th grade crush? Jim married his. What a beautiful day. What a huge honor to be there. What a gorgeous couple. Happy Wednesday everyone!

wearethematchmakers (tim+bethany are engaged!!!)

We loved Tim from the moment we met him at the first DON’T GIVE UP project last August. He’s a rad photographer from Chicago, is a French guy, and made us laugh non-stop. We were

…”now you’ll see how much I love you..” The story of steve + michelle, a vow renewal

I have to be honest. whatever I type here into this bank white space will not do justice to steve and michelle reutschle, and the journey they have been on the past year. It won’t do justice