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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sara and Ben. In rainbows.

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by the parsons

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Keaton - I agree, this is incredibly random. But nonetheless, I love it! Very artsy and the tones of their skin (even without the rainbows) are simply brilliant. :-)

it rained a little the night before tim and bethany got married…

wedding coming soon.

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by the parsons

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Meredith - WATER PICTURES....super...DUPER....EXOTIC...PASSIONATE...SEXY!!! Yet in a tasteful, quiet, enchanted, and beatiful way. Is that possible? From the looks of these timeless photos, I would have to say YES!

sharon - so freaking awesome.

Sonia Jansson - in love with this!completely in love!

brett - that is R-A-D

Sarah - Love.

Caroline Fontenot - These are some of the sexiest images I've ever seen! Love them.

Jewel - : ) This makes me smile. 1. Because it's just awesome. Everyone wants to be caught in the rain kissing the one they love. and 2. It's so wonderful to see Bethany so happy with her now husband....Bethany, you are so missed here!!

Jean-Luc Tabailloux - Fantastic pics, it made me so happy watching them. great job Jean-Luc father of the Groom Tim Tabailloux

katie welch - oh my gosh. dreamboat.

Josh - loving it! amazing! film type?

helen - LOVE!!!!!

Keaton - Always wanted to do this kind of shoot with the clients but they're never up for it!! So exciting the way you captured this though, absolutely love it.

suz - this looks like a scene from the notebook! :)

graham - this made me smile SO BIG!!! love this couple and love these pictures. cant wait to see the rest!

laura friederich - ooo la la ;) love it.

Bethany - WE LOVE!!! squinting at our iPhones on the beach in Santa Monica trying to see these! Thank you Jeremy and Dave!!

Melanie Watson - Amazing. I love that they embraced the rain and made some pretty great memories as a result! Lovely rainy day! :)

Stephanie Lyell - I love this. that is all :)

jessi - #TABLIFE!!!!! love these two.

Lindsay and Stephen are engaged

Here come the 2012 couples. It’s um…going to be a good year. :)

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by the parsons

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Katie Vossman - love love love this shoot!great emotion and personality captured in these photos!

Meg - no way, these guys are models. I dont believe it. ..... absolutely gorgeous! parsons did it again! :) xo

Keaton - LOVE the 4 photos of their faces separated!! What a beautiful couple! It's truly insane the work you two do. I always look forward to seeing your latest and greatest. :-)

Stephanie - OMG guys, this is the most gorgeous post ever! Not only is this a beautiful couple, but these are absolutely amazing compositions. I adore every single photo. Such light, such emotion! I'm melting over here. Anyway, what I mean to say is, "good job." :)

Skoticus - These are BEAUTIFUL! The lighting is SO good, and your angles are all perfect. Thanks for sharing your talent.