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Monthly Archives: January 2012

this is the story of how jeremy loved me so much, that he went out in the winter and built me a table.

I love our city, but many days, I wake up and wish we lived on a farm. a real one with land and animals and quiet. and then I remember that our home is perfect for me because although it is in the

this is the story of how the welsteads became a family : a don’t give up story

it’s difficult to know how to fill this blank blog page space with words that adequately describe the welsteads. we have had the privilege of photographing ben and renee before, sharing the

kelly and evan got married…

Evan and Kelly are amazing. We first met these two because their daughter, Alex, was in kindergarten with our son Tyler, and knew right away that we would become friends, and that someday it would

an artists resolutions.

I am filled with joy and thankfulness for all the support we have behind us as we go into this new year, both for our family, and as artists. I love the possibilities of this new year, what it might

and this, our friends, is what happened for us at the end of 2011

if you haven’t heard about zion yet, you are missing out. (seriously, you should stumble on our family blog at some point and read some stories about this little miracle!) this little wonder