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Monthly Archives: February 2012

this was the day that dodson came home for the first time.

rachel and landon, friends and neighbors of ours, had their second baby. I remember taking photos for them after the birth of their first baby, London, and it was such a joy to do it all over again with baby #2 – a boy, dodson, who weighed in at 9 and a half pounds at […]

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by the parsons

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amy grace - simple, elegant, authentic, lovely. there is a purity about your work that exudes the inherent love of your subjects. thank you for the soul you give...

Keaton - I agree with ericamay. You two make this special moment so sentimental for them and even us. Such a joy to see an new life come into the world. :)

Bröllopsfotograf Fredric - Like it a lot! Love the post processing

sharon - such a precious time :)

Hannah Nicole - Beautiful work, Parsons! Your images are truly breathtaking.

ericamay - so pretty! i love them! i feel like i'm in their house, just as the sun sets on the day little dodson came home. :) and rachel looks too cute for just having a baby. :)

welcome, 2012 weddings. we think we’re gonna like you. (lindsey + stephen wedding preview)

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by the parsons

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Lindsay - Love this photo!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and amazing talent...Stephen and I really enjoyed getting to know you and we're so honored to have such amazing photographers.

Keaton - Breathtaking. I swear you two can do no wrong. :) Can't wait to see the rest of these! Always looking forward to your posts!

this is the story of how we made 8 amazing friends and then photographed them (the b r e a d w i n n e r s workshop)

We had the BIG honor of hosting the first ever b r e a d w i n n e r s workshop in our home earlier this week (breadwinners is a workshop that is just for married couples who run photography businesses together). It was a big dream of ours to be able to […]

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by the parsons

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Jack Chauvel - I love the emotion you capture in all your sets.. its truly about your subjects and I admire your work so much.

katie vossman - ever consider doing a workshop for aspiring photogs here in KC? i would love to learn from the both of you! - such inspiring work!!!

c&j - LOVE. we are so in on the next one!

Heidi & Kev - @Steve - They were SUPER weird. But maybe that's why we got along with them so well?

Steve - What's with the third couple and that gnome? Those two must have been pretty weird.

Hannah Nicole - and just wondering....any chance you'll be holding a workshop for up-and-coming photographers anytime soon? :)

Anda - i love ALL of these. and ray and kelly -- you two are so great looking in all of these (just like real life ;))

Brad Butcher - it's taking everything in me not to comment what Kevin is yelling in the photograph above!! these are so fun guys! thanks for the unforgettable experience :)

sharon - absolutely positively amazing

Kelly - Thank you, a million times over. And please don't post anything on here for another month or so, ok? I don't want to miss out. :)

Keaton - I've been waiting on these! So much beauty and love! I really am inspired by the one of the lady from the second couple in tears. It must have been a really wonderful experience with you two as their hosts. :)

Hannah Nicole - So beautiful. You two are some kind of crazy awesomesauce amazing, you know that?

MO·MENTS / 2012   | Wedding + Lifestyle Photographers | Q Avenue Photo - [...] press, images and most importantly, the fruition of eight new friendships.  On the last day of Breadwinners, Ray, Kelly, Heidi, Kevin, Steve, Bernadette, Jen and I were walking out the front door to leave [...]