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Monthly Archives: June 2012

adventure is in the simple, honest moments of jon and courtney’s wedding day…and in a little town called chagrin falls.

I knew when I got on the airplane to go shoot jon and courtney’s wedding that it would be a magnificent experience. I knew that I loved them, for they are dear friends, and we had already photographed them once before (remember their proposal?). I also knew that some of the people I loved dearest, […]

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by the parsons

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Ruth - You are totes increds! The End.

Rog - spot on you guys. soo o sos sos sosos soso sos os so so so so good to see you tonight.

abby - beautiful and breathtaking. wow.

Anni - This is absolutely lovely - you are amazing storytellers. And those lantern photos at the end are just magical!

tim riddick - oh my f!@#$%^&*(g WORD. what a UNFREAKING believable wedding shot bloody brilliantly. like whoa!

Ruth - I have no words, other than totes amazeballs!! :)

Emily Large - AMAZING! The images in the church are the best I've seen. I'm in love with the Book of Common Prayer shot, the minister's hands, and grandmother. You guys are such an inspiration to me. I really hope to make it to your Colorado weekend in 2013. Would have been there this year but can't juggle it with my children--next year, I'm there!

rob drago - you came to my town and destroyed. well done

Oli - This, your videos, everything. You guys are something else.

Jennifer - Simply beautiful. No tears here - just a big smile on my heart to start a lazy Saturday. Hmmm, may need to whip up some blueberry pancakes now.

Brigitte Grenfeldt - I was curious who's shooting the wedding of Jonas Peterson in Sweden. I clicked on the link to your blog. And now I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. This has never happened to me before. I have seen hundreds of weddings, I photgraphed them. I tried to tell the story. Now I have to admit - I have never been able to tell it like you did. You guys are such gifted persons and I wish all the best for your life. Take care - you are unique.

Terri Hanlon - A trillion shades of AMAZING!!!! STUNNING!!!!

Damaris Mia {Le Magnifique} - Speechless. So beautiful

Christina - I think these might be my favorite images of yours. Ever. Absolutely beautiful.

Amy Arrington - Love these – they certainly do capture the mood of the wedding day to perfection!

Rosina - ash, i absolutely LOVE your words. other than that, i have absolutely no more words to describe what i feel. un-freakin' believeable.

sharon - so very beautiful!

Jeff - Guys... seriously ridiculously amazing photos. Wow. You guys are incredible.

celanie - never quite enjoyed a wedding post as much as this one. I agree with Nate, hands down, best. coverage. EVER.

Bethany - These are so gorgeous. The emotion captured is stunning.

Igor Demba - This is what it is about. Beautiful!

ellie - wow. that is simply all i can say. these photographs give me chills they are so wonderful.

Kevin McBride - so much hope in here. a little window into the hearts and lives of a couple that love so deeply they almost seem out of place. but where they are is a place we all aspire to be.

maria - i have goosebumps. these images are outrageously beautiful. God was with you.

acacia ll capture life - i never cry when i look at photograhs. i did when i looked at these.

Jenn Gibello - I just started following your blog. This is beautiful and all I can say is "thank you Jesus".

Merari - I really can't begin to say how beautiful this wedding was and how genuine your documentation of it is. This is what story-telling through imagery is all about.

Stephanie Lyell - You guys have done it again. Amazing amazing work. I don't know this couple at all and I feel so happy for them!

tina - so full. so emotional. everything a celebration should be. you've captured beautifully the supernatural moments of this day. so gorgeous.

Hannah - You captured the day perfectly! Every part of it.

jocee - oh my gosh. i just can't. i'm dying over here, this is so beautiful.

Hannah Nicole - i have chills. i can't tell you how much everything about this resonate so deeply. beautiful.

Leo Evidente - Great storytelling.

ben - this is awesome. well done.


helen - first, i clicked on the link to this post. then i cried. BEAUTIFUL.

Jon and Courtney’s Wedding Film and SURPRISE Showing! » Anecdotally Yours Blog - [...] friends The Parsons photographed Jon and Courtney’s wedding. You can see their images on their blog by clicking [...]

Adventure is at the lake! click the images below to hop on over to our family blog and see images.

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