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Monthly Archives: August 2012

adventure is on the island of Gotland –> a teaser of Jacqui and Jonas’ wedding

as we prepare to overwhelm the interwebs with the photographs we made at Jacqui and Jonas Peterson’s wedding, we thought we would do a little teaser to help begin to convey the feeling of what it meant to be in Gotland, Sweden. many more words and images are to follow to honor this incredible couple […]

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by the parsons

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Nicholas L. - This is just really great!

Aluel Navarrete - I'd just like to thank you for sharing. I'm so inspired. I'd like to follow your vision. Who needs videography if you have time lapse photography. I love it! My heart is beating like the drums in the sound track. Superb imagery. Thank you!

Jennifer - Oscar material! He got the girl, she got the poppies. Now more than ever, people will want to get the Parsons. I will watch it again - with popcorn.

pete cranston - Bloody excellent work.

jac kaiser - i mean.....well, that was pretty cool. and by cool, i mean fanfreakingtastic x a million.

Ali Migliore - This is probably the most well-made video I have ever seen! Cheers - Ali

Nicole - Could you please tell me what the music is in this ________* film? * There is no english word to describe the goodness.

nicole firestone - wow. i can't wait to see more. so good.

daniel ferris - superb parsons. absolutely superb. such a beautiful way to tell a story...

samm blake - i just watched it again, i love it so much :)

Michelle - Wow. I don't use this word very often, but this was delightful.

Kandise Brown - Awesomeeee.

porter - A very unique and creative presentation of their wedding photos set to such fitting music. Very nicely done.

Sarah Kate Dorman - LOVE

nirav - not sure if I already commented but my goodness this is amazing. Bomb guys, bomb.

joanna day - magical. so very magical.

François Bergeron - Brilliant!!

Jennifer - Fantasia! Wonderful music, perfectly executed. I love French horns. Grinning big in Charleston, SC.

Steph S. - Simply magical. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Perfect in every way.

Teresa - Radder than rad! So frickin' fantastic!

Anna - Love this! How can I make my own, in photoshop?

emma - blowing my mind

Julian - WOW...awesome!!!

Karin Lindén - my first thought afterwards was "i don´t have to breathe - I get oxygen anyways". How do you put oxygen into your work? Are you chemists?

Julie - Surely I'm not the only one who didn't like this? The stop motion became annoying after the first few seconds. I love your work normally, but this one is boring. Sorry!

atdusk photography - the much anticipated imagery - beautiful !!!!!

Beth Armsheimer - WOW! LOVE this so much!!

michelle waspe - ooooooooooh, cannot wait! love the music.

jenn stark - wow. so amazing. especially love the part with danny swaying back and forth ;)

Neil Redfern - Absolutely brilliant - loved it :-)

Zachary Long - Way. Cool. Speechless!

Ali Moore - Unreal.

Hanna H - This is truly amazing! Oh my... you guys have something different. Keep doing what you're doing! WOW

Min - This is brilliant!!! You guys are really genius!!!

Janet - totally remarkable & amazing

Kari Bellamy - holy cow... that was amazing, and it really makes we want to try stop motion.

Stewart - Amazing! Can't wait to see the rest.

Que - Love it!!! Incredible!!!

peta - this is fantastic! can't wait to see the rest!

Den - Enchanting and very clever.

Moira - Absolutely amazing, stunning and yes what a teaser! Can't wait for more images from this wedding.

Alise - This is so impressive & wonderfully beautiful.

Kelsie Taylor - woah ...never seen anything like this.

Katarina Starendal - Whoaaa! I'm spellbound during the whole video, a combination of so many things I like! AMAZING WORK!

LOIC LEGROS - So amazing moment !

Chris Cowley - Amazingness. So creative. So wonderful.

Kim - Wow! Wow! Wow! What a beautiful introduction!

David Ferguson | Brisbane - Really very very good, very :)

Leanne Stamatellos - What a fabulous piece - I love it all - the music, the filming, the details ... you deserve all these praises!

MissJeni - I have never seen anything like this before. Magic. Outstanding.

Caroline Weiss - totally speechless!!!! this is so so so beautiful x

Stewart - Stellar work! It's no wonder you got the gig :)

andy - such a clever and lovely idea, beautifully excecuted :)

Rog - perflexion

Pobke - That was ridiculous. You guys are visionaries. Freaking awesome.... Makes me feel less sad that I couldn't make it--it's like I was there!! Brilliant. :)

Derek Martinez - Absolutely amazing!!! Very inspiring!

Cara Loren - Words are not enough... my heart just exploded

dee - oh wow wow WOW! Amazing.

Teresa K - Your artistry is pure magic and completely transformational. I'm moved and inspire by this piece so very much.

Bek - oh give me a reason to get over my fear of flying, leave Australia for the first time, bring my husband and three boys over to the u.s, and attend one of your workshops...I just want to see you.

sharon - WOW!!! insane. cant put how much i love this into words. you guys never cease to amaze and inspire. can't wait to see more!

Natalie Gibbs - Wow. Refreshing and magical. Well done!

Lucy - Seriously amazing, the music really topped it off! Perfect! Cannot wait for more!

Sally Watts - That just overwhelmed me emotionally, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Which is sort of the best part. :)

belinda - the HECK!!!!! Never in my life. So so good. Thank you for that bit of pure fun. :)

James Frost - So so so rad!!!

Louie - amazeballs!!

julie harmsen - brilliant. I said "wow" at the bee on the window sill part and the red flowers when the music cued the trumpets. :)

Brent Chpaman - That was pretty awesome and the song kept you really engaged too.

Lizzie - What magical eyes you guys have :-)

Rory O'Toole - That's pretty cool. Very impressed!

rory amber - captivating. you are creative trailblazers!

HANNA SAMUELSSON - looks incredible! can't wait to see the rest of it. lovely idea!

Priya Patel - Wow, incredible! Very cool.

heather nan - Too legit...

Jason Ball - No mason jars? WTF? j/k :) Lovely, creative and inspiring. Gotland is an amazing place for those who haven't been by the way. The best strawberries in the world.

anda - this is such a delight to watch and the mood is just right. love it and thank you for sharing with us all!

mercedes - This is what happens when you pour your very selves into a project, no pretenses or fear. wonderful work!

Falcon - So beautiful and magical!

brian rickey - shut the front door. so good.

shannon - This is very reminiscent of Wes Anderson. I think it's brilliant and moving!

Stefan Hellberg - Photographer Switzerland - Unreal, next level of the top level. So impressed. /S

anita - a refreshingly new twist!

Art Miro - That was so cool. Stoked to see the images

katie - the closest thing to fantastic mr. fox, in photographs and sound. this is obviously brilliant.

Emma Thomas - A little bit blown away by this, stunning film clip and I agree, the film and music go beautifully together, GREAT work!

Punam - Freaking ridiculously brilliant. I'm speechless.

natt - wow...that is just simply incredible!

Alec Vandersmidge - you've won all the prizes. the bounty has awoken. sweet victory. unrelenting beauty. good story

Caleb - Wow. The photos look amazing, and your video blew me away. I love the narration through the music, I thought it was perfect for the photos. Well done!

Jonas Peterson - Utterly speechless...

Natalie Champa Jennings - The music is absolutely perfect. Wonderful work!

samm blake - amazing. x10000000

kristi wright - So original! It will be hard to wait for the rest!

cherron - That My daughter and I watched in awe. Very well done.

courteney - Oh. Wow.

mike - Hot.

Ryan Brenizer - This is why "epic" and "amazing" shouldn't be used so often in wedding photography, because what's left to say with something genuinely brilliant and ground-breaking like this? Fantastic.

Veronica Varos - It's absolutely amazing how well the music fit with the images. So perfect. You guys are so wonderfully talented. :)

megan noonan - Wow! Flipping fantastic!

Kat - RocknRollBride - i think i speak on behalf of every wedding industry professional in the world when i say i literally cant wait to see your wedding in its full glory!

Andy Barnhart - so unbelievably good.

Maz - Totally freakin incredible! Can't wait to see the other frames. Holy shit!

Paul Krol - That was sublime. I feel like a time traveller and that was quite a ride and experience. Out. Of. This. World. And now back to the regular scheduled programming...

Fiona - Woah! That was incredible!

govindar - love love it!

ted - dannng!!

Kirsty - This is just about the best thing I have seen. I loved every minute!

kat braman - brilliance. sheer brilliance. it's like a perfectly choreographed dance.

kong wai - Love it !!

lauren waye - perfect! love everything about it.

Anja - OMG, this is brilliant! Love the music and the stop motion effect. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Amazing!

shane shepherd - It's a little masterpiece. Life. Love. Friends. Family. Movement. Time. Simply amazing and beautiful xx

cinzia - LOVE:it.

Andreas - So good!!

Brian - Wonderful! This makes me so excited to work on the film. I can't wait to share now.

Ruth 1 - #1 IN.CREDS!

Phill - A massively heartfelt and profound statement on life if ever there were one. Congratulations.

Andy Gaines - Genius. That is all.

jason curescu - woah!!!!!

Wendy - Oh. My. That was beautiful.

ray + kelly - the Parsons. did it again. :)

Kelly - How incredible! I've loved your work since you photographed my friends' wedding (Julia+Irfan). Always a joy to see how you see the world.

Erin - Wow. You guys are so inspiring. Hella good.

James Day - Holy shit. Amazing.

Steve Dalgetty - Holy crap you guys! You always are full of surprises, and I do mean the good kind.

taylor - is this real?!?!?!?!?!

Paula - I'm back for a second viewing. Wonderful.

Brandon Roth - I am absolutely blown away. So graceful; it made my heart beat differently. What an inspiration for my own work. It's always worth trying something different! Thank you!

lizzie metcalf - this could not be more perfect.

Dan O'Day - Amazing.... You guys are amazing.... Thank you for taking us back xx

Jennifer Berry - seriously?!?!?! constant smile and chills while watching. dang.

Paige Jones - one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. can't wait to see the photographs!

joanna brown - OMG totally speechless absolute perfection packed with atmosphere and intrigue. True artists amazing :)

Kaley - Amazing!!!

tim - soul

Anni - Love love love this.

Matt - Holy Cow!!!! That's fantastic.

Sara Garza - this may be one of the best things I have ever seen.

mae - good.

Alyda - I'm shaking my head in amazement! So very wonderful . Makes me want to go back so bad. Love you both x

jeff awesome - glory.

amanda vanvels - absolutely wonderful! wow!

Rachel Bridgwood - Wow..... Just wow. I'm overwhelmed and inspired.

Cameron - what the?!?!1?1?! AMAZINGSAUCE!!!!

rebekah j. - this was the best thing i've seen in a while. so amazing and dear! love it.

jessica sands - amazing. so awesome.

Andreas - This is really remarkable. You obviously did an excellent at the same time you were a part of an extraordinary party crew!

Courtney Lemmon - This is absolutely incredible!!!!!! The song with the images---it is aesthetically and artistically perfect. Bravo!

Hannah Nicole - this is so beautiful and the words and images went together perfectly. oh, parsons. this has so much depth. I love it.

coler - Wicked.

adventure is in joshua tree, and the wild hearts of the brothers.

when i think about joshua tree, I think about the time our oldest boys, the brothers, micah and tyler, came alive. in that rugged landscape, climbing on rocks and staying until the sun was down, we were reminded what it looks like when our oldest sons are fully alive, and how unique it is that […]

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by the parsons

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Chris - Outside of their clear resemblance to you, it also recalls the early U2 album covers.

Barney Walters - Just a beautiful frame. Love it!

rachel - they look like they were made for california. i love the grain and the light.

sharon - this is such a beautiful and powerful image. how you described them as brothers and living life is how i feel about my boys and it's so precious when we get to experience those times with them :) i gotta take my boys to check out Joshua Tree!

taylor - this is beautiful.

Jewel - This reminds me of a Sally Mann photograph (she is one of my all time favorites). This will be one these two sweet boys will have framed one day in their homes and talk about the awesome adventures they had together as brothers.

adventure is in new hampshire : the day erica and ben got married and put a bird on it!

On the day you get married – after months of preparation and planning, tastings and fittings, tears of stress and joy – it is impossible to see the breadth of what your relationship will be like when you’re years into it. Often times, it’s difficult to see past the event filled reception. When you’re 11 […]

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by the parsons

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Stefan Hellberg - Photographer Switzerland - Pure, Real, Amazing. Sort of unreal though ;)

Chris Henderson - I was waiting for this, once you told me you guys were in my old home state :) So awesome. You captured its richness just right. Well done. Miss you guys. Come to Georgia soon!

stephanie - The wedding looked amazing - what a fabulous story you told!

meg - WOW!!! This is my favorite wedding you guys have shot in a long time!

nirav - Wow guys. Don't even know what to say... this is incredible! Miss my old Sweden roomies. Hope you two are well!

Alexandre Maciel - yesh!! very cool! i am from brazil and i beging photograph wedding. congratualtions, because you are a good reference! your clicks are fine art!

Maria - Wow! These are incredible! I love how you caught the kids jumping off the rocks behind the ceremony. The way you capture weddings is inspiring and makes me wanna get out there and take more photos! Thanks for that!

sharon - that day looks like it was so much magic and you guys made such amazing images of it!

deerdonna - oh my goodness i would love to know where the bird headpiece came from! i love it!

Rosina - so...after more than a year, i'm still blog-fasting. except that i cannot blog-fast your blog. there are times when words are too much, the best are left unsaid. this would be one of those times. ash & jer, your ability to tell a profound wedding story reveals what your heart is all about--and that is the very element i'm so drawn to your work. you continue to stand as an inspiration to me. thank you! : )

Heidi and Kevin - worth every. stinkin. penny.

Heather - Beautiful work, guys. I really love how you have captured the narrative of this day in images.

Tricia - I think this is the best wedding shoot I've seen. You guys are off the hook good but the moments you've captured in this shoot far and beyond are the best of your work and the best out there. The nose picker, the far shot of the colours on the wall, the weird pink coat and gorilla hands, the baby being busted drinking champagne. Woah!

nate kaiser - bonkers guys, just bonkers! you two are the best of the it our turn yet???

Bek - My gosh! The colour, vibrance and sentimental moments - everything is there. This post is proof again, why you guys are amongst my all time favourite story tellers.

Mikailah - I love these pictures! WOW. :)

Stuart Atkins - Hey there. I'm not really even sure how I found your blog, but this last wedding was captured so well. I love the images that you shared and the color and life in the entire gallery was so well done. Great work and can't wait to see more

Drew Renner - What a fun wedding! I want to jump through the screen and join the party. We miss you guys.

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