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Monthly Archives: October 2012

adventure is on the farm where justin grew up, and where he married alyssa //a wedding day short film . . . wtf?

our belief that “adventure is out there” means that anytime we have the chance to try something new, we jump at it, even if we don’t really know what we are doing yet. We will be the first and loudest to admit that we are photographers, photographers, photographers. we are not videographers/cinematographers/filmmakers, or whatever you […]

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by the parsons

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Twiggs - oh my this is unbelievably beautiful and of course there were tears !! ain't love the most beautiful thing in the world?! ;)

bo - Wow you guys are unbelievable.. just amazing!!!

Danielle - your work. no. matter. what. is always so beautiful. so inspiring.

keri bryant - Ugly ugly ugly cry. Thank you!

Jennifer - Your attempt was frickin AWESOME!!

Meredith Adams - so. beautiful. wow. <3

Rosina - unfreakin'-believable!!!!!!!!!!

Lee - I was privileged to be at the magical event, yet you revealed an intimacy between Justin and Alyssa that I couldn't grasp from my seat overlooking them and the setting sun. Beautiful!

Kara Verlaney - I can truthfully and honestly say that this is one of the must beautiful things I have ever seen. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations, you two! I'm so happy for you both.

Suzi - *sigh* I love this SO much. You guys are the BEST storytellers!

Naomi G - this is so moving.

pen - OMG. This is the first wedding film ever to bring a tear to my eye. It is beautiful and moving. Just amazing.

Yann Mignonet - Absolutely wonderful ... wonderful ... and wonderful again. "An attempt to short films" should be renamed "A successful attempt to a magical story telling !"

Stephanie Lyell - Gaaahhh...You guys are so amazing. This gave me chills. I truly believe you two are the best photographers in the country! I hope someday I can come to one of the don't give up projects and meet you somehow. Keep up the amazing work!

megan kennedy - great job parsons!! you made justin&alyssa look as beautiful as they are... not an easy task!

Samara - ummm.... AMAZING!... woooowzers! ....

sharon - INCREDIBLE!!!!! icing, cake, magic, life, beauty - love how you always just go for it all and aren't afraid to make incredibly real art

Heidi and Kevin - You guys are first and foremost, storytellers. No matter what medium you choose to tell the story of real people; it will be amazing. Because that is simply what you do.

Alyda - You two are incredible, I admire you so much! The way you capture the story is like no one else. So beautiful!

Kim - I watched it again! So, so beautiFULL!

mercedes - that. is. so. sweet.

armadillo - Oh wow. Add me to those who have never met these people but actually cried while watching this. So much love.

Jonas Peterson -

sami d - such a beautiful couple, and i don't even know them. :) parsons, you have done it once again. so inspiring.

nate - oh my friends, that was beautifuler than the most beautiful. your talent knows no ends. ps. glad to see some #timelesssilhouette made it's way into your video work too ;)

Frances Faucher - Absolutely loved it! Wow.

Jenny - It's impossible to read/watch one of your blog posts and not start crying. It doesn't matter if you're label is a photographer, videographer or younameit. What you guys create is beyond inspiring. Always leaving a mark. Well done.

Kenyandesi - No. Words. Deep and I are blown away!!! If we had only known, we would have had to have 2 identical weddings that you would photograph and film!!!

alana - wow, this is amazing. i wish i had something like this from my wedding! love.

Andreas Peterson - This is absolutely wonderful :) You kids rock

Hannah Nicole - really beautiful. chills. love it, you two!

ray + kelly - aah!!! you guys!! your heart always shows so clearly through your work. rough cut or not, that editing to match the live music was so great.

Julia - That was beautiful. Seriously brought tears to my eyes...and I don't even know those people! I love love. :)

CourtneyLemmon - This is so lovely! Great job, guys...and great job to the bride and groom for such a fun and beautiful day!

Catrina - love this, so so much.

Micah - YES!! Go Parsons Go!

brad + jen - tears, as always.

love isn’t always black and white . but sometimes it really is . . . sweet maria and baby asher.

if you remember, jeremy had the privilege of documenting as maria and steve brought asher home on april 5th. he was just a few weeks old, and was the answer to so many countless prayers. we had walked with these dear ones through an experience so gut-wrenching as we watched them adopt their first son, […]

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by the parsons

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keri bryant - there are no words but LOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!

Elianna - so (friggin') perfect

Samira - i love the shot of the mom kissing the baby. so adorable together!

jennifer armstrong - no matter how our kids come to us, every story is unique. And some hit a little closer to home. This story sits right in my own heart, so close to our own experience. Beautiful moments, beautifully captured. Thank you for sharing.

Colleen Conradie - Just beautiful. Very special memories.

cara @ lillian and leonard - These are so beautiful. The ones of them lying on the bed are just breathtaking, especially the first one, with Maria's legs.

Jami Nato - why am i crying?! because i heart these so much.

Ali Migliore - These are absolutely fantastic. So so so beautiful. Their skin and the color tones in every shot is just scrumptious! Amazing photographs, Parsons. xo - Ali

Louie - Sweet (as in Irish for cool, lol) - so natural

Louie - Sweet guys - so natural

Kimberly Mitiska - These are amazing Ash! I absolutely love them! Also I'm checking out her etsy site for sure :].

Kristy - These are so moving and beautiful. They ooze beauty and love and realness.

Anna - Ohhhhh! Just OH. Love this beyond words.

brooke collier - mmmmmmm. these are delicious in so many ways. beautiful love.

Josh - you brought the heat on this one. LOVE it

maria - my darling boy. thank you for this treasure, ash! they are just so moving and special.

Hannah Nicole - I love these. real and relaxed and authentic. you see their love and their story and it's beautiful.

ellie be - so so precious. these images really capture their relationship so well.

sharon - exquisite