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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Adventure is at the house joey grew up in, where his parents measured his height against the wall and where he later married amanda.

amanda and joey are proof that the simple can be divine. the ink stains on his fingers from working long hours on their printing press. the scribbles on the wall at his parents house, marking his

adventure is in joshua tree national park, where nate and jaclyn got engaged and then renewed their vows 10 years later.

it’s the end of veteran’s day weekend. and it has me thinking about who we are, about us, we are the parsons, and who we want to become. we are 11 1/2 years into the wild wonderful,

adventure is on justin’s family farm, where everyone pitched in to create a whimsical, homemade wedding day for him and his bride, alyssa.

it’s difficult to try and explain to you in words how perfectly sweet, love-rich, and pure this wedding day was. justin and alyssa are a captivating couple, and the kind of people who just

Adventure is in Brisbane, Australia … where the next DON’T GIVE UP project will be held! registration is now open!

almost one year ago to the date, we got an email from jonas peterson telling us he was planning on proposing to his lovely Jacqui sometime around the holidays, that they would be getting married on