Adventure is in Brisbane, Australia … where the next DON’T GIVE UP project will be held! registration is now open!

almost one year ago to the date, we got an email from jonas peterson telling us he was planning on proposing to his lovely Jacqui sometime around the holidays, that they would be getting married on an island off the coast of Sweden, and that he wanted us to photograph it. if you are a photographer and you don’t know about jonas, we are happy to be the ones to introduce you. But the odds are much greater that you know who he is more than you know who we are. quite honestly put, we are the underdogs, the small fish in a very big wedding photography pond. So the fact that he and his lovely bride not only chose us to photograph their wedding, but are now friends, is a surreal and wonderful surprise in our lives. This fellow has gone from being a stranger on the other side of the world, to a dear friend and kindred spirit. And through the friendship deepening over the past year, we have decided to take them up on their offer to travel on the longest plane ride we’ve ever taken to spend some time at their home in Australia and teach a workshop.

That’s right, people!

the more we invite other photographers into the don’t give up project, the more convinced we become that this is something good, something really life-changing to be a part of, not just for the ones who come but also for us. we really cannot wait to invite more friends to join us in the adventure, and we hope you are one of them!!!

now for the fine print:

w h a t :
the don’t give up project workshop
hosted by jonas and jacqui peterson,
taught by wearetheparsons (jeremy and ash, a simple and dorky married american photographer duo) :)
guest speaker – jonas peterson
(for info on previously hosted don’t give up projects, click here to visit the workshop website)
two very full days and nights of experiential learning, dreaming, scheming, venting, growing, laughing, ahem. . .maybe even a little crying (happy tears), and growing.
we will make sure to eat good family meals around one big table, just like we do back home, to be 100% honest and available to each of you dear ones who join us for this once in a lifetime experience.
workshop fee and meals all covered in registration fee, accommodations not provided.

w h e r e :
jonas and jacqui’s backyard studio
brisbane, australia

w h e n :
january 8-9
with a welcome dinner the evening of the 7th

h o w m u c h :
$1950 aud

h o w t o j o i n t h e f a m i l y :
if you are ready to go on this adventure with us, click the button below to pay your registration and secure your place in the don’t give up project : australia.
be forewarned, in order for us to give appropriate hugs, high fives, and attention to each person attending, this experience will be limited to the small number of 20 attendees, first come, first serve.
once you are officially in, we will be in touch with more fine print details about the workshop.
need a few more questions answered? shoot us an email at hello@wearetheparsons subject line “australia workshop” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

thank you, friend! we cannot wait to meet you!

Ben Holbourn - 12/15/2012 - 10:47 pm

Hi Jonas and the team,

I am interested in attending the workshop in Brisbane on January 7-8th.

Are there any spots left??

Thank you,


Kath Scott - 11/19/2012 - 10:44 pm

Helloo Parsons!
Just wondering if there are any spots still available for your workshop in oz? I’m not sure if the old boy will lend me the cash but if you tell me there are any spots still available i can begin grovelling…!



sharon - 11/06/2012 - 8:17 pm

ooooh so exciting!!!

Hannah Nicole - 11/05/2012 - 5:10 pm

I am so excited for you both. I love seeing how the Lord has blessed your lives. Not only that, how He’s blessed your desire to adventure, to create photos that really matter, and to live lives that are purposeful, authentic, filled with joy + beauty, whimsical, and honest. And I especially love seeing you and your family embrace the good and beautiful in life. I’m encouraged by you, o adventuring, exploring, creating, living, loving Parsons. :) I wish so very much I could attend. best Christmas present ever?? I think so! ;) But in all truthfulness, I hope (and pray) that someday I’ll be a part of the wonderful DON’T GIVE UP PROJECT. much love and joy to you guys! h

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