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When we describe ourselves and our work, one word comes to mind: FREE. No, not cheap – liberated. We are not fake people. If your goal in hiring us would be to look like a fake person, or behave in any way contrary to who you are, we are not the right photographers for you. We pride ourselves on being 100% real – and free with our clients, and our art.

Here are some things we like:
YOU! we are fascinated by your uniqueness, we MUST know you!
“Business time” – and also the song.
All things Andy Samberg, Will Ferrell, LOST, The Office….
Laughing until we cry, or pee our pants
Seeing the world like no one else
Knowing and experiencing our Creator
Carrying around freaking awesome cameras
Simple design
People who are ridiculously in love with each other
Our beautiful family and friends
Neighborhoods with old, tall trees
Wedding cake….and beer
Urban Outfitters
Seeing beauty in every situation
Unreserved wedding parties
People who are willing to be real with us
Being given full creative license
Marriage, not just weddings